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  1. I took the motor apart on my former 94 pathfinder, just cleaned the copper windings and inside the housing and put it back together, it ran a lot better. Also clean the plastic blower wheel as dirt and crud will cause it to not spin true
  2. Anyone ever replace the side rear window glass? I know there are 4 bolts but not sure if it is glued in as well. Service manual shows sealant but doesn't say anything about using primer first like it does for the windshield which I know is glued in using urethane. I searched did not find anything, Thanks
  3. Merry Christmas to everyone !
  4. When I wired my front speakers instead of trying to get the wire through the rubber tube from the body to the door, I found the speaker wires behind the kick panels, cut them and tied the wires from my amp to the existing wires going to the door speakers.
  5. on the manual trans trucks, a simple hidden switch inline with the clutch interlock switch would prevent the truck from being started. Since the clutch interlock switch just provides a ground to the starter relay, the switch can be the momentary type. Press the clutch in, press the hidden switch in, turn the key to start. clutch in, hidden switch not pressed no start.
  6. second on not using graphite, use pure silicone spray, WD40 came out with one has a green label on the can. If flock freezes, you can try heating the key with a lighter
  7. Manual or auto trans? If manual I saw this on a rental Samurai down in St Thomas, they called it a Jeep ! They welded a tab to the shifter and had a matching tab welded to the floor, line the two holes up in the tabs and put a padlock through, done
  8. did the 125amp Quest alternator swap in my hardbody today ( and yesterday), tightened the U-bolts
  9. yes, His name is Nicholas can e-mail him at Skater186@yahoo.com
  10. Posting this for a friend who lives on Long Island NY. He has a used Lund Moon Visor and a set of flares from a 4 door Pathfinder. I do not know if he would be willing to ship or what he wants for the parts. If anyone is interested reply and I will put you in contact with him.
  11. any 4 wheeling I do now is while at work ! LOL I get stuck a lot with my heavy ass F550 too -
  12. I'm just North of Orlando but no longer own a 4x4
  13. the cable is to lock the automatic shifter, I'm sure you could eliminate it but may need to remove the locking part at the shifter. the black plug with the two wires is for the "key in" chime What is wrong with your ignition that you need/want to replace it?
  14. the key part or the electrical part on the rear of the ignition?
  15. Welcome to the site, you can download the factory service manual for free from here: http://www.nicoclub.com/FSM/Pathfinder/1993_Pathfinder/
  16. any updates on the durability of this mod?
  17. they could have done like Chevy did on the 4.3 and relocated it from the factory
  18. where did you hook the oil pressure gauge too?
  19. Are there any known problems with the distributors on the 3.3 engines? My former boss was telling me today, in his Mercury Villager he had to have the distributor replaced, it was, and than the engine was acting up or running crappy again not too long after. The guy he went to installed a used OEM distributor until he could get a new one and my boss said the van ran good with the used OEM distributor. Than when the guy swapped it out for the new one my boss said not too long after, the distributor failed, the mechanic said it was defective. So anyone hear anything about any distributor problems on the 3.3? I don't know exactly what the problem is/was that required the distributor to be replaced. Thanks

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