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    '87 Pathfinder Ford D-60 front, 5.38's 35spline axles, PSC Full Hydro 14 Bolt rear, 5.38's, discs, locked 300zx racing cams, headers, custom exhaust TX-10:D-300 doubler full of expensive parts Flat belly, Full ExoCage, Heavy right Foot
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  1. Hey guys, been on the fb group for a while and just never got around to posting anything on the forum and decided I should get around to it! I've been finally getting around to doing a build thread on my website and got it all finished a few weeks ago and decided that since my "original" build was finished in 2012 I should update it to where it sits today (last weekend). I did up an updated build blog and video for the full details but for those of you who don't know who I am, I'm Brady, aka Pathmaker Productions, turned my love of Nissans into a full time job as an offroad photographer and videographer and I have a WD21 Pathy I've owned since 2001 and it has slowly evolved into the 42" tire one-ton axle beast it is today. Check the link for the build thread and some video from last weekend, including the unfortunate end of my weekend when I snapped my dana300 completely in half! http://www.pathmakerproductions.com/blog/2017/12/the-nissan-pathmaker-oneton-sas-build-dec-2017-update

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