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  1. That's an offer I cant pass up. Might be time to make a road trip up to Washington lol. Currently sitting on vg33e 5 speed manual and planning on getting something along 5.30 gears or something. Have not gotten that far into ideas yet but I just like the idea of 14 bolts or dana 60s for the simple fact that there is room for expansion up to 40s. You never know what you want in the future you know? Plus the flirtatious idea of a doubler tcase for low low. I'm not sold on 60s, just found a good deal on one and came across a thread on another guy that did 4 link rear and three link front on 79 ford Dana 60s which was a sweet rig and a different axle to look up on CL.
  2. I'm looking into axles yo start my eventual sas of my truck and have started thinking of a 78-79 ford hp dana 60 or possibly a later year. Anyone know about these axles and what year has the correct side drop? I'll be honest I just started looking I to the idea so I've not had much time at all to research (I'll do it tomorrow) but figured I'd ask others with more knowledge than I while I'm at it.
  3. Read this earlier today looking around the internet for sas axle options. Love how you did your exo cage, super rare I actually like those and think they look good. Your build is crazy!
  4. Not a lot has been done lately to it. Just been enjoying it, taking it on trails and getting used to how much it can handle till I find its its limits (further than I had thought). I have added 4 new lifts out on separate dip switches. Got the lights for 30$ (halogens) they came off a tow truck. Wanted LEDs but I hate the idea of the diodes going out and having to replace the entire thing rather than just buy a new light so after searching around I went with these tow truck lights that let me get direct LED replacements. Currently I'm running 4 floods, 2 65w and 2 35w (what came with the deal, brand new lights). They work great but I cant wait to go with 2 floods and 2 spots. Chose 2 switches for the future of 4 spots and 2 floods with the spots mounted on the roof of the truck, more or less room for expansion. One dip switch I bought was faulty and autozone decided they wont replace it so looking for seperate switches all together (these dip switches are too bulky in design), also added led indicators for when the lights are on as an idiot light while driving g so you know A, that they are working and B, they are on (35 waters get drown out by the 65w really quick, a reason I just noticed that the dipswitch on the 35w was faulty). Side note, FINALLY adjusted my head lights so they are straight, being lazy and just accepting poor quality light days are gone. Tried to pick up a dana 44 but was given away from under me so in the market again for one. Looking to SAS the rig in the near future (must payBill's, must pay bills). Once this wild fire is out if the mountain pass is still open I'm planning to take the rig on a hard trail that all the rock crawlers go on. Even in the non optional sections it is rated to be hard and advised for lockers and 35s. Time to throw the 33 swampers back under the ol girl and test out that lsd with some careful throttle. Looking forward to seeing how the old culture wagon performs on it.
  5. What are you seeing for mpgs and have you done anything to increase them, if so what all did you do? I'm always looking to further mine.
  6. Got some old tow truck flood lights for 30$ off craigslist, spend the day making a wire harness for them and wiring them to dip switches with an extra led indicator for some flare. Such a major difference between the crap headlights and these things are still halogens, 2 55w lamps and 2 35w lamps. I have a tow hitch I'm going to be installing tomorrow. Took it out wheeling tonight on some new portions of the trails by my house since the new lights got done, I'm impressed on how much the pathy can eat up and its approach and departure angle. Was going down some pretty gnarly hills that I thought I was going to skid off of. All in all a good day with the old girl. Lastly since I've not posted what ice been up to in awhile the truck has been used for camping and got cleaned here and there.mostly just been wheeling around with it and using it for work.
  7. Try flex seal instead if it is your windshield washer reservoir. Would work better than silicone. Trucks running like a top, great power and not killing me on gas. Been able to drive up big hills in 4th and 5th while barely giving it gas. I need to try and fix my camber, giving it time to fix itself didn't work out fully so I'm gonna loosen some bolts and try and shove it back how it should be here soon. Oh, also while I was camping I shoved the headliner back where in where it needed to go so it isn't all falling down anymore and looks like factory. Might take it back out and add a dab of glue here and there at some point but I doubt it, shouldn't come out and only if it does will I bother doing that. Also I guess when I put my dash back in, specifically the dash cluster I knocked the Speedo cable out of place and thus my speedometer wasn't working so corrected that problem. Nothing at all worth noting but figured I'd contribute since I'm posting anyways.
  8. Hahaha that's pretty sick lol. I like the clock
  9. Went camping and wheeling for the weekend with it. I'm impressed with these artic claws in dirt and mud and the truck overall
  10. You on the Facebook page? Not sure how to post a video on here
  11. Got back from the weekend road trip and picked the truck up from the exhaust shop. The knock off magnaflow sounds great and the truck pulls herself so much better. Took her off road since the gates are open. And went down a new road for a bit, got stopped twice to downed trees that I couldn't move myself and didn't have my straps with me since they were taken out while at the exhaust shop to pull them. Did a small little hill climb though, fun as always Replaced the cheap air filter with one that is better quality and less restrictive last night while hosing the dried mud off. Excited to start wheeling again
  12. Left it at the exhaust shop, getting a copy of a magnaflow and seeing how it runs. Looks just like a straight through magnaflow so I'm curious how it's going to sound
  13. Finally was able to get back to the truck after two weeks and finish the wiring distribution block off the battery, and get the radio up and running. Damn rugged radios sound super good, I can't complain at all. Ordered an air filter and setting up an appointment to have the exhaust done. Sucks not knowing how to weld yet bit can't wait any longer since the girl is going to the grand canyon in April. Let's pray she doesn't destroy herself somehow. Side note, oil changed and finally put the new oil filter in.
  14. Careful when tightening those zerks down, over tightening even a little strips the threads the zerk made. Also both upper and lower MOOG ball joints zerk joints are not threaded, the metal is soft and the zerk threads itself.
  15. I ran across that once when I was first on the forums (where I initially got the idea) but didn't save anything on it and have been trying to find the damn forum ever since lol. I remember the write up being very well done and something I'd like to tackle at some point. Ohhhhh now you're getting creative! I like that idea tyin the halos into the turn signals as well. I really like that idea. Right? Pathy isn't too far off from the patrol, making me think she will look really good with duels! I need to get back to my truck so I can stick some disks in place to kinda see the look.
  16. Interestingly enough it has the same style grille as a hardbody with the triangular arches, could look really good. Only guys I've seen talking about the conversion on the d21 side are talking about datsun 620s and making the swap bit I've yet to find anyone take the plunge in my searching
  17. Yeah I've run across his pathfinder in my search to see anyone who has done it but the unfinished look made it look like absolute trash imho. The pathys grille is a possible issue for sure with it's lines, the hardbody might look better with it but in the end there is always the option of making your own grille if you really want it. Would give you bonus points for being unique In a perfect wp uld I would prefer to delete the side markers and put them directly to the fender in the form of those smaller visibility lights. The MQ patrol is where my love idea of this came from, if I could find the specific picture I'll link it however while searching I did find this https://4wd1blog.files.wordpress.com/2015/09/black-gq-tough-dog-2-800.jpg
  18. I've been flirting with this idea for awhile but it's never been done. I've seen one picture of a d21 and 4 round headlights which I thought looked pretty good but it was on a slammed d21 with more cosmetics than sense, would look different on an off-road rig imo. Has anyone done this or thought about doing this or am I the only one?
  19. Narrowed the leak to power steering fluid, I have suspicions it's from the return line since it's drooping off the passenger side. Too wet to get under the truck and search right now. Glad it's not engine oil.
  20. This is exactly what I got off amazon. Just gotta wait for it to come in now. Yesterday I cleaned up the wiring with the coax cable by putting plastic tabs on the fire wall and using plastic one hole straps. Mounted the antenna on the fender, sits nice and straight after i dented it in a little. Heat shielding over the power wires and just for kicks I put one of those red flip up switch covers for my ground light toggle switches. I've always had a soft spot for those things growing up, reminds me of a jet fighter lol. Parts should be here once I get back from a trip this week to finish and clean up the wiring.
  21. Mounted the radio and ran the power wires. Had to drill two holes through the fire wall for my wires and coax. Figured I would mount the antenna on the drivers side fender so I dented the fender a little so it will mount flat rather than sticking out passed the truck. I'm deciding to put a power brick off the battery for all the accessories rather than having all this @!*% right off the terminal so before I finish the wiring I'm going to do that.
  22. Dash is back in finally excluding the center vent because I still have to run two more wires. On to the real reason for posting though, pictures! Few pictures before it was put in the truck so you can see the texture of it You are not even able to see the old cracks any.ore or the two big holes that were in the corners here The texture up close Back in the truck I'm pretty happy with it, had to clean a bit of saw dust off it already and it wasn't bad but we will see when it comes to dirt and dust how much of a pain it is
  23. Well I mean you're not wrong about that hahaha I habe heard of people putting a clear coat of paint or resin over the flock so it doesn't catch anything. I'm planning on leaving it bare so I can give an honest "review" of if it catches a bunch if dirt and whatnot plus how hard it is to clean since all information on the matter is given by people whom have not had a flocked dash. And some from people who do say it's easy (but that could always be then lying to themselves lol) If you paint your dash post some pictures so I can justify or regret my decision on flock hahahaha Once it stops snowing I can put it all back in, I'd snap a picture to show the texture but snow knocked out power the last two days until further notice

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