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  1. Pretty well! I've been running around the neighbor hood in it frequently just listening and for anything odd. Other than clicking/clanking ball joints its been great. Sway bars help a ton!
  2. My bad, I though I did. Its a second gen dodge ram master. From what I've read, the 1500/2500/3500 used the same one, regardless or gas or diesel. Its a 1.25 bore, m10x1 and m12x1 fittings. The 3.5 used a different master than the 3.3, but with carefully manipulating of the hard lines, i've gotten a 3.5 master to fit a 3.3. So I'd imagine you can make the 3.5 lines fit the dodge master also. The Nissan is a 1" bore, and both ports are m10x1. So the front port on the dodge will need an adapter. Hood doesn't close all the way unless you remove some of the lining on inside; the dodge master sits higher up. Could put washers between the hood and the hood brackets also. Here is the master: https://www.partsgeek.com/gbproducts/HC/1968-09047407.html?utm_content=HC&utm_term=1998-2001+Dodge+Ram+1500+Brake+Master+Cylinder+Dorman+M390426+98-01+Dodge+Brake+Master+Cylinder+1999&fp=pp&gbm=a&utm_source=google&utm_medium=ff&utm_campaign=PartsGeek+Google+Base&gclid=Cj0KEQiAlsrFBRCAxcCB54XElLEBEiQA_ei0DEz_UIhNV5Me8XA2-z1XdRI_F6LXFLpE-vEqNb3iTG4aAoZ18P8HAQ&ad=47433965532 Here is the adapter I used: https://www.ebay.com/itm/2X-Fitting-Reducer-Metric-M12-M12X1-Male-to-M10-M10X1-Female-Thread-Adapter-A268/401543647947?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649
  3. There are a few who have upgraded to bigger, including myself. Check out page 2 towards the bottom.
  4. 3/8" rubber bushing in between to hopefully minimize vibration
  5. top portion of another t-case mount bracket
  6. Here is how I got the track bar parallel to the drag link
  7. Got both driveshafts made for it. I posted some pics of them in the build thread. Unfortunately I lost 2 of the 4 ujoint strap bolts, so I cant keep the front one in till I get new bolts; the bolts are some funky metric fine thread (go figure). The gearing doesn't match yet, so i'm not going to install the front again until the 5.38s come in and I install them.
  8. Ive wanted to do this for like 4 years now. I just really like tinkering lol not sure why. A hobby that keeps me happy
  9. Finished the steering up. can turn the wheel with a pinky
  10. front one is a combination of a wj front shaft, 4x4 r50 rear shaft, rear f350 shaft
  11. Rear one is a combination of a 2wd preface lift R50 DC that i took apart and clearanced, the front driveshaft of a 4x4 r50, and the slip yoke of the f350
  12. Got driveshafts made for the car
  13. here is the case mounted up with 2 mounts. would like to get 2 more in also. I put 3/8" rubber bushings between the mounts and the cradle walls (after pic).

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