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  1. So I’ve been lurking around here since I bought a 98 SE for parts with my 00 Frontier, and I’m still parting it out. However this question is about the RE4R01A transmission. I’ve asked over on ClubFrontier, but had little success, other that to swap it with the pathfinders tranny(5spd), and I’ve even gone so far as to have new clutch, pressure plate, master/slave cylinders, etc. etc. So here is the problem that prompted me to start collecting parts. No 3rd or 4th. I bought it like this ~ 130k The kid I bought it from said he bought it and had to replace the fuel tank because it was rusted, so new tank, pump, filter. At this time he also relocated the knock sensor, and did the timing belt. He drove it for a week or so and then it wouldn’t always shift to 3/4th. He spent 1k or so at the dealer and while they replaced some parts, (TPS, Cap, Wires) there was no progress. They said it was “probably” wiring and it would/could cost 1-3k to fix. I started by rechecking their work, starting with setting the ignition timing, adjusting the fast idle cam, and adjusting and re-setting the TPS. This got rid of the check engine light, and the fast/erratic idle. Park/Neutral switch adjusted, Solenoids have been changed, fluid dropped/flushed, VB dropped, checked and shift kit installed, and everything reinstalled and buttoned up tight. No check engine lights or tranny codes. Full list of symptoms P R N D function in order, without delay. pulling into D, starts off in 1, solid shift into 2 @ 10mph or so. at the moment under light throttle when it should shift to 3(20-25), it revs like I pushed it into neutral until 5k(or if I let off-2200) it launches into 2nd. putting the selector into 2nd eliminates the overrev. In D, it will freewheel with no engine brake(ie downhill at 50mph) but if I turn OD off it will engine brake as if in 3rd. After starting off and the first missshift it will not shift into 3/4 even if selector is in D(ie light/no throttle at 30-60mph) *** So I tried troubleshooting once by disconnecting the connector for the solenoids in the engine bay. result-? P-N-R———and 1. Not 3rd. shouldn’t it only be 3rd? No solenoids energized, 3rd? Limp home mode, right? I’ve messed with this for months, and really I could do the swap and be done, but, there would be a lot of satisfaction to solving this. Thanks for any help! Craig.

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