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  1. Has anyone added a Timbren system to their Pathfinder? MTG
  2. Have driven this Pathfinder for 15 months now with no problems.
  3. Could someone post a simple color coded driver side mirror wiring diagram for a 2000 Pathy SE? Purchased a replacement mirror from Rockauto. Wiring connector from Rockauto is a one piece connector, but existing are two connectors in the door. Thanks for the help. MTG
  4. OK, have gleaned what has been offered. Thank you all. At this point I will look for a reasonably priced rear bumper cover with or without all cutouts. Can do myself. MTG
  5. Just looked at fleabay. Much more expensive than Rockauto or Partsgeek. Besides, have no PayPal account and have done no business on fleabay due to prices in the past. MTG
  6. Rockauto and Partsgeek had both listed. The cover with the cutouts are out of stock and only the cover w/o the cutouts are available and somewhat cheaper. Hence my question whether someone has modified the cover without the cutouts. Had not looked at fleabay. MTG
  7. Need to replace my rear bumper cover on my 2000 Pathfinder SE with spare tire under vehicle. Have been looking at various parts house that offer these covers. Shows both with and without cutouts for rod to drop spare tire. Both look the same other than the cut out holes. Has anyone purchased the cover without the holes and merely modified it for the rod access? Are there any other real differences in these two beyond the cut out holes? Thanks for the input. MTG
  8. I looked at a pair of add of overload add on springs on Summit that are slightly larger than the KYB shocks on my Pathfinder. The out side dimensions are just 3”. Should work as I am only looking for additional support when towing my 19’ travel trailer. BTW, only tow it short distance as 3.3L doesn’t do well over long distance. MTG
  9. On the regular rear shock mounts I would guess. Looked over the area and seems to be enough clearance. Have been researching different shock manufacturers to compare total lengths, compressed length and travel. MTG
  10. Are the upper or lower links not structural sound enough to withstand these?
  11. Thinking about putting a set of rear coil over shocks on my 2000 Pathfinder. Good idea? Bad idea and why? MTG
  12. Think about a marine tank on the roof rack. Takes up little room and can be gravity drained in no time. Mine works great and has extended my range.
  13. My ‘2000 has 150,000 plus miles on the odometer and runs great. I run 5W-30W Walmart full synthetic oil and NAPA Gold filters. Runs great, good mileage, no problems thus far.
  14. My spare fuel can is a 6 gallon marine fuel tank with the fuel line, with bulb, that I carry on my roof rack. Looking to add another springtime for extended range. How does all manage theirs? MTG
  15. When you get to a do it yourself car wash just spray liberally all over. Have been driving around Montana roads with salt and other with no real rust issues. Be sure to clean up over rear tire fenders and there is a spot just in front of rear tires that holds mud and dirt. Spray lots.
  16. NZ members I have a question. Not to take over this thread. Has your country opened up as yet. BTW, my R50 has 265/70R16 tires mounted on the 16” wheels. It did some rubbing of the front bumper and wheel well liners until I did some trimming. Now, nothing. We had a trip planned to NZ this past June but Covid kept us at home here in Montana. Hopefully will be able to travel to NZ in the future. Stay safe. MTG
  17. My 2000 R50 has a humming/droning noise that comes in around 45 mph. Have thoughts that it may be a rear wheel bearing. Will continue to watch this post. MTG
  18. Installed new Moog springs this AM. Checked universal joints, all good. Replaced fuel filter. No problems. This 2000 Pathfinder is so nice to work on as there is no rust, very little dirt and all bolts and nuts came off so easily. There is no visablevsag and the ride is nice and firm. Now, I am considering Airlift 1000 airbags. Watched a video and installation seems simple. Whereas I do very little towing I may wait some time to install. Thanks all for the input. MTG
  19. Has the stay at home order been lifted in NZ? Can you travel to where ever you want to keep from going stir crazy?
  20. Ordered the Moog rear springs in lieu of the airbags as I do very little towing with my Pathfinder. The only towing would be very short hauls. Do not care for airbags as had them on my 2000 F250 and were always a pain. The Moog springs should be sufficient. Thanks for the help. MTG
  21. I realize that this topic has been discussed to great ends but need to ask. My 2000 Pathfinder 4x4 has a bit of sag in the rear springs, not real bad but probably OEM springs. I have decided that I do not really want a lift but more load support. Having said this, what replacement rear springs will give me at most a 1/2” lift to bring it up and support a bit more load. I do plan to tow a 10’ utility trailer on occasion. Also, where to purchase at best price. Thanks for the input and patience. MTG
  22. This stay at home ruling by MT governor Steve Bullock can be truly boring AND a bit too crazy for me. Therefore, going out to my shop. Turning on the radio. Going to remove the factory running boards, mud flaps and fender flares. Then commence to sanding all plus the lower part of each side in preparation to coat with truck bed coating. Does it need this? NO. Do I want this? Yes. Need has nothing to do with want. I want it this way to defend against rock chips, cow crap, mud and various other little gremlins that are throw around when off-roading. Am I nuts???? Yep! But I like the coverage and the way it looks. Have done this to other rigs and has held up great. Who knows what little problems I may come across during this process? Good time to be working on my 2000 Pathfinder. Stay busy and please be safe. Keep your family safe. MTG

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