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  1. Yeah, I had a Federal vehicle.
  2. I did it on a 92 without problem. Did you plug the vacuum lines that ran to the EGR?
  3. I use mobile so the signature doesn't show. Totally forgot about it. I haven't taken it out yet. I would like to do a before and after upgrade run.
  4. Yes I am. I don't have the proper paperwork to enter the People's Republic of Canadia, so would need to ship. I didn't get the "enhanced" driver's license and I don't have a passport.
  5. Steve announced that he is closing shop. Doesn't seem to be taking any new orders, but is still fulfilling current ones. He is in talks with different people about buying the business. Hopefully someone picks it up and continues providing our niche market. Thought this may interest some people.
  6. It really depends on the year. You never said what year range you are looking at. The early and mid 2000's had much more of a head gasket issue then later ones. They are also very uncomfortable, tons of road and wind noise, and severely underpowered, unless you get a turbo. If you are looking at Subaru, look at the more refined newer ones. If this is a commuter, you probably want something quite and comfortable.
  7. Here is a weld together kit. Don't know if any of you have seen this company before. https://www.coastaloffroad.com/product-page/r50-nissan-pathfinder-high-clearance-front-bumper-kit
  8. Update. As of Sunday, I sold the Titan and now own a 2009 Xterra.
  9. I have done more research, and I found a few more manufacturers of off road stuff for the X. I actually found a place that sells diy cnc cut front and rear bumpers with a tire swing! Before I was really leaning towards the 4runner, but after finding more of an aftermarket, I am seriously considering the X. I will have to drive both and see which one I like. Was it the 3.3 or the 4.0 that had the disappearing oil issue? Also looks like 2009+ had a lot less issues than previous ones. Timing chain tensioner, coolant in transmission, etc. Thanks for getting me to look further into the X.
  10. Somewhere between FS road rig and SAS rig. Medium lift, larger tires, winch bumper, some armoring.
  11. Bushnut - in a quick search, I found a handful of places that had stuff for the X, mostly reselling from 2-4 manufacturers. Bumpers, sliders, lockers, etc. More than the Pathfinder, but less than the 4runner. Also noticed that the X aftermarket was a little higher cost than the 4runner, probably due to less competition. Have you found this to be true? Mjo - how have you found the aftermarket for the 4runner compared to the R50? I thought I read that the sport edition had selectable traction control. Both - how are both V6 for towing? Would the have any problems with a small boat or a small travel trailer? I know they have similar tow ratings, but real world is usually different. Especially in the mountains. Thanks
  12. As the title says, I will be selling my Titan soon and getting another midsize SUV. This time it will be a daily and an off road rig. Well, not actually a daily because I have a company rig for work. I would like your opinion. I am looking at 4th gen 4runners (2003-2009) or 2nd gen Xterra (2005-2015). The 4runner has tons of aftermarket, but the Xterra cost a few thousand less for comparable years, so I could get a newer vehicle for the same price. I am really not interested in lots of custom work, I don't have the time to do things like build a winch bumper like I did with the wd21. I am looking for input from you guys that have transitioned to Xterras and 4runners. To be honest, I am leaning towards the 4runner, but I really like the idea of a manual transmission and and manual shift tcase of the X.
  13. One other note. That play can also be caused by bad ball joints. Have someone wiggle the tire while you watch the ball joints. If they don't have slack, then it is wheel bearings. Just an extra check to make sure you have the right parts on hand.
  14. Are your rotors trashed? If not, may want to get them turned and save a little money. You would be surprised at what you can turn out.
  15. Word. And I change oil every 4,000 miles, or whenever I get around to it, whichever comes last.

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