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  1. Good day I want to convert my front hubs to manual. I have a 92 pathy td27 turbo. Is there a manual hub that i can use from another vehicle maybe the d21 or d22. Cheers
  2. Good Day everyone. Need a repair manual for my 92 pathy steering box /gear. The seals are leaking. If someone did a repair and have some photos I would really appreciate it. Thanks
  3. Got through with the brakes the booster was bad. Works great now.
  4. I live in the caribbean twin island Trinidad and Tobago Have had my pathy approx 2 years now. Recently my brake started to get hard only in traffic. Now I have no brakes at all. I think its the booster. Need some advise on how to check it. Also how much vacuum should I be getting for the booster on the TD27 Turbo engine. Thanks
  5. I am still trying to find this cable for my 95 Partfinder http://www.ebay.com/itm/232234637829
  6. Thanks very much. Are the drivers side and passenger side cables same length
  7. Hello everyone looking for some hand brake cable for my 95 pathfinder. I know this is very hard to come by so I may need to substitute. Does anyone know the exact length of these cable. Struggling. mine looks like this http://www.ebay.com/itm/232234637829
  8. Hello, I am from Trinidad and Tobago in the caribbean and trying to locate a part for my Nissan Pathfinder 1995 Chassis Number WBYD21-088178 4WD 4 wheel disc brake with shoes for handbrake. I need two hand brake cable the part numbers are 36530-42G16 36530-42G11 If their is someone who can measure the cables for me I can look for something similar. I dont have old ones and we dont have much of these cars here. I will be gratefull for all the help. Trinidad West Indies

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