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  1. repeated for mechanical reasons, not for anything you may thinks and not on the street, but in a warehouse parking lot on private property, so again your wrong, why dont you use your mod status and lock the thread or better yet remove it since everyone here just seems to wanna start @!*% as far as im concerned your the same
  2. first off did i say i did it while driveing intentually , no i did not so dont assume im some smartass punk kids doing dumb antics. No I will not put a NPORA decal on my pathy for fear you maybe associated with me in anyway, so you assumed twice in the same post.
  3. ^ done a few on the drag strip in my rx7
  4. ^ why the negative response to my ordeal that i exerienced, i wasnt making him feel bad, but maybe now that you make it a point to make the issue it might, it simply was saying they never think about the victims, only there excitment level and pleasure.
  5. yah when someone gets caught in a stolen car the last thing a cop should do is give chase it endangers people lives and put a lot people at risk, not to mention property damages because they P.I.T. you car off in a ditch which then smashes a tree and rolls on its top and destroys someones yard,, i say a cop wants to pit then the police department needs to replace the vehicle and all damages, other wise just follow from a distance and let them park and walk away from the car and recover it then arrest when they return, durp....
  6. Swaybar is removed, all bushings are new through the whole vehicle, new springs, and shocks it not a issue with suspension, im not looking for a anwser to as why I already know why. I did it, and was able to repeat it rather easily turning to the left, combination of good suspension, and tires with a lot of grip and right amount of weight transfer, and timing.
  7. i removed mine after a rock torn one and ripped another off and smashed my driver's fender
  8. park and rides are just car lots for thieves, hope you get it back, you should post contact info so anyone could call you directly
  9. all my lights have dot stamp
  10. I was just wondering if anyone here has experienced lifting a front tire off the ground while turning on pavement, I'm pretty sure thats what happened, it was kinda cool but weird at the same time, a guy in a yj was all thumbs up at the next light, so im sure something happened cause it caught his eye
  11. how bout wd21 cause its cheaper to fix, both are very capible off roaders it a personal opinion really so expect bias anwsers
  12. tinting the tails is also illegal
  13. is there a best in mud class lol i may have to attend this, who do i pay again
  14. bushwacker will mold them still but does not stock them, and its not cheap from what i was told by the rep, and for the people running hockey puck lifts lol you can get fender flares at lowes in the garden section and fasteners from the hardware section all for less then $40
  15. they only melt if you run cheap ass bulbs i run a 155watt hella since i have had the pathy and no issues, no water, no condensation, discoloration, or melting, real question is why a headlight thread turns in to a taillight thread, euro tails are not euro lol there chinese, and there illegal in most states
  16. i have these and have zero issues with them i also run high wattage hella off-road bulbs with no issues as well but im sure someone here will say im full of crap and dont know what im talking about but , i did not get that brand think i paid 65 shipped
  17. which is why i just dropped it and went with passenger and driver as that cant be argued duh , what you going to try flaming me for next?
  18. so when the OP fixes this brake issue i guess we all will find out if im wrong and i'll eat crow if that be the case, does that make your vagina happier.
  19. what did that sheet of steel cost yah
  20. only if it has it, i believe 95 + had abs which requires keyoff and disconnecting the battery the abs connector at the actuator module lol lsv aka proportion valve will not be on a 95 which is the year of mine
  21. also yes there are different sequences for different cars but were not talkin cadillac, bmw etc it a damn pathfinder we can piss this out more if you like but im willing to bet a 100 bone it a m/c with a slight chance its a wheel hanging up, which is a easy test, drive for 15-20 minutes with a few hard brake applications on the last application stop on flat level ground get out and push the car alittle you'll hear and feel if there hung-up
  22. were does it state the orientation is from sitting in the vehicle thats righ it doesnt it from standing in front of the car, you can mess with the lsv all you want lol the air will get pumped through it regardless
  23. were did i say replace any part, i said to test the m/c first before anything, the bleed squence i posted was type from siting in the vehicle not in front of it, you always bleed the farthest point first to the shortest last, here is this better, passenger rear, driver rear, passenger front, driver front, and you posted the same sequence twice lol dont matter what kinda car it is even the e-vac machines suck from the farthest to the shortest point from the m/c, so the bashing wasnt needed, which makes you look kinda like a douche bag because you didnt understand something, reading owned you on this one, this isnt a pissin match it was a misunderstanding plain and simple
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