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  1. heres the beginning of the passenger side mount. 3 1/2" bolts on the cradle side. Im planning on welding 2 tabs to the case and then use a pin/bolt through the tabs and the tube to make it like a "quick disconnect". Hopefully will get the other mounts knocked out soon.
  2. had to drop the case to get the shaft in.. what a hassle
  3. made the mid shaft to connect the stock t-case to the np201.
  4. np201. I believe it came in 57-68 dodge w100/w200/w300.
  5. needs to go up about 3" but thats the idea
  6. got it up there only to have near 200lbs of metal fall back down on my leg... that was fun.
  7. Gonna try to use this like a drop case to help my drive line angles
  8. Did my research and found a bigger master that I'm going to swap in. Stock uses a 1" bore with M10x1.00 front and rear. Bigger one is a 1.25 bore with M10x1.00 rear and M12x1.00 front. the M12X1.00 to M10x1.00 adapter ran like $2.80.
  9. got some new badges for the pathy
  10. got the original driveshaft back in.
  11. Added lights at a legal height. The stock ones are around 63" in the center and the state wants <54". Also got the high steer in. Still waiting on the drop pitman to come in.
  12. Took care of the rear sway bar today. Down the road i'll switch to real links.
  13. Thank you. Still needs a few things done here and there. Driveshafts, rear sway bar, high steer, ABS.. and probably a few little things i'm missing. BUT, getting closer.
  14. Was able to pull it out today and put the tires on
  15. Got the air shocks in and installed them

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