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VH45 Swap & SAS Update (Merged Threads)

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Copied this from Ronin since people over here have been asking....


I've been getting countless emails and people telling me I need to update my project. I had good intentions of documenting the whole thing, but after working on it for almost year I got a little burnt out and starting documenting less and less. All I've got left is pictures, so here's a few from the hundreds that I've gotten over the entire project.


Here's how it started...hydrolocked VG33. The VH45 won't be THAT much more work...right?




Picked up a VH45 locally that had low oil pressure from worn bearings. Entire engine got rebuilt....bored .040" over (It's now a 4.6 liter), rebuilt heads due to leaking valves (one was slightly bent), and all sorts of other parts.




Updated guides since the older ones didn't have a metal backing and were prone to cracking and ruining the engine.




Heads are on, new knock sensors installed, starting the cooling system.






New injectors from the later model VH45s. The older ones are more prone to failing than the new ones.




Tyler, I found both of your threads, moved them to the Hardcore section and merged them for ya. - V

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Almost complete




First test fit. It's going to be close.




Started the engine mounts...all I had was some 1/4" wall DOM. :laughing:




Engine is finally in.




Started on the steering. Decided to go full-hydro since I already had most of the parts and the oil filter housing on the VH interfered with the stock steering box. Cutting the rack and pinion mount off with a grinder was horrible.







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Steering valve mount




Onto the wiring. At this point all of wiring is labeled but needed to be spliced into the body harness.








New DXD stage 2 clutch. Good for 480 ft-lbs of torque. I will recommend these clutches to ANYONE. Good prices and it drives awesome.




Transmission needs installed. After sending half my transmission to Florida for machining I get it back and it won't work. Send another transmission to Florida and get it back. I now have a "hybrid" transmission that uses the front half off a NA Z32 300zx since the starter is now mounted on the side of the transmission instead of the front.



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Once the transmission was in, there were a good 2 or 3 months spent on getting it running right. I had a large vacuum leak and I kept cracking the lower runner for the #6 cylinder. Turns out a hose clamp on the IAC valve was keeping the plenum from sitting flat, so when the bolt was torqued it would crack the runner. Vacuum leaks appear to be gone now.


I've got a huge oil leak from the oil pan. The entire underside of the car is covered in oil. It has a UV dye in it so people like to tell me it's antifreeze.






Haven't taken the time to install the other 3.5 to 3" coupler I waited 3 months for on the intake.




How I ended up routing the upper radiator hose since this one is a little shorter than the stock radiator.




How my interior looks:



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Great stuff, very ambitious project. Were you the guy that was planning on doing an SAS as well?



edit; nevermind, looked through the forum and answered my own question.

Edited by Zibi
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Bangin vids Tyler!


Who's the cool cat making the announcement?


Sunday Sunday Sunday a-fffvvrew-vrew!


Lmao, f-ing priceless, especially with a V8 R50 (not R51) flexxing 35" tire sidewall in the background!!!


Way to work man! Way to work!

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