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  1. Yes, I concur with B. Locate the issue and address it, don't risk major repairs...
  2. Looks great man! Tried to take it to the store....but it wouldnt start. LOL. It never ends.
  3. One thing I have learned about my WD21 is that it sometimes needs to be exorcised...from time to time it has some wacky electrical issues. Sometimes they need to be addressed...And then...magically they sometimes work them selves out... Quite frustrating.
  4. I would highly doubt that the reflective property would be fully retained if you sprayed em with that. But it is essentially clear mixed with some black at a huge ratio to the clear...
  5. Bernard...stop bragging... But it sure does look tasty!
  6. Djratlif is right...start there...
  7. And more bacon.... Because bacon flowers are amazing.
  8. Yes....very familiar with liner...have done a few of my other vehicles in the past but hadnt thought about doing it to the pathfinder. Bacon.
  9. Sprayed in liner would be pretty cool...hmmmm....
  10. I would venture to guess that you can swap the drive trains with minimal issues. There was a post, a complete write up iirc on here but searching via tapatalk is not working and I am away from a usable computer...
  11. Ran into the same issue on my 95. No parts available. Took it apart and cleaned, then re lubed it...no issues now.
  12. Lookin good man... The rubber trim on these things is absolutely outrageous. Yours looks amazing compared to mine!
  13. I have pictures somewhere, man...times have changed. I am still a toys r us kid, but I had to eventually grow up some... Hahaha
  14. No worries. Hopefully that will get the odor out...unfortunately for me I had to go all the way!
  15. Headlight relay mod is absolutely one of the best mods that can be done....it will actually save you money. Lots of fantastic writeups on this mod...
  16. Welcome! I would pull the cluster and check the connections on the back, corrosion as well as loose connections can cause intermittent failure and sporadic behavior. Is your tachometer working correctly?
  17. Welcome! CB installs vary so much from user to user, I agree...title search will bring up some awesome picture filled threads with great ideas.
  18. Personally I am a penny pincher and can relate to wanting bolt on parts...However I have found (recently) that the local exhaust shop can replace the entire system from the cat back for not much more than what I paid for my muffler. Just a thought but might check into it...very difficult to repair leaks if you wwld it yourself and are not experienced...not saying you can't handle it, just a thought. For example the muffler I was going to purchase alone was 85 bucks, and the quote from the local place was 125 including replacement "turbo" muffler and complete tailpipe assembly installed. To me it was a no brainer.

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