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  1. Trying to find the link for the parking brake cable on 1990 pathfinder with four wheel disks. 4x4 mt. there was a link for a guy in eBay that had NOS cables and I can’t find the link?
  2. They do have a strap material on them, like rubber belting.
  3. Steve, I’ll get some pictures as soon as I get home and get a chance. I’m on the road for another few days.
  4. Thanks Steve, I’ll have to pursue this. Haven’t been able to find them anywhere yet.
  5. To bad it only fits '94 on, I need one for a 90' rockauto is the best deal I could find $40 something
  6. I don't have an eBay account, is that the only way to contact him? I went to the link you have in post #20 they didn't show on his site but that probably doesn't mean anything.
  7. Steve, where did you order your cables from? I have rear disks and the drivers side cable is broke and I need one.
  8. Steve, are you going to have the system custom made? meaning a muffler shop fit it from the manifolds back? or are you buying a system and where? I will need to be replacing mine. I was looking at the one on rockauto. Oh and mine is still the stock system so I could answer some of your questions on mounts and mounting points.
  9. Thanks for all the feedback. I'm not out four wheeling any more those days are long past. How ever getting to some of my hunting and fishing spots gets sporty at times mud, snow and rugged. So that's why I didn't want to look at the "Performance" bake kits I'm familiar with the drilled and slotted rotors and their not really being suited to off-road. Citron on thanks for the advice but they are run out already. Checked the specs, measured then and the are at the minimum.
  10. Hmm, never considered that. Not sure why you would want or need performance brakes on a Pathfinder? But that's the great thing about having all the different parts available to do what appeals to you, and it doesn't have to make sense.
  11. Thanks RP88, i got several of the discount codes from the other parts I have bought from them. I can't believe that no one else from this forum hasn't purchased them.
  12. Anyone have any experience with the rockauto brake kits? Looking at the Centric kit that has all four rotors and pads for $115.00
  13. Yes, but I had to walk away from it for a while and think about it. I also removed the #1 plug wire and put one of the old plugs on it and had the wife crank it to see if it had spark, it did. That was the confusing part. I also replaced the the air meter boot with a new one. The old one had a big split on the bottom when I got it off. I'll probably end up having to pull the plenum, I noticed the hose on the right injector rail right behind the the upper radiator hose that has the temp sensor is leaking a bit of gas. Just enough to make the hose wet looks like a real pain to change.
  14. Ok, so I'll get started with the fact I acquired my pathfinder just over a month ago. It's a 1990 SE 5speed with 282,000 miles. It belonged to an elderly couple who lived down the road from me, he passed away last year and she no longer drives. They also had a 1995 King cab 4x4 pickup with a 5speed that I also picked up. It has 170,000 miles both are straight and no rust. That's the great thing about living on the east side, it's dry and no salt on the roads! So back to the reason I'm submitting this. There are no service records on either vehicle and she did'nt know much about them other than he had the oil changed in them regularly and the pathfinder had a water pump put on a couple of years ago. After getting the pathfinder home and cleaning and inspecting it along with doing some quick research about them I knew the first thing I would tackle was the timing belt, tensioner, seals, AC tensioner, water pump, thermostat, hoses, belts, oil and filter change, fuel filter, plugs, wires, rotor and cap. While I was waiting I also replaced the front sway bar bushings and the tension rod bushings with the energy suspension ones. The info I got here and with youtube and Haynes, Chilton the timing belt was straight forward, just took my time and cleaned everything and straightened out some things that the last guy "Fubar'd" some people have no business owning tools!! I had the engine harness all disconnected along the front of the engine after installing the belt and setting the tension I turned the engine over 5 or 6 revolutions then was going to start it. Well guess what crank and crank and nothing, "F---" had the wife come out and turn the key on so I could hear if the fuel pump was running, it was, check all the fuses, pull the relays check all the grounds.So I check everything then take take the dust covers back of pull number 1 plug line up the cams everything is where it should be, WTF so I start putting things back so I could try cranking it again and when I reconnected the 4 plug connections on the harness on the right valve cove I noticed one of the plugs didn't look like it was all the way seated. So I pushed it all the way in and thought H mmmm, put the battery back in hoped in turned the key and it fired right off and runs like a top. So the moral of the story is never give up!! failure is never an option. Oh and changing the plugs, well #6 wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be, #4 was a dirty mother It started to come out and wouldn't budge! so I used an old lesson I learned working on radial aircraft engines. After I got it all back together and while it was running and I was bleeding the cooling system I let it run till it was good and warm pulled it back into the shop and #4 came out! i used anti seize on all the plugs when I installed then. The plugs I pulled had been there a while. Thanks the Slartibartfast and all the others that have so generous and contributed to this site and shared their knowledge and experience.
  15. The lower ones are the tension rod bushings. I am still getting use to the actual part names, they can be different depending on which supplier you use.

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