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  1. I’m right there with you. My wife said I looked like I was 50 going on 20 : (
  2. Went on a weekend shake down trip for the new suspension in the Cascades. I can really see why I’ve never heard a complaint about the ARB OME struts & HD springs. That’s a 97# bumper on there and the truck has never driven smoother or tighter. I’m looking forward to an A-Arm poly upgrade. I find the Land Rover 9448s a little rough but they improve with some load.[mention=37543]TowndawgR50[/mention] thinks part of the rear issue may be my Tyler Morgan control arms as his truck is smoother in back. I’m running his old Bilstein 5100s while we figure out the right 5165s so that may be contributing as well. I think I’m getting a little top out now & then. Thanks again to[mention=37543]TowndawgR50[/mention] who consumed three whole afternoons (until Midnightish) working with me to change everything over. It honestly would never have happened without him.
  3. Ultimately, this was just a trial fitting. The bumper was there &[mention=37543]TowndawgR50[/mention] couldn’t help himself. Whoever the prior owner had weld it up did a mediocre job & made some mistakes in the mounting plate fitment. It would never have gone on without cutting, grinding, bending & welding (all by[mention=37543]TowndawgR50[/mention]). Also, it weighs 97# so @02_Pathy &[mention=32880]ferrariowner123[/mention] had to help muscle it up & hold it in place while he made fitment adjustments. It will need to come off for repainting and light & winch mounting - plus I’ll paint the seam, washer reservoir & intake resonators black. While it’s off,[mention=37543]TowndawgR50[/mention] wants to radius the corners & improve the welds (he’s a perfectionist & I’m gratefull). It does look good & I’m thankful to have it but I’ll probably switch it out once @pinestospines ([mention=36148]hawairish[/mention] &[mention=37543]TowndawgR50[/mention] ) finish development on their version. Those two just make a great team. They really think things through & are willing to go back & rework a problem until they get exactly what they want. Through discussion & first hand observation I have great faith in both of their judgements.
  4. I bought a stubby back when I bought my car but I found the radio reception to be terrible with it & went back to the whip. I’ve done this at least three times over the first few years I had the car. If you’re not using the radio, a stubby is a nice way to keep a clean look but I wouldn’t recommend it if you do care about reception.
  5. My “new” bumper! Only 2 1/2 years after my fender bender, I was finally able to get an off-road bumper for the Pathfinder. It’s a second hand Coastal Offroad bumper which I obtained from a guy in Portland who was returning his R50 to stock. It was installed at a @pines2spines Tiger Mountain Test Lab workshop by the PNW R50 crew. (@02_Pathy,[mention=32880]ferrariowner123[/mention] & some interim storage by[mention=39745]stpickens[/mention]). It NEVER would have been successful, however, without the insight and technical skills of the Grandmaster of Ceremonies,[mention=37543]TowndawgR50[/mention], to whom I am forever indebted!
  6. Yeah, we’ve developed a really nice collection of People with 6-8 core R50s and a handful of peripheral ones along with close association with@hawairish & his folks down the in the SW.
  7. Another Pathy Party (5 this time)! Yesterday started as a Pines to Spines Offroad SubFrame Drop test fitment party on the Gambler 500 rig; however, after taking this picture, the guys all said my front end was such an eyesore that something had to be done.(@TowndawgR50 , [mention=40509]pathy_02[/mention],[mention=32880]ferrariowner123[/mention])
  8. I don’t know much more than what I posted. I would google car diversity antennas
  9. Many R50s have what’s called a diversity antenna in the front windshield. This is in addition to the whip antenna and is meant to improve signal capture. You can see it running up the midline of the windshield. As an FYI, you can see these in many other vehicles though they often put them in the cargo area side windows (they are those things which look like defrosters on the cargo area windows of 4Runners & other vehicles).
  10. You really need to work on your parking. I don’t think you’re doing it right [emoji23]
  11. Just for clarity: $250 67” DIY kit [Amazon] $250 Welder@$65/hr assembling kit & welding on truck $500 Total Can you take some pics of the mounting points?
  12. Yep, sliders are really critical protection & they can be super handy both for cab & roof access but also as jack points.
  13. I’ve used this inexpensive one. It hasn’t bothered my wife & holds an iPad well Seat Bolt Car Mount Tablet Holder for Tablets with Anti-Vibration Goose Neck [Jarv] $25.99 at Amazon
  14. Thanks for the info!
  15. Thanks for the info!
  16. Thanks for the info!
  17. Those sliders look nice. Curious, if a Custom Bumper is only $350, what did the sliders cost?
  18. Looking good - about time you painted all that steel. The IPFs are right where I ran my 130w KC Slimlight Driving Lights. That’s a great location for a forward driving light. Consider mounting floods at 30-45* angles in that protected lower lateral space (kind of where the fogs are stock). I had the Flood lens of the same 130w KC Slimlights in that location. I just barely overlapped the beam edges & it gave me about 200* of forward light stretching back to about the B pillars. I set it up for desert use when I was in AZ & have always been really happy with it.
  19. I’m not entirely sure I follow but I’ll chat about it with[mention=37543]TowndawgR50[/mention] as we’re likely going to proceed with my retro fit in the next 4-8 weeks. [mention=39745]stpickens[/mention] is working on a table as well but has found the clearance issue limiting. Are those recovery hooks I see mounted to your custom bumper (I note I don’t see them when the bumper is off)?
  20. They both look really good. Even with the ‘03’s hood open it took a careful eye to see anything was amiss.
  21. Load of limbs & returning the chipper@TowndawgR50 kindly lent me.

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