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  1. Thank you both I will look Into those Also , my hood doesn't pop when I pull the latch? This is very bothersome , any ideas or hacks?
  2. Can't leave park unless I stick a thin stick (I use a tire pressure end from 7-11) it's been like this for months If I wanna leave park I have to stick the stick into the shift lock each time Any hacks to this ? I'm not very handy, how expensive of a job would this be? I'm sure it's just a buste spring or something ----- Also , my 2004 is nearing 100k miles (I'm at 96k now ) WhAt type of maintence shoul I do soon? Spark plugs? New brake calipers? I changed my trans fluid at 90k and that eliminated a mild trans shutter at highway speeds so all set there. Think I need to replace my muffler again smh, any great pathy mufflers for good price? I changed it at around 82k and was changed when I got it at 50k
  3. Omg your 98 pathy looks amazing!! 98 is my favorite year, I had a 98 prior to my 04 and it was such a beast!!! I hit a street sign one time in it and destroyed the sign and just the tiniest little dent on the front grill of the pathy 98s are tough as hell, I'm actually looking for one on CL for 500 as well with low miles since I might sell my 04 this fall and buy a newer civic/accord possibly
  4. Thank you all so much Checked my fluid today with the dip stick and it was still redish with yellow/brown tint to it, didn't notice any medals on the stick or napkin I called a local transmission shop that's highly reputable and told him my situation Said as long as it's still redish he will change it and the filter, no flush. Just a change of fluid and filter. Quoted me at $200 and again this shop has nothing but great reviews Should I go do it in the near future? Call my regular mechanic and see if he's cheaper or go with the specialists?
  5. I looked up videos of shuddering and that's exactly what my pathy is doing however not nearly as loud or often as the videos I watched Quieter, lasts a second then usually goes aways for a few mins But that is exactly what it seems like
  6. Okay I will do this if needed thank you! I will tell my mechanic since I'm getting new rotors and brakes up front next oil change I will add this to the list. However until then should I try adding an additive for now? And see if that works?
  7. I've heard changing the trans fluid at this stage can possibly kill the transmission tho ? Should I keep the old stuff in it or have it flushed?
  8. I've only noticed it at higher speeds on the highway , I'll try to take notice of the road conditions more and also try to notice if it happens at lower speeds
  9. I've never changed it Since I got it with 50k miles and i don't believe it was ever changed prior to that
  10. Yes off the top of my head I'm pretty sure I hear it click when I hit the pedal
  11. When on the highway once in a while I'll feel like I'm going over those little mini white speed strips you see coming down big hills. Very minor feeling and lasts about 1 second then goes away and will happen every 3-4 mins or so when going 60-70 mph 04 pathfinder Anyone know what it could be? Hopefully not a tranny issue
  12. Only happens while in park about 10% of the time, but when it happens it happens over and over till the next day
  13. Really annoying and have seen it's common I In nissans If I pump the brakes nothing, I have to pull up the ebrake and hit the brakes a few times and it will usually unlock.. Lately I've been just jamming my tire guage stick down the shift lock hole to shift if needed but again, super annoying. Only have 87,500 miles so kind of frustrated.. Is it just a bad spring Inside? Bad wire? I'm really not a handy man so anyway to fix this easily without having to take everything apart? My break lamps work btw

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