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    I’d say the miles don’t matter as much if you can find a SW Soccer Mom car.
  2. RainGoat

    DIY Roof Rack Platform

    Oh, didn’t realize that. Yep, you qualify as NW. I love Boise. I’ve explored alot around there, N, NE, E, NW, SW of Boise - quite alot now that I think about it. I have a buddy who lived in Meridian & has a cabin in the mountains W of Cascade. I think the Sawtooths are as lovely as the Tetons. Idaho is great country!
  3. RainGoat

    DIY Roof Rack Platform

    Well, you’re in the SW right? Branches aren’t going to be much of an issue for you. In the NW it’s incessant!
  4. RainGoat

    DIY Roof Rack Platform

    Having lived with my truck in the desert I get it but in the woods, it’s the R50’s slender profile & tapering top which are its greatest asset. Be sure to watch for those forward corners catching on branches (up here, I’m definitely considering limb risers once my rack & bumper are done). Definitely look at@hawairish recessed mesh-that was well done. I generally don’t care for those hefty SE side rails but his use of them was perfect & took advantage of those long elevated bars (something you can’t do with the adjustable LE load bars).
  5. RainGoat

    Hello from Lebanon

    Welcome. There sure is ALOT of great InstaGram stuff with R50s from Lebanon. Great to have the diversity. I know we have som body from Indonesia & at least one from New Zealand. I think PCoA gets most of the Australians-that’s a good forum to watch as well.
  6. RainGoat

    04 Build Thread (R50)

    Exactly so! Our ‘02+ LEs mount the spoiler onto a piece that is also the glass hinge. An earlier version mount independently outboard of that location directly to the hatch metal. I would use this system, however the deflector really just gets in the way of stuff on the rack. Especially if you’re putting on a full rack.
  7. RainGoat

    DIY Roof Rack Platform

    Why not just add bars in the slots of the current side rails. It would add functionality but keep the aesthetics & still be cheap. Here is an example on 5th Gen 4Runners. LFD Off Road Ruggedized Crossbar 5th Gen 2" wide x 1" tall http://lfdoffroad.com/catalog/ruggedized-crossbar-5th-gen http://www.toyota-4runner.org/5th-gen-t4rs/250438-alternate-rack-6.html
  8. RainGoat

    R50 Tire Carrier Mod: Let's settle this!

    The license plate relocater is interesting too.@TowndawgR50 &@ferrariowner123 spent an afternoon trying to get one to fit on a face lifted R50 without success - I guess we can see why!
  9. RainGoat

    R50 Tire Carrier Mod: Let's settle this!

    That’s VERY interesting. I have never seen one of those & didn’t know they existed. Here’s a quick shot of the older one for comparison for those on the thread. Weigh it if you get a chance. It would be interesting to compare. I’ll bet it’s lighter as it’s minus one vertical bar & that flat plating.
  10. RainGoat

    2002 R50 Pathy lift questions

    Just make sure to update this info with the recently discovered Land Rover Defender options. Search NPORA for “LR Springs”
  11. RainGoat

    What did you do to your Pathfinder today?

    It’s not “rival”, it’s “complement”. Together we’re the R50 Test Lab: Wet & Dry Divisions, [emoji943] PNW [emoji3587] & [emoji3508] Desert [emoji266]
  12. RainGoat

    R50 tire carrier handle and latch

    We only paid $18 for an entire assembly recently both here in Seattle & in Portland. Our PNW group can keep an eye out for you though I would think AZ & Southern CA are ideal places to find it.
  13. RainGoat

    My build/adventure thread

    A truck from Prescott is going to have been VERY heavily used, in rough country!
  14. RainGoat

    Oil mileage?

    Check out the YouTube filter comparisons where they cut them open. I was pretty surprised how bad the basic Fram are, especially when the much better ones are only like a dollar more. It was pretty eye opening.
  15. RainGoat

    Ready for modification - 1998 LE

    The ‘02 LE has 2 cup holders of different diameters alongside the e-brake. The rearward one is large & comes with an adapter to fit standard size mugs & cups.
  16. RainGoat

    2000 R50 new to PNW from AK

    Yep, that’s the route hawairish & TowndawgR50 are going. hawairish has the older RRO sliders & I have a new set with the kick outs, however, they don’t mount well with regard to the pinch welds. The two them think it would be better to use the stock mount points as they’re more hardy. I’m awaiting that fix. My current running boards ones are the low profile black step as opposed to the tubes so they don’t get in the way much or catch debris. Personally, I think sliders should come right after tires as you can almost irrevocably damage your truck by landing on the rocker.
  17. RainGoat

    2000 R50 new to PNW from AK

    I’ve got the RockyRoad Outfitter sliders & I’m waiting for TowndawgR50 & hawairish to make their adapters to the stock mounting position. I find having something to step on & put stuff on besides the rear wheel way too convenient to pull off - especially with kids.
  18. RainGoat

    Pathfinder misfire

    Not related but if you haven’t done your power valves, you should. It’s a couple $ repair that could save you your engine. POWER VALVES http://www.nissanpathfinders.net/forum/topic/17104-threadlocker-on-power-valve-screws-pics/page-1
  19. RainGoat

    O2 codes killing me!!

    Generally, they all go bad. It’s the one recurrent problem I’ve had. Changed out 4 by 100K, though one is still OEM & another was a replacement that went bad. Luckily, they only take about 15” to replace. Drop them from the top & zip tie to your old line, cutting off the old heads. You’ll get plenty of practice.
  20. RainGoat

    My build/adventure thread

    @StPickens Love that the OEM deflector fits-why no fairing on the Rola? If it’s staying that way, make sure to plug those 4 fairing screw holes. The Rola is infamous for rusting on the inside (I actually shot spray paint down the inside of all my tubes).
  21. RainGoat

    Oil mileage?

    For 106K & 16 years I ran Mobil 1 & changed it every 6-8,000 miles. When my power valve screws killed my engine the inside was pristine, still with crosshatching on the inside of the cylinders. No sludge & essentially no “varnish”. The mechanics thought it was the nicest looking engine of that age/mileage they had ever seen. I now shoot for every 8K, meaning I’ll usually get it between 8-9K.
  22. RainGoat

    Oil Consumption and Dirty Intake

    Oops. That was a quick cut & paste of my notes. 12 screws. Hopefully they’re all there & you just reuse them. Mine, unfortunately, ultimately had to come from my JDM engine replacement : ( Use the linked thread for good info.
  23. RainGoat

    My build/adventure thread

    I’m not sure that’s true. I believe the SE racks only anchor with 4 points with 2 bolts per point (I haven’t dissected one so I’m basing that on 4 base points). The roof rails on the LE have 6 anchor points of 2 bolts each. Most attaching a Rola V-Tech are then bolting to the rails with 4-12 points.
  24. RainGoat

    My build/adventure thread

    [mention=39745]StPickens[/mention],[mention=41155]Astrorami[/mention] & myself have all taken slightly different approaches to this problem with the Rola V-Tech rack. I wanted elevation to allow cam strap hooks on the lower 1” diameter Rola bar &[mention=39745]StPickens[/mention] preserved his sunroof deflector. Without elevation, @02_Pathy had some sunroof function complications.
  25. RainGoat

    Fair price for 03 QX4?

    $3-6K for a ‘00-04 Pathy in Seattle with most $3-4K. Maintenance & condition are everything. It sounds like both of those are excellent in this case. For San Fran, it’s probably a little high but I’m sure he could get $4K for it & it’s not unthinkable he could get $5K though the miles seem a little high for that. Good ones here could be $5Kish too. BTW, make sure you do the Power Valve Fix if he hasn’t already. If it was a CA sold car originally, it would have qualified for the CA class action suit so there is a fair chance it was done - but check.

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