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  1. This was easy enough however I have very few pictures. Had to screenshot a video I took to show just a few of the cracks I repaired on the dash These are the largest cracks, this is before I drilled holes at the end and widened the cracks with a Drexel to a V This is one of two crack/holes in the dash, these were annoying to repair since they were on the poor excuse the dash has as a tray on the top. There were many more cracks, holes and dimples along the dash especially around the vents but I didn't get pictures of video to screen shot off of
  2. Yeah I'll have to figure out the process of posting pictures up to the site for everyone interested to see. I'm not sure if I have pictures of the dash with the bondo unfortunately but it looked like a mess. Only reason I didn't go the route of painting the dash was I felt it would look kinda tacky. I've seen a painted countertop and it looks pretty bad, looking on Google for others that painted their dash it was hard to tell how it really looked so I opted for the flock since I know what it looks like (plus I figured it was much easier). The padded dash filler aka bondo worked very well just as you would expect bondo to, spread easy and sanded down smooth. I got pretty anal on making everything very smooth because I didn't want to be able to see any signs of the old cracks through the flock which you can't so I'm very happy with that. Speaking of the socket organizer I got around to drilling out the spots for the metrics since the dash needs to dry for 2 days. Would have sanded and burned the sizes in it if it were not snowing since I don't want saw dust all over the dash while it dries. Once everything is done I'll look into posting up some pictures.
  3. Welp, finally flocked the dash. Looks good from what I can tell right now, we will see when I can shake the excess off. Few tips for this Make sure your area is VERY clean. This is an obvious but there was a bit of saw dust at the end of the garage that happened to find its way over to the work area making some flock less than desirable to be salvaged. Paint the dash (or what you are flocking) the color you're flocking. I kept my dash red so that way I could see where the glue went and wasn't but the two guys I had gluing still managed to leave a few holidays I had to point out or go over myself HAVE HELP. Doing this by yourself is a major task, takes a long time to get the glue down then flock it. Using the flocking applicator is not as easy as it seems, the fibers get between the slide and gum it all up making it a work out just to apply the flock Light light light and more light. Have an excess of light. Again something that is obvious but is overlooked. Whateber extra lighting sources you have you should use It is straight forward and an easy process but a bit laborsome and requires you and your friends to pay extra attention (something my helpers lacked in lol) take your time but remember the glue sets up and drugs in 10-15minutes. In 2 days I'll let y'all know how it came out and it's going back in the truck
  4. Fixed the cracks in the dash wth the padded dash filler, sanded it all down once more and got everything nice and smooth. Cleaned it one last time and tomorrow it's ready to be flocked. Just waiting for the bondo to dry. On a side note I had enough time to finally go through my tool box and organize it all so now that's finally done. All that is left to build a "stand" for the wrenches. Though I still don't know if I'm gonna keep them where they are or move them with a magnetic clamp set up. Time will tell
  5. I understand and appreciate the informational aspect of it, was just confused once you're done I might add some additional information for those that are thinking of going the full vg33 set up instead of vg30 accessories as I believe you are going if I'm not mistaken. Finding information the way I went is a challenge
  6. Agree, nothing like hearing it roar when it has been sitting for awhile dead. When I heard that same ticking I was sweating bullets lol
  7. I'm confused on why you're removing so much excess stuff. Why are you taking the entire front clip off? So you don't have to drop the diff?
  8. Flock arrived today so that's good. If only my dash filler hadn't been canceled I could ha e done the dash today but I digress Made a socket organizer for the tool box out of an old shelf I had in the wood shed to get burned. Cut it in half to make it thinner which took a bit of time and cut it so fit perfectly in the tool box then cut holes for each socket to fit snug and burned the socket size and it's rachet size by it so you k ow where to put everything. Did the standard now I just have to do the metric and reducers. Gonna have a little extra space to considering engraving a spot for a small rachet in it but not sure if I'm gonna do that or deep sockets layer down yet. I have a board for my wrenches waiting so I can get those all organized and stood up. Might as well put a nice stain on them while I'm at it till the dash filler gets here. It actually looks pretty good honestly
  9. Check fusabke links by battery. I had this happen to me recently here the wire pulled away and only the insulation was holding to the connector
  10. Mounted the radio with some plastic screw in rivets, drilled a hole in the dash for the coax and power wires. Looked around for a rubber grommet but couldn't find one so opted to make one out of some rubber chair caps by melting and drilling them. Bondo will be here on the 8th, who knows when the flock is coming in. Guess I'll just mounted antenna and organize my tool box
  11. Cleaned the mold off the dash and all parts like the vents and sanded it all down as well as drilled the cracks bigger with a stress hole.Put some alcohol on the dimmer switch which seemed to free it pretty well so hopefully that solves the issue there. Found out the dash filler I ordered got canceled so had to reorder it and now it won't be here till Thursday delaying this project a bit which is annoying. Need to plastic weld the key ring where it cracked through
  12. Finished pulling the dash. fskc that job, so tedious trying to find every damn screw. Everything I found on it helped but y'all have way to much conflicting information. I'll be doing a complete write up on this once in done so I can double check everything but Jesus that was annoying. In some forums I have people saying you don't need to pull the windshield vents (you do), others saying you need to remove the steering wheel entirely and in the same forum saying you don't (You dont) , one foru. Talking about some metal plate you have to pry off to get to more screws (doesn't exist). Everyone has their own ways they did it, a lot of them took off too much and others didn't take off enough. Made the job that much harder, I digress Dash is out, coax cable is here now just waiting on the bondo. Have the dash ready for sanding and prep in the garage for flock and still the possibility of building to the dash to cover the radio. Windshield vent broke a corner off so plastic welded it back together.
  13. Cleaned it out of all the vg33 parts and swept the carpet out so you can actually use the trunk again and lay down. Not much to do without product. Ordered the flocking kit so dash will be flocked soon, opted against doing a creative design to save a little money and keep it simple.
  14. Began mocking up how to mount and run the rugged radios 45. Got far enough to rip the dash stereo ends all apart just to run into not having a very good spot for it anywhere to mount unless I mount it right on top. Kinda leaning towards that idea since as of right now I just don't have any other options as the radio is just a bit to wide and long for many of the other spaces. It decided it was going to snow pretty good here for once this winter so called it a day as if I am going to end up ripping out the entire dash I'm going to do it when I flock the damn thing and o my do it once. Flocking I'm pretty sold on, it's easy, quick and doesn't look crappy. It has been hard finding out if it holds up well so I'm just gonna do it and make my own post about how it does in a year once it's done for anyone looking into dash repair or customazition and don't want to create a while new fiberglass dash. Also this way I can modify the dash for the radio and make it look good still
  15. You have a video you could post up? I've never heard flowmaster sound good on our trucks
  16. Ground/rock lights are installed and look pretty rad, sucks doing all the work in 20 degree weather but at least it's sunny. Used an older styled flip switch instead of the products led backlit modern looking switch. Wouldn't look right with the 90s dash and truck in general. Speaking of which has anyone ever painted or flocked their dash? I'm considering flocking mine to get away from the red and repair the cracks at the same time using plastic vinel "bondo". Just seems unique and a way to make the truck look better since I feel like a painted dash might look cheesy (pictures on Google kinda suck). Let me know if any of y'all have opinions.
  17. Aligned and new tires. I guess one of my control arms is defective since they couldn't get the tire in enough so need to look at that
  18. Put the flares back on the truck now that the paint has had time to dry and heated the drivers side up so it sits against the fender. Also adjusted the torsion bars so they sit equal again instead of the drivers side being jacked way up. Bent the new power steering line using your granddads vice and made it look like it was supposed to be there, works perfect. Engine is all back together and drove it twice, allignment is going to be addressed possibly tomorrow with some new tires. Going to add ground lights on the truck I have laying around and start getting into the wiring on the dash along with replacing the dimming switch that is going bad. I'm running out of things to do to the truck these days excluding painting it.
  19. Drivers side front and rear fenders cut and both fronts painted. Too cold for the paint to dry so waiting to mock up the drivers side fender flare to cut and stretch it to fit
  20. Trimmed the passenger front and rear fenders. Read I just trimmed on the plastic what was rubbing but front I decided to go bigger and trim the ender itself about 2 and a half inches. Wanted to stay California legal so I made it so I was able to put the fender flares back on after modifying them. Can't even tell it was ever cut unless you really look at it
  21. I've heard good things on magnaflow products. I can't say for sure as I'm still looking into getting my own exhaust done also though.
  22. Oh my bad I read that wrong, tips for getting it to line up is patients in my experience. Have your bolts ready and hold it with your knee and hand if you're able. That's what I did. I didn't have too much problems when I replaces both upper and lower bjs on both sides personally. Well after wen wheeling for a solution on my damn power steering line I ended up just going with my father's advice and milling the circle connection two sizes bigger along with carving a channel in the bolt a slight amount. Shouldn't have any issues with it as far as being brittle now bit I'm going to take it nice and slow torquing it. I have two spares I can use anyways so not too concerned. Got some blades for my jigsaw and going to trim fenders tomorrow
  23. Get a strand of wire, string or bungee and strap the cv up to anything you can. A pickle fork works pretty well but I also got the bj press that has the three arms and a bolt. That works wonders, I used an impact to get it right while smacking it with a hammer. If you don't smack it, it can build too much pressure and fire out like a damn bullet. Bjs are honestly pretty easy to do

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