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  1. You need to remove the seal that holds it in. Yes, you will need a new seal. You can pry it out with a large screwdriver or pry bar. The bearing will then fall out.
  2. IIRC, there should be a red light on top of your dash for NATS key system(small red led). It should come on and go out during normal intilalization. When cranking, the light should go out as it recognizes the key. If it stays lit, you have a key issue. It should throw a code if you can find more than a generic code reader.
  3. This is pretty much what your talking about.. http://www.nissanpathfinders.net/forum/topic/6763-welcome-new-members/
  4. You want to ask your questions in the appropriate topic. I see you have a 95. It's best to post in the year specific threads to keep confusion at a minimum. If you do post something in the wrong place, our wonderful mods will take care of it. Now, I highly recommend using the search function first. Some questions have been asked 55283956483 times and some times it does not need to be asked again. Also, a member who may not be active has answered a question a long time ago and current members may not know or have the same information. When you use the search, click the advanced search icon(looks like a little gear) and type in what you want to search for, then select "search only in titles". Then the search won't look for the same words buried in every thread. Welcome by the way! If you'd like to practice, start a new member thread and give us more details about you and your rig. Just hit the black button that says "Start new thread".
  5. The blower is to the right of the resistor, screws and connector are underneath.
  6. Well, if nobody else wants to do it, that's ok, we can just call it off. I say give it to Sunday night and go from there. Maybe there is just a lot of bah humbug going around!
  7. http://www.nissanpathfinders.net/forum/topic/7466-how-to-prevent-fire-clean-blower-resistors/
  8. Nope, your only lifting the body and the shocks bolt to the frame. I have both body and suspension lifts(3+3+33's) and both have their advantages and disadvantages. The only real negative of a body lift is, to me, the extra work that is needed to fit a winch style bumper(if you can find one) and sliders down the sides. Now there are no "bolt on" sliders so cutting and welding are going to be needed anyway. The front bumper has to be modified to sit at the right height which is not a huge deal, but if you are not a welder/fabricator, it can seem like a lot of work. I chose a A/C suspension lift "kit" when I put mine on(seems like forever ago now). It's performed great. I just recently had to replace my upper control arm bushings, but they've been in there for over 100,000 miles, so normal wear and tear if you ask me. Not too long ago I also opted for lower profile bumpstops in the front as the factory ones kept rubbing off when wheeling. It did take some fine adjustment on height in the front to find the sweet spot so I wasn't tearing up c/v boots all the time. That's my two cents...
  9. You put it in neutral so your stating you have a manual transmission, correct? If so, there is a blue relay next to the battery that looks like this.. That's the inhibitor relay. Have someone try and start your pathfinder while you tap on this relay(I use the handle of a screwdriver). If it starts, you have a bad relay. If not, you need to check for power at the starter from the battery and when cranking.
  10. Have a peek at this... http://www.nissanpathfinders.net/forum/topic/28504-going-to-twin-turbo-pathfinder/?hl=turbo http://www.nissanpathfinders.net/forum/topic/29646-adding-a-turbointercooler-to-my-95-pathfinder/page-1?hl=turbo For even more threads, hit the advanced search icon neat the search box(little gear looking thing) then type in turbo and select search topics only. That should take you to all threads started about turboing.
  11. With 33's I'm usually about 3000rpm at 70(that's the speed limit from my work to home). I know my speedo is off slightly so I'm actually going faster than stated.
  12. Did they give you a printout or a picture of your alignment? I'm surprised wherever you had it aligned didn't notice that damage.
  13. "New members will have to wait 3 months and have a post count of 100 before they can be nominated."
  14. http://www.4x4parts.com/c-1048816-suspension-suspension-lifts-lift-packages-pathfinder-2005-2012-pathfinder.html http://www.4x4parts.com/c-1056954-skid-plates-skid-plates-pathfinder-2005-2014-pathfinder.html http://calmini.com/model.php?m=39&b=1&t=1 Some things that fit the Frontier/Xterra/Titan may also work. Have a peek at Nistechlifts.com. Yeah, there are a few lifted R52's out there, but not many. Mostly due to the rear suspension being independent where the Xterra is a solid axle(you probably already knew that). Hope that gets you started!
  15. This should get you going... http://www.nissanpathfinders.net/forum/topic/20711-suspension-lift-information/
  16. http://www.nissanpathfinders.net/forum/topic/37673-how-to-replace-your-leaking-oil-cooler-o-ring/
  17. When is the last time you had a alignment done? If toe is out enough it can cause return-to-center issues.
  18. http://desertrunner.org/index2.html The true Desert Runner is on the right with all the lights. Appears to be in decent shape. The pathfinder was probably just a racing team during the same time. Not sure if they were big or not. Jim Conner racing used to make stuff for both rigs back in the dy, but they are defunked now.
  19. Wanna get more social with other members? Go to the Poho section and say hello!

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  20. 3in suspension lift, 3in body lift and 35in tires
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