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  1. I think I have both a cluster and cable assembly off my 88, what part of az are you in
  2. havent checked yet but I think Im going to need a tranny replacement for my 88, somewhere on the forum there was mentioned an upgrade for the 5speed tranny, Im running a jdm 3.3 engine, 95 electrical from tail lights to headlights, 95 dash, and if I read the tag right it has 4.36s gears and it feels like it. any thoughts on an upgrade on the manual tranny, thanks in advance
  3. i swapped the disc from old red an 88 to my latest toy another 88 that had drum brakes since both were almost next to each other no probs
  4. it was either a 01 or 02 Exterra maybe both that has the ps pump and alt in the same location as the 3.0 thatswhat I used when I id my swap
  5. Im getting ready to scrap a 88 it has 94 dash and wiring, Im in lake Elsinore if your interested
  6. almost finished with the front suspension just the torsion bars left to install, then finish hooking up the 3,3 and she's on the road, Should have been done a year ago
  7. pull the center section and check the connections
  8. if you can't find a kit at any of parts stores try an A/C shop it will probably be quite a bit more but they do the complete install
  9. ?want another project how about an 88 with 94/95 wiring from tailights to headlights 94/95 dash and inst, cluster, all ready for a 3.3 it also needs a tranny, MaMa says only 1 so I'm keeping the white 88 5spd and she has her 95.6 mos ago I had 4 pathys sitting around here
  10. or pull the fan and the shroud, makes it easier to remove the hose clamps and gives you a lot more room
  11. if you weren't so far I'd go down to pickapart and pull one for you, I've got 4 or 5 of them within about 30 miles of me
  12. you could try disconnecting the upper and lower hoses and see what kind of flow you get thru the rad with a water hose. or pull the rad and take it to a radiator shop and have them check it
  13. unless they have changed, the defroster lines are like a paint,there are repair kits but mainly for broken sections.your best bet is find one at pick and pull, if you have volt ohm meter check at the male spades at the top of the glass if you have continuity all the lines are good
  14. its hell getting old; I just remembered I have a 88 Nissan Truck and Pathfinder manual all I had to do was look at page BF 38
  15. has anyone replaced the rear side glass on a 2door I know it's bolted and probably glued with some type of adhesive
  16. yes I'm on my 2nd swap updating to 95 wiring and dash power windows and powerand heated mirrors
  17. on my 88 1 exploder cooler. my rad cooler is still connected but I'm running a inline tranny filter from NAPA and I'm running a tranny temp gauge no probs at almost 400,000 miles
  18. when I did mine I used parts from a 2000 exterra the angled oil filter mount a/c bracket and ps bracket, crank pulley. I think I posted all I did to mine including a 95 dash and main wiring from taillights to headlights plus the smaller harnesses
  19. had a CT scan last week and I'm clear so far so good just need to get my strength back and gain back about 25 lbs
  20. started moving parts from the auto 88 to the 5spd 88, it's been awhile since I did any work on them thanks to 48 radiation treatments and 4 months of chemo, I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy
  21. 94 and 95 both electronic speedos, also both of my 88s are electronic, 1 has a 94 dash and complete wiring, the other has a 95
  22. what I did on both of my 88s 1 auto 1 5 spd was change out the dash and the main body harness, a lot of work but I love the rounded dash. The wiring harness goes from the taillights to the headlights you'll also need the tranny wiring harness for which ever tranny you use. I used a 2001 xterra alt and a/c bracket and the ps bracket to get the alt and ps on the proper side and used the crank pulley from the 3.3
  23. What mount are you using?

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