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Simple but efficient OBDII IPhone adaptable code reader?


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Looking to purchase an IPhone adaptable code reader for my 2000 Pathfinder. Want something simple and easy to read and compatible to my IPhone. Not a computer wizard but can decipher information. MTG



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Back when I had an iPod touch (I have a galaxy s10 now) I used torque and bought a generic obd2 blue tooth adapter and it worked fine for me. That was at least 5 years ago and I still use the app and same adapter with my s10.

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I bought a cheap Bluetooth adapter years ago and used Torque (as mentioned above by @jjmwilkinson) Still use both of them to this day.  It's proven to be very reliable and great for basic OBDII code reading. In addition to giving real-time information.  The Adapter is actually plugged into my cars OBDII port full time.  but note that I use these with Android, so YMMV.


I remember when I was researching these things that iOS had compatibility issues with BT devices IIRC.. wasn't my focus so I don't remember exactly. But I see the one linked by @XPLORx4 uses WiFi, his word is good enough to trust in it, but if you look at other devices do your research to make sure they will work with your iOS version and device.

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I have only just solved this issue myself. I have an R50, with a VG33E engine. It  has the OBD II socket, but doesn't talk OBD II. I tried several ELM327 devices with no luck. Finally found a solution with a Consult I adapter (14 Pin DDL Consult Interface USB (ebay)). I looked very hard for a OBD II to Consult I lead/convertor but ended up building my own (not difficult, I can supply more information).


I haven't worked out how to use Torque with it, but I have Nissan DataScan I ($10) running on my Android head unit.

It all works very well now, except I am yet to use this new information to fix my misfire problem, and P0325 error code.


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Pin Consult I   OBD (Pin)   Description.
1 RX – Green --> 13   Receive
2 TX – Yellow --> 12   Transmit
7 +12V - Orange --> 8   Power
8 GND – Red --> 4   Earth
9 CLK – Brown --> 14   Clock
10 SP – Black --> 4   Connected internally to Pin 8. Perhaps not required.



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