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  1. Yeeeesh, I've got about the same miles as Adamzan and I've never even touched mine....is that a BAD thing????
  2. The simplest way is use an awl...in the sidewall...ALL the sidewalls. Tire places WON'T fix ANYTHING to do w/sidewalls. Haha, the feeling one experiences is MOST gratifying! SIDE NOTE: It is my firm belief, that when you a new BMW, it comes with a special course that explains HOW to drive ur new Bimmer like a "Complete #@%¥in' a $ $ h 0 l e". Well, it seems like it up here, anywho.
  3. I know up here, you can buy "thumb screws" or threaded knobs, if you will, at Home Despot, in the hardware section in the little cubbies they have w/all the individually priced, oddball fasteners and such. Same sort of thing as you would find on a patio umbrella base that keeps the umbrella from spinning around.
  4. Harwarish, how bout a cam lock bolt setup like on bicycles (seat hight lock bolt) THEN u could remove the whole assy, add a simple 3 point welded foot setup & use it for a base for your NEW KITCHEN(stove/bbq/propane). I bet it would be just the right hight! Humour me and measure it...I'll bet it's 32 inch, standard counter hight-lol. 2 or 3 select horizontal 14 guage aluminum sheets pop riveted to the frame: TADA! Brilliant! That idea, my gift to you. :-) V.
  5. Got my seats(& 3rd brake light assy too)for Goldy tonight and RID of the '99 seats that wouldnt work. With a real nice drive into Vancouver and back w/Marvin...only to galvanize to the fact that Marvin NEEDS a lot of new parts. Soon buddy, soon.
  6. OooooooKaaaaaaay...though someone might know by chance
  7. Coolio, that's an easy check. But what fuse controls this lighting circuit? Thx
  8. Goldy's dash/console lights dont work but the one console (ashtray) bulb tested is fine-multimeter tested. Exhaustive scrutiny of the fuse boxes says nothing about dash lights. I know this is a nube Q, but... Yes the headlights were turned on and i played w/dimmer switch. And the PO's husband was a maintenance moron-her words, not mine, lol. Haven't noticed this before as all work has been done during the day and it's been low on the priority list til now. Thanx in advance, V.
  9. Yeah, further eyeballing shows a single dimple on ALL 3 sprockets-it HAS to be something related to timing...
  10. Yeah, further eyeballing shows a single dimple on ALL 3 sprockets-it HAS to be something related to timing...
  11. Clarity is a most wonderful thing. Nothing wrong w/being a little paranoid when it comes to working w/what you are right now. Grenading your engine is NOT in your best interest-lol. General Q, anyone: a closer look at the last pic supplied, shows a small dimple on one tooth, just below the stamped "R 3" on the sprocket. What's that for??? Have a feeling that it may have to do timing possibly....thoughts?
  12. Well, a reasonably productive day:got all the door panels & associated switches installed. Fixed the failed climate control system-the fan was the only actual issue. Glad I grabbed the one that someone had graciously removed for me, at the wreckers-lol. Ran it for a half an hour and all seems to be functioning fine. I'm hoping it will only the addition of a accessory belt(currently missing), that will make the AC work but I'm not holding my breath-lol. FINALLY found a set of 6 way power seats that WILL work in the truck!! I think that once they are in, Goldy just may be road ready! This has taken much longer than originally anticipated but I'm still under $2000 for the project and when Marvin is finished I can always sell it to recoup my cash outlay-WINNING!
  13. A we have LOTS of those sexy Skylines in the GVRD...saw 2 nice ones yesterday.
  14. Yeaaaah nice, I miss my 510 & 240Z....back when I could get a gallon an a half for what I pay for a litre now...good times, those fast little Japanese cars!
  15. Always wondered about this mod...and as this seems to be a "hit n miss" thread, the only pics were of the filter itself were from Rebelord. How much of a beeeotch is it to do this job? Is there provision for this filter in the baseline heater housing? Pics would be wonderful and are worth a thousand words...thx, V
  16. And why would you want the slidyspliney bit down at the rearend level w/all the dirt & water? I didn't know the 2 pcs were balance mated. Interesting. Is/was there any factory marking of that point, on the DS?
  17. Wait, WHAT?? I hope you mean "with another coil" Otherwise you're just moving the $#itty one to a different spot and THAT would be silly. DYK, on the VQ35, the #1 coil pak is different than all the rest? And at least that one should be OEM as Nissan ignition systems of that era, are looking for a very special resistance in its coils and using jobber units are known to be of issue bc of their less than exacting tolerances. Personal experience.
  18. I agree, but remember that they are all squirting the same gas...what condition are the others in at this point in its life? Budget dependant, of course. Couldn't hurt to check cylinder #6 while you got ur tools out...
  19. I told it to be a responsible truck and drive my wife's dear drunken friend home...and it did. IM SO PROUD. I love my truck!
  20. NOPE that's just one more needless endeavor/idea/plan...I've already got enough of those, thanx. I gotta stick w/the original plan: buy those seats. Try tomorrow, bin nuts all week & 30th anniversary on Wed.... that's more than half my life...sorry, I digress....JK!
  21. Soooo, the driver's seat right seat track works awesome but not so much(like nothin)on the left side. That funky nylon gear is stripped by the sound its making....sigh. AND the 99's seats dont have the same connector....dbl sigh. I guess I'll be buyin those seats from the jy...heavier sigh.
  22. Guys: The '02 definitely has a visible airbag tag(black w/white lettering)near the top, door side, of the seat back. My '01 does NOT have that tag on the seat, mind you, they are base model manual seats. It may have been a model year upgrade like the new electronic climate control system, mind you I'm just speculating here but the evidence seems to back this up. Slarti: I agree w/you re the "do it right or don't do it at all" mentality-I truly hate halfassed anything. So as the original seats are truly $#itcanned, I can use the 98 seats for now and in the meantime, either reskin the old seats or see if those 01 seats at the jy are still available.... I'll go over to the truck and see if my seat drive motor fix actually worked...will advise.

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