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  1. Heres the upper mount for the rear airshocks
  2. If I recall my measurements, the distance from mount to mount for the air shocks is around 30". The 16" air shocks I bought are 23" compressed and 39 extended. In theory that means 7 up and 9" down. The real question is will the suspension really cycle that much..
  3. Got them mounted and balanced. Here are some pics with them temporarily mounted.
  4. rims came in today Just ordered the air shocks for the rear also. Fox 2.5 16"
  5. got some sweet braided brake lines made found some used 37x13.5x22 tomorrow Mts. Here are the 22x14 -76 rims I ordered. should be in by tomorrow Adapter the emergency brake to fit the sterling10.5 lines
  6. Sounds like a good time. when and how many days would it last?
  7. Ended up ditching the original axle side track bar mount and making my own Threw together some temporary steering. Something to allow me to drive the car into the shed, letting me work on the rear of the car. Got the rear axle removed Got the ford axle rolled in Started the rear 4 link
  8. Heres the new track bar bracket I made. Ties into the factory subframe bolt Made an adapter to make the factory F-350 sway bar fit on the rear subframe mount holes.
  9. Cleaned up the rear axle and got all the brackets off of it Got the Sterling 10.5 to Nissan adapter line made
  10. Thanks for sharing the idea. I like it!
  11. Got the air shocks mounted Made a temporary track bar bracket so i can set the ride height later without the car tilting off to the side The plan for the new track bar bracket will be similar, but I want to tie it into both original bolts and have it go a little further down, and also further out towards the driver side
  12. Got the 4-link brackets burned in and mocked up the shocks Cleaned up the 4 links
  13. Almost forgot, brake lines and spacers came in today also
  14. ended up buying 2-ton pipe stands. Rolled the axle axle and cleaned up the housing. Hopefully I can tack the brackets in tomorrow and mock the 4 link and shocks up.
  15. Dropped the gas tank to give me some space to weld on the rail Post grind on the rails Welded the cradle side onto the rail. Super hard to do with barely any space under the car... Heres where I sit now. I finished the steering and 3/4 of the cradle. Still have to figure out how I am going to lift the car up another foot+ in order to fir the air shocks in there... I'll probably end up buying 2 ton pipe stands to hold it after its up. BUT idk how to get it up.. Ideas?
  16. Got the steering box mounted up Heres what I have going on for the top mount for the air shocks Here is the nissan to jeep steering box link Ran out of wire before I could finish the link, so thats all for today
  17. LOL yes it is! it was maybe 3" too short to hold the motor in the center.. Adapt and overcome right haha! Today i've spent the morning drilling the rail to mount the steering box. Looking back I should've drilled the reinforcements before welding them in... Such a pain to drill with limited space in there.. will post pictures later.
  18. Removing the subframe is probably the hardest part of the whole SAS process... Took a few hours just to remove!\ Burned in the Rail reinforcements and the new rail mounted motor mounts. Managed to get the motor off the cherry picker in one day. pretty good pace i think
  19. Finished the axle side 4-link/air shock brackets and started the car end brackets. cut out the frame reinforcement plates too
  20. if i remember, it's a lotus 3500. It cuts 1/4" no problem.
  21. Here is the beginning of the 4-link/coilover brackets. still need to clean, drill, and weld them
  22. Here are the air shocks i picked up. Cleaned the axles up a little Heims came in today Picked up a steering box, still have to adapt the PS line.. Here is the design I'm thinking for the 4-link/coilover bracket
  23. I'd like to get it up another foot or so. Enough to sit completely above 40s.

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