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  1. I got a B&M 70268, see link below, http://www.nissanpathfinders.net/forum/topic/45134-help-identifying-some-hosepiping-94-pathfinder/?tab=comments#comment-815894
  2. I have a 94 with the factory roof rack and cross bars, the sticker attached to the rack claims a max load of 85lbs (evenly distributed). I would like to add more carrying capacity to the roof/rack in hopes of installing a roof top tent but I haven't been able to find any viable options. Has anyone had any luck finding a roof/rack mount solution with more weight capacity, or perhaps fabricated their own setup? Thanks --Mike
  3. I finally got around to installing a B&M 70268 transmission cooler. The temps dropped 20-30F depending on conditions, see below. Temp when cruising :
  4. This may help, http://www.nissanpathfinders.net/forum/topic/45134-help-identifying-some-hosepiping-94-pathfinder/?tab=comments#comment-812720
  5. I don't have an external cooler installed at the moment, but I am considering it. I suspect it will get hotter than 175F when I have it loaded with all my camping gear. I am using this exact fluid:
  6. I've replaced the fluid, I was incorrect in my other post about mileage, there was easily 50k+ miles on that fluid you see on the dipstick above. I also just finished adding a tranny temp gauge, its tapped into the oil pan. Cruising on the freeway it sits right around 140F, stop and go traffic is edges up a bit to 150-160F. I put some load on it on the local mountain pass (sea level to about ~3000ft.) I loaded it up pretty good, it topped out around 175F by the time I reached the top. Don't worry, my wife leaned over to take this glare free picture. ^^^
  7. I finally had some more time to mess with around with the Pathfinder, I pulled the tranny dipstick and more closely examined the oil, see pics below. (I checked with the transmission cold and engine not running, so the level readings on the dipstick are not accurate.) It looks rather ok to me and it doesn't smell burnt, but it's been atleast 15-20K miles since it's last been changed so I'll go ahead and do that. I'll also look into installing a transmission cooler and temperature gauge to better keep an eye on things. What is the recommended ATF these days? I looked around at my local auto parts store and they are up to Dextron VI now.
  8. I noticed what looked like ATF dripping from a vent port above the passenger side wheel wheel near the firewall, see linked pictures. From what I can gather with a quick glance is that its related to the transmission, is this normal or does this require more attention? I noticed it after a I came to a stop after a long mountain climb, the engine did not get hot. It did not leak at all on the back trek down, nor did it leak during the 200 mile highway trip back home.
  9. UPDATE: Took my Pathfinder to another shop and it passed all tests, I have now blacklisted the first smog shop that did me wrong. Thanks all!
  10. Thanks for the suggestion Slartibartfast, that was actually the first thing I did before diving any further into the EGR system. I actually applied to much vacuum to the valve and the engine stalled, after that test I opened my FSM and checked the rest of the system, unless I'm missing something else I don't think there is anything left to do besides take it to another shop.
  11. Just had my 94 Pathfinder smogged last Friday and it passed everything except for the "EGR Functional Check". They offered to let me leave it there so they could diagnose but I decided otherwise as I know I thing or two about car repair and I also have the Nissan technicial manual for this vehicle. I followed the trouble diagnoses steps layed for the VG30E beginning on page "EF & EC-28" Checked for ECM codes on mode III and mode IV and received only received "55" (No Errors Detected) Performed EGR Function EF & EC-94 (No issues noted) Checked EGR Temp Sensor Resistance and hardness connector EF & EC-135 (No issues noted) Checked the EGRC-Solenoid Valve EF & EC-135 (No Issues noted) Checked the ERGC-BPT Valve EF & EC-135(No Issues noted) As per the above bullets, I could not find anything wrong, I don't know where else to go (unless the shop is lying to me). If anyone can offer some additional input I'd appreciate it! Below is the recent failed emission report, and another from 2014 (both were performed at the same shop), its surprising to me how close the numbers are from each session despite me having a faulty egr valve.
  12. I've had this happen twice to my 94 pathfinder and in both cases it was a failed fuel injector. I made a post about it awhile back here (http://www.nissanpathfinders.net/forum/topic/38258-replaced-timing-belt-now-running-rough/?do=findComment&comment=723973) I ended up just replacing all of them at that point as I got tired of removing the intake plenum.
  13. Right on sir! Replaced the distributor and the issue has been resolved, runs like champ now. Although now it looks I will be doing a head gasket job, its spewing white smoke all of a sudden,
  14. Had some time to tinker with the truck today, I checked multiple relays and isolated several different sensors with no changes. I also didn't have any luck in tinkering with the fusible link. Checking the timing was not possible, as the timing marks were jumping all over the place. As always the ECU is still indicating code 55 (no malfunction found) I did notice a connector under the driver's seat, it looks like it goes into a box labeled "Impact Sensitivity Selector" and then it goes off to somewhere else. I disconnected this on a hunch and the truck would not attempt to start. I re-connected it and the truck started up just fine, idled nice and smooth. I left it running for about ten minutes, shut it off and it started right back up no problem. Not sure if this disconnect/re-connect fixed my issue or if its just a coincidence. I will continue with experimentation.
  15. I am having a hard time believing that this is timing related as the truck will start and idle perfectly fine sometimes and other times do whats shown in the above video. The distributor is tight and has not changed position. I did a timing belt job last July of 2014 using all Nissan OEM parts, and following advice in this forum and by using the Nissan repair manual extensively, I am confident it was done properly. I have put about 4000 miles on the vehicle since the timing job. (I posted a thread about the timing belt/fuel injector job back when I completed it here). So far I've ruled out the fuel pump, fuel injectors, and all fluids are at the proper levels. I havn't had any additional time to diagnose since posting this thread, but as soon as I do, and if and when I find out what the problem is I'll be sure to report the findings. Thank you all for your suggestions.

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