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  1. nice, ill look into that. Thanks for the info
  2. Excellent work guys, that looks great!
  3. That delta flow is a single in dual out, i dont think you can just flip those around can you? Phantom, do you remember which magnaflow you got?
  4. I love how whenever i come back here i can find a topic on whatever i have going on Just got done replacing the MAF and all for 02 sensors in the pathy (dayum thats not cheap!) and I was going to have the exhaust done while i was at it... the flowmaster that the book "calls for" for the 02 is a 2.5" dual in 3" out...no freakin way that thing was huge and theres no listing for something smaller. guy at the shop said i had 1 and 3/4" in and 2" out of the resonator and im not finding anything in that configuration. is there some more specific info on this edelbrock your talking about and what else are you guys running? Plan is 2" from the cats back, muffler to replace resonator and 2 1/4" up over the rear axle stopping at a down angle about even with the rear tire instead of going to the bumper for me to booger up again while wheeling.. hehe
  5. and all they got were a couple of freakin tickets?!!? WTF? this pisses me off..
  6. that looks odd, so he should keep the bump stop out? or should that all be assembled at a shop where they could compress it?
  7. good idea too, even more out of the way, and closer to power... I like.
  8. Ive looked at a few of the cb posts now, have any of you put the antenna in the stock radio antenna location? I never listen to the radio anyway and thought it would be a cool spot, thing seems hollow where the antenna screws in..just wondered if any of you have considered it yet?
  9. I def smelled the waff of beer coming from some of those groups......hehehe
  10. cherokee backed out, fj is gonna try to find us at like 10 but the frontier and I are gonna be rarin to go were gonna meet on the way to the shell station and should be there a lil before 9 to fill up and chill
  11. you'll be the best equipped out of those of us coming from the south, hehe. So far the frontier and myself are for sure. The FJ and the cherokee are still on the fence, im prodding them though.
  12. My brother and I are actually planning on meeting saturday morning to explore the tillamook ohv, where and when are you guys meeting up? looks like were meeting just off the main highway at like 8am or so. I'll post again on friday at the latest, it would be cool to have someone around whos been there before and could guide us a bit. so far its my pathy and a frontier for sure and possibly an fj and a lifted cherokee.
  13. Ive been here since Al Gore invented the mofo!! hehehe I started out with AOL as well in like umm i wanna say 93 94 ish. I remember the lightning intro before the aol running man LOL 2 years later i was into PC with the irq, irc chats and boards and the like. A/S/L anyone? ...sorry i had to do it
  14. I voted for the first time, I used to be the "my vote doesn't matter a squirt of piss" guy LOL but didnt toss my ballot or the book and I actually read it and voted... I tell you what though, some of those entries in the book from parties you never hear about were down right scary! instead of talking about being pro life or recalling our troops I was reading entries like "to stop the senseless slaughter of the unborn" and "take down the American empire".... holy crap guys - DECAF! but moral of the story is I do feel a little more like a responsible adult than I did yesterday

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