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  1. Whatever happen to this project did you go turbo or supercharger? What all did it take (parts and cost) to get it done? I too am considering supercharging my VG30. My wanting to supercharge has nothing to do with cost but belief and desire. I get why everyone wants to do a swap or turbo but it is my opinion (for a lack of a better expression) a swap is lazy, boring, lacks creativity, and not fun, but that's jus me. Now swapping for something bigger, badder, or more unique that could be creative and fun, but VG30 to VG33 is more of a lateral move to me. Yes turbos can be easy and have no parasitic loss but let's be real we're talking bout an SUV not a track car. Maybe if i needed a higher top speed and needed to maintain it i could see doing a turbo but 90 down the freeway is fast enough for me and at the end of the day there's two things my truck should be able to do, pull/haul stuff and get up that GD hill lol. Now before anyone decides to try and flame me, my words are not intended to insight an argument. We are adults, human-beings, and comrades here to share a common love. As an adult I'm always open to input, a share of knowledge, conversation, and constructive criticism from my fellow Pathy brother and sisters. As i stated earlier i too would like to supercharge and trying to compile information of whats needed (i.e. gaskets, injectors, MAF, tune, port/polish, body mounts). So lets talk Peace Love & Car grease
  2. Do you happen to have any pics of the finish product? Sound like a project I may be interested in taking on?
  3. :aok:Thanks my ppl for the help and the laughs much appreciated
  4. Wussup my ppl I'm wanting to kno if anyone kno how to lube the spare tire carrier on my WD21. I saw a thread bout it some years ago but am having trouble finding it now. Also if you kno of what I speak also any up to date info would be good too as the last time I think the post said something bout only being able to to get the tool from Harbor Freight.
  5. Thanks for all y'alls input guys I have some things to consider. I found this one guy who makes them out of "3/16" inner hitch steel" but he only makes them for 96' and up Pathy. I thought bout getting some made and powdercoated and trying to get a bunch of orders together to drop the price But i get the feeling that I am part of a rare group for what i want to do. lol
  6. So I recently decided to finally take care of the surface rust on my (95' WD21) side steps and get them powder coated. Well looks like I should have left well enough alone. The driver side step turned out to be worst than first thought. It was rusted through and every time the wielder tried to patch it jus kept getting worst. So now I’m stuck trying to find a good OEM driver side step or a bolt on aftermarket rock sliders. I checked out Shrockworks and some other site that I found in doing my search but Shrockworks and the other site does not offer one for WD21. I check 4x4parts.com and Rugged Rocks also and no joy. I may have a lead on an OEM side step but I'm thinking rock sliders would be better especially if I was to get another side step I would still need to pay to get it powder coated. So my question, is there anyone who knows where i can find a good set of bolt on rock sliders for my 95' WD21?
  7. I hear what you are saying I don't plan on doing a lift but was jus thinking they would be more durable and adjustable if needed. But from what i found it's the same back and forth one group says itit's good especially for killing bump steer another says it's the same defference. So i'm not married to it but along with my previous statement jus thought it might be a cheap and simple project. Well you know what they say bout idle hands... and my problem is i have a ton of ideas and not enough money, time, space, and experince to get them all done right now.
  8. Are all CV axles for the WD21 created equal or is there actually one brand better that the other? Also if one brand is better than another than what am I looking for that makes them better? I found some for $80 for the pair just wanna make sure I don't sacrifice quality.
  9. So what I've been calling johnny joints are also known as Heim joints. So far i found some for the 300ZX and the 240 but none for the Pathy. I found some talk bout the pros and cons and that it has been done before but no info on where to get it or how to custom it.
  10. Thanks for the feedback guys I've been meaning to check the bearings but i keep putting it off cuz she still drive striaghteven when the steering wheel doesn't. But y'all are right should start chep and work my way up from there I've jus been so focused on getting the rest of the stuff i need to do up the front end in one shot. The strut rod bushings are brand new jus changed them bout a month ago.Even if it's not the solution I'm still thinking of doing the johnny joint idea (if i can ever find out what i need to make it happen) jus cuz I think the less bushins i have to deal with going bad the better for me but i'm always still open to feedback.
  11. So I got this situation going on and it's not an alignment issue. I know this because my baby rides true no matter the speed, however 40 - 60 mph my steering wheel develops a case of the J.Fox (Parkinson’s) I talked to a mechanic and he seems to think that I need new tie rod ends? If this is true, if I remember correctly from an episode of Extreme 4x4 I can use Johnny joints for my tie rod ends? I'm in the process of tracking down that episode but I am also looking for some feedback as well. You know pros, cons, good, bad, better solution, wrong problem. You know constructive and helpful ideas, criticism, and or Or what i need to make this happen.
  12. I myself was wondering the same thing... thought changing the whole gauge cluster would be a kool mod/upgrade. At one time i was looking for an 89-91 Maxima digital cluster, now it would jus be nice to give it a newer look and if at all possible more info/gauges with out having to add external pods.
  13. Interesting you should say that... the impression i was given was that i should have enough backpreassure and with the two headers dumping into one pipe should not hurt current level of performance.I saw there was plenty of room under her and was tempted to go dual exhaust. I haven't installed it yet can you give more info on why turbulence is not good? Also is this the rule of thumb on V6's, VG30's, or jus for the Pathy setup?
  14. Yeah they are.. If I'm not mistaken I think i have to drill some holes in the frame to bolt down the tabs. A friend of mine was telling me bout this local shop and got me to thinking bout getting them refinished and powder coated. Hey does anyone know if i can still get bushings for these and or urethane bushing for them?

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