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  1. So, an update. Do not try to use VQ Pathfinder Transmission on a VG engine. Blew it up after 8 miles. Put about 10mm spacer between bellhousing and transmission body. Stripped out the torque converter flats that mate to the input shaft. Got a used xterra transmission from a 2003 and it works great.
  2. Thanks so much Cuong! I ordered a flex plate from EBay from a 2001 Xterra. I see now that the bolt circle is 9.75” up about a half inch from VG30 size. I pulled the pump out yesterday to make sure there was no debris from the sensor breaking. Now I just have to wait for flex plate to arrive. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Thanks. Are the flex plates all the same from 96+ R51 Pathfinder’s. And WD22 xterra’s? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. I purchased a hd re4r01a transmission for a 2003 Pathfinder. I found out that the bellhousing is different and can be swapped. If you look at roughly minute 9 of this video, you will see what happened to me when I tried to change bellhousing. This guy did exactly what i did. Bellhousing wanted to come off with pump on new transmission and the old one broke free without pulling out pump. Bellhousing is also RTVed to the pump in addition to the bolts. You must wedge something to split it off. The old transmission split off because the sealant had heated up and cooled off thousands of times to become brittle. On the new transmission the adhesive was much more effective and was a bear to separate. I broke the input speed sensor too. It was the one sensor that was not on the orignial 1994 transmission. Now I think I need to tear it apart and see if any pieces fell into the case. But do I need to replace the sensor. They are $180 and I think are only needed for OBD2 vehicles to show any variation between the input and output shaft speeds to identify slip. Thoughts? Also, Not sure if the new Torque converter will bolt up to my flexplate or if I need one from VG33er xterra???
  5. Some updates on overhaul... transmission is out. Here is the new old stock tranny.
  6. Thanks, I think I will do that when I replace the injectors. Right now most of the truck is on the floor. Want to put it together before I tear into the intake.
  7. I took off the flex plate and oil pan. Rear main was leaking. There is a groove in the crankshaft. I can't seem to find a rear repair sleeve for the rear of crankshaft. I would post a picture, but I cant figure out how to add any more... Do I have to use a 3rd party site to host pics? Anyway. I am debating what to do. Pull crank, deal with the leak, pull motor and rebuild, VG33 swap rationalization...
  8. So I am glad to see someone else is in deeper than me right now...
  9. Got the auto transmission pulled out of my 1994. I am putting in the hd version from 2003 VQ pathfinder. Having the old beside the new, the wiring is a match for plugs and wire colors. I pulled the whole front suspension off to get the transmission out. Along with front axle, exhaust and all the cross members. I have new sway a way torsion bars to install anyway. 25 years of oil was all over everything. I am cleaning it all up and putting in a remote oil filter mount to hopefully avoid future oil dripping issues. Any other problem areas for leaks I should look for? I was also thinking about dropping oil pan and inspecting the crankshaft etc. Any other "while I am in there" recommendations? I have more of my drivetrain in the driveway than in the truck right now...
  10. I have been searching all over. Is there currently any source for the VG33 swap pulleys like the one Mr. 510 used to make or the rare Canadian only 12303-12g03?
  11. Replace my carpet with actual OEM carpet matching my color from OEM surplus. Was $168 for first and second row carpet set including shipping. Fit perfectly! http://www.oem-surplus.com/nwp/pathfinder-5.htm
  12. Best I can tell they are identical except for gear ratios. I think the pathfinder version is closer to WD21 1st gear ratio than xterra. Both the xterra and vq pathfinder use same torque converter. I have seen where VQ was swapped into a D22 with VG33.
  13. Bought a new (old stock) factory transmission on eBay... it is from a 2001-2002 Pathfinder and I am putting it in a 1994 SE 4x4.Will this fit? Picked it up for $850 + $200 shipping. It’s the HD version for VQ35 pathfinder. I think I might have to swap bell housings with original transmission. Wonder if torque converter will work.
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