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  1. There are so many good trails within a couple hours of Atlanta. I try to get up there as much as possible, at least every couple months. For riding and for Octane coffee.
  2. I've not been hit with a customs fee yet, I wonder if anyone else did.
  3. Great time to visit Helen, GA. I'll be riding the area one of these dates, weather dependent. YouTube has many videos to get a feel of the area. It would be great having a second for getting unstuck!
  4. So here's a bump now that everyone knows just how fast these things arrive, and a code for anyone interested: Path15 Order up, folks!
  5. Well, they're becoming more communicative as we near the end. Hi Dustin, No worries, organizing the code, will let you know when activated. We'll let it run for a couple of weeks, so keep putting it out there. Cheers JD
  6. I'm asking them to extend that 7 days, even two weeks seems short to me, but at least that should let most people get through a pay period. I know I'll need to. I'm guessing they don't have enough stock to cover our orders. Hopefully that doesn't equate to a crazy wait time. I'm going to ask for an estimate on that, too. I think it took two weeks for the first people in the last Lokka group buy to get their locker, which isn't terrible from Australia, but there were under twenty people in that one, almost 50 on this one. I wonder if they don't manufacture until they get an order? They don't seem like a small enough company for that, but maybe.
  7. New message from Lokka, Hi Dustin, We need to know which model vehicle's they have, are you able to get this for us? We want to give our manufacturing guys the heads up so they can get stock levels up ready for the orders and we can apply the code to the right models. Just found out the code will be up for use for 7 days, we will let you know the dates once sorted. Cheers JD Would anyone interested please message me your model and year of manufacture?
  8. Lokka has confirmed that they do not have a locker for the 4 pinion R200. Anyone who isn't sure which they have can give Lokka the month and year of manufacture and they will let you know. Unfortunate!
  9. They might. It looks like they held for a bit on the last group buy, maybe a week or so? I will ask that one again and let everyone know what to expect.
  10. I asked about that initially, and I don't think it's the case, but they never did answer. I'll investigate some of the previous group buys and see what I can figure out.
  11. That's what it looks like to me. I guess that means we need to put our forum handle in the notes of the order? I'm not sure how else they would cross check it.
  12. I've been keeping an eye out for an R180A near me, too. Plenty of guys doing Titan swaps selling them, but shipping is crazy with such a heavy item.
  13. The older gen is supposed to be included, yeah. Price is crazy, this buy got big!
  14. Quote from Lokka; "Good to here you've got so many numbers. We will have to issue a new voucher code, and we'll make it $249. I'll let you know when it's processed. It will run for a month, to give guys time to get their orders in. (We will just check them off the list of names you give us too, so keep us up to date.)"
  15. Ahh, I see! Yeah, mine from the 2005 is flat the entire center section. Nissan has a new part that supersedes the original, I'm hoping it is beefier. The original does look like a weak link.

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