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  1. I finished installing the power antennae. The lead to the radio was really too short, but I used a different routing and got it all connected. Plus, I had to mix and match new and old parts to mount in the fender. After all that, I had to machine two parts to finish the job. Amazon claims this fits a Pathfinder but I am calling BS Amazon.com: Spec-D Tuning Power Am Fm Radio Mast Antenna 12V Replacement Kit + Cable + Wires: Automotive
  2. My power antennae has started acting up so I decided to replace it with one I got off Amazon. Holy smokes what a disaster. I got the old one out, but could not remove it from the chassis because the wires going inside the truck are tied behind the heater core and fan. I decided to bypass this wiring and rewire, but then the new antennae won't accommodate the high angle of the Pathfinders fender. What antennae are you guys using? Any suggestion on the wire routing or getting to the original wires? Thanks,
  3. That is what my transmission did, no third or fourth. I had to rebuild it. Clutches were totally smoked. My truck had 150,000 miles on it at the time. If you rebuild it add a cooler.
  4. Sjackson2 Do you have a picture of the pillar mount installed? Thanks, neil
  5. I bought a XJ snorkel to fit on my truck, but couldn't figure out an acceptable way to anchor it along the windshield. If someone has figured it out please share with the rest of the class.
  6. When you remove the transfer case you will not loose oil. The bay between the transmission and transfer case is a dry bay.
  7. I replaced my main seal when I rebuilt the transmission. I removed the transfer case first, then the transmission separately. Together they are too dang heavy and difficult to handle. When installing the seal onto the engine you will need the backing board from a package of bacon or similar thin plastic sheet. Wrap it around the crankshaft to work as a shoe horn when installing. I know this does not make sense now, but it will when you go to do the install. I did not remove my pan when I replaced the seal and had to reuse the old pan seal since the new one would need to be compressed to fit. Honda Bond is your friend. BTW this is a good time to remove the knock sensor and relocate too.
  8. Not worth it, just makes the intake noise noisier. No power gain. Tried it, save your money.
  9. I will continue to save up some fun money and investigate this option. Once the project starts I will post with pics. Could be a grand adventure.
  10. Great link, thanks. I think the thing that concerns me the most is the wiring. I am a machinist/welder/engineer so the mechanical stuff doesn't scare me.
  11. The picture above is of a VG30DETT sitting in a D21. Do you think the engine bay is narrower on the R50? I suspect it would be wider due to the stock engine being a V6 instead of a 4 cylinder. I have measured for a V8 and the bay is just not long enough without relocating the radiator/condenser.
  12. When I rebuilt the transmission I added the TransGo kit and added an external cooler. I don't think it would stand up to drag racing or rock climbing, but should be OK for an old guy going to the gun club.
  13. I have a 1999 Pathfinder with a VG33 engine. As I read somewhere, it has the performance of a four cylinder with the gas mileage of a V8. I have been toying with many options to remedy this problem and my latest thought is to drop a VG30DETT from a JDM distributor into the hole. I have seen a WD21 with this swap and figured the R50 would also fit. It would also bolt up to my automatic transmission that I have just rebuilt. Motor mounts are the same, since the engines share a similar block. The JDM's also come with a main harness and ECU. Does anyone have knowledge of this swap, seen it before, and/or have strong opinions?
  14. Once you install the snorkel could you please post a picture on how you fastened the snorkel along the windshield? Thanks,
  15. I bought a snorkel for a Jeep Cherokee. Everything looked good, except the mount along the windshield. There is no were to fasten the snorkel. The door overhangs the windshield in this area. I would like to see a solution for this.

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