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  1. It'd be fun to find one and swap the drive train from a Juke Nismo in/under it.
  2. Previas had their own death trap issues.
  3. That looked like a Columbus cop.
  4. I miss those little box vans. I'd take one of those over a Quest (any style) any day.
  5. Like I said above, the Axial stuff is about the "best" for many reasons. Their stuff is easy to work with, parts are easily available, as well as have a lot of aftermarket parts for them. My Axial crawler started life as a RTC Scorpion AX10, but the only original parts left are the rear axle, and it even has upgraded gears and drive axles. If you want to have a good reliable scaler, buy an SCX10 RTR ( comes with all electronics), then buy the T Finder body by it's self and mount it.
  6. Actually RC4WD (who makes the T Finder) has the most detailed scale stuff. The Tamiya stuff is pretty worthless functionally ( unless it is a Bruiser). The bodies are all plastic. I still want one of the Kyosho bodies, I'd build the rest of the truck myself. I might scratch build my own body from styrene though, since I doubt I'll ever find a Kyosho.
  7. I was just wondering earlier (since a show about it was on) why no one has taken a drone to Area 51. You can buy a quad copter with a cam that will fit in the palm of your hand that will transmit the video live for a couple hundred dollars. Just wire up electronics with more range. It would have to be a one time use thing, because I doubt it would make it in let alone back out, and if you did make it out it would lead them right to you to confiscate the vid you did get. It is just odd, the fanatics will climb a hill 5 miles away to look through a telescope at the place, so surprised none have tried sending in a drone, either land or air.
  8. I should add, check out rccrawler.com, all the info on every crawler you would ever want to know.
  9. I run comp crawlers, an Axial 2.2s and a Losi 2.2pro. That T finder body is crap, half the body lines are missing so itlooks like an XJ with a Pathy grill. If you want a quick easy scale truck look at the Axial RTRs like the SCX10s or Wraiths.
  10. GrimGreg

    Poor pathy!

    Looks like my 93's frame in the end.
  11. Nope, mine wasn't set up for anything. I installed the strap mounts myself.
  12. Or you can just send it to me B, my 3030 is set up for that kind of strap.
  13. Holy crap that is some third world carpentry.
  14. If the balance is OK, then the rim(s) could be bent.
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