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  1. I got the cats replaced and the last O2 sensor and she passed emissions. It was expensive but I thought it was a good investment to keep the rig running. I was going to put on my suspension lift this weekend and finally discovered where the clunk in the front end was coming from: I have seen reference to this repair but couldn't find any threads on how it is done. Anybody have any advice/references? I guess I am lucky the steering didn't bind or lockup due to this which probably would have resulted in a nasty crash of some sort. Passenger side seems solid, but after seeing the recalls on this problem, whatever strengthening and prevention measures should most likely be done on both sides. Thanks
  2. I have finally got all my parts together and wanted to ask if with this setup did you have to extend your brake lines? I want to make sure that I have everything I need before I put it all on since this is my daily. Thanks
  3. Time Sent from my BLA-A09 using Tapatalk
  4. That is the way I understood the plan. Real cool idea. Hope to see some of those bits rolling off the assembly line soon[emoji16] Sent from my BLA-A09 using Tapatalk
  5. Butter Sent from my BLA-A09 using Tapatalk
  6. Inert gas Sent from my BLA-A09 using Tapatalk
  7. Still waiting for the snorkel to arrive. When I get it I will take the pics of the bracket. Sent from my BLA-A09 using Tapatalk
  8. Man, I would but the Colorado emissions nazis would catch me quicker than you can spit. I got about 2 months to scrape together the dough to cover whatever is wrong with it. There are like 10-12 R50 pathys in the various JYs around Denver right now, I might be able to harvest some decent parts this weekend. Let me know of any wishlist items and if I find them, I will pull and store or pull and ship if needed. Prolly not going to try used cats, but a bucket full of o2 sensors would probably cost me less than the price of 1 new one. I am hoping to score a WD21 tranfer case cover, there are 4 or 5 of them around too. Anybody know if those were standard equipment or only on certain models? I really would like to find a rear tire carrier, the JY pictures of the available units don't have one visible, but there are only half that show that side, so who knows might get lucky. Still waiting on my OME struts and front springs, should be shipping from Oz any day now. I got the LR 9447s and the Bilstein 5100s in like 4 days. The Front bits have been back ordered over a month (arrrrgh!) Anybody know if the Nismo Cat back exhaust was ever available for a r50? Gotta service the xfer case and the diffs this weekend as well -- any recommends on fluids for those components -- I hear that Motul makes good products but they are spendy. Worth it?
  9. 10 total I tried to source stainless ones locally to no avail. Found some online but the shipping was rediculious so went with the ones from Lowe's. I did replace the hardware with SS and nylocks on the clamp.
  10. So I guess I should start my build thread, after 2 years of messing with the new to me 1999 SE I picked up from a Copart Auction. I wasn't able to make it out and do a pre-inspection on the rig, so I had to decide if I wanted to bid on it sight unseen. I figured if I got it cheap enough it would be worth it, if for nothing but parts. It was classed as run and drive and had 193K on the clock. It looked like the body was in very good shape, as was the interior. I knew with the milage the mechanical was going to need some attention, depending on how well the PO had maintained it over the years. First time I ever bid on one of those auctions. I got into a bit of a frenzy and ended up bidding against myself there at the end. I didn't realize that my ID was from the state that my broker was located, which was in Oregon, and some guy in Colorado, which is where I am from, seemed to really want it. Even with the confusion, I ended up winning the auction, although I thought I had lost. That damn guy from Oregon just wanted it worse than me, he outbid me every time. I was like damn! Not meant to be. That guy stole it from me for $750. A couple of minutes later I get an email from Copart congratulating me on my victory and to expect another email with the details from the seller if he accepted my bid. I was confused but happy that I won somehow. A few hours later the owner sent a counteroffer wanting $1500 for it. I countered with $1150 which was finally accepted. Kinda meet ya in the middle type of deal which worked out. Paying for a car or truck from one of the auctions is a bit of a learning curve if you have never done it. You basically have to have cash or cashiers check or funds transfer from your bank. Since the broker was out of state, it was a bit more difficult to move the money over there and was going to add a couple of days. I ended up taking cash to Copart and paid them directly. This complicated things with the title as it was sent to Oregon for them to process. Kinda weird and it ended up taking about a week to get the docs. It wasn't that bad just a little frustrating and taking into account I was a total noob it all worked out. Both organizations were great to work with and they sorted it out, for my unconventional situation. Just an FYI the local brokers in the state of Colorado that I found were way more expensive than the one I used in Oregon, so I think I saved in cash what I didn't in time and frustration. Live and learn. If you want to pursue this kind of thing and want more info just send me a PM and I can provide what limited experience I have and what I learned in more detail. I would highly recommend trying it at some point if you like to have new life experiences, the whole thing was a gas and I think I ended up with a pretty nice truck. The previous owner (there were 2 before me) must have been a kid or something, considering the CD that was left in the changer (ugh), was kind enough to leave me an estimate from Firestone with a laundry list of all the things that needed to be done to the vehicle. It was a pretty long list, to the tune of about $4,000. It "needed": 1. Valve Cover Gaskets 2. Fuel Pressure Regulator 3. Fuel Injector seals 4. Fuel Injectors 5. Timing Belt 6. Water Pump (cause we would be in there) 7. Tie rod ends 8. Sway bar links 9. CV Axels 10. Front Wheel Bearings 11. New Tires all around - They actually had about 10K left on them. I ended up buying most of the above parts and a few more things like all new vacuum lines, fuel lines, fuel filter, air filter, spark plugs and wires, dizzy cap and rotor. I ended up spending about 2 grand on parts and spent the first summer nights and weekends getting it all sorted out. I think the PO had driven it for a while with the failing injectors and might have ended up trashing the cats and the O2 Sensors. It is throwing P0420 now, and I think it has an exhaust leak up near the manifolds. A little tick, tick, tick when it is cold and then it goes away. So some more work and $$$ to get it to 100%. I have some big plans for bringing this back to a reliable daily driver, until the point when I make it my dedicated off-road rig. I put on the Rola rack last weekend (shout out to @02_Pathy for the write up on how he did his. I added some 1/2 aluminum blocks to get the height I needed so the sunroof would clear. Whew, long winded and no pics. I know you guys are gonna hate the way this is starting out. I will post some pics when I can and all the future stuff I am planning. Thanks to you all for contributing to such a great community.
  11. Isn't there supposed to be a foam air prefilter that slots into a drain at the top? I wondered how well it actually worked, I guess now we know lol. I wonder if the stove pipe cap type that the guys seem to run on the land rovers over in Oz would A) run dryer \B) fit on these snorkels. I like the look of the scoop type but if they are gonna just dump water down the intake ... No Bueno! Mine is getting hand carried back from Miami on a domestic flight next Sunday. Excited to see what I actually bought. We were going to ship it, but fedex wanted almost $100 for the "service". Only $50 to check it as an extra bag on Frontier. No brainer.
  12. Ooh180, http://pcoa.org.au/forum/viewtopic.php?f=19&t=911&start=190#p23725 shows the former option or at least one way to do it. It looks pretty involved doing it that way. I am not sure if the instructions they proved now are any different than the ones that were supplied back in 2008, the original poster commented on how inadequate they were to complete the job. Good luck and please take some detailed pics of your process. I would like to see what you come up with. I am in the process of getting an Airfow snorkel from Argentina, it is sitting at a friends house in Miami as it was hand carried on a plane from Buenos Ares by the CEO of Airflow. Another member posted some pics of them on my post about Chinese made snorkels Since I have a coworker who happens to be from there, I was able to get a hook up and should have it here within the week. I should have the complete instructions produced by them in hand and can get them translated to share their take on the install. I will post the picks when I get them. The one thing I noticed was a different type of bracket for the mid A pillar mount. Hope that helps
  13. Sorry to say not enough interest. I guess we will have to go it alone.[emoji3525] Sent from my BLA-A09 using Tapatalk
  14. Those look like the units that are were made in Australia. Check this thread: http://pcoa.org.au/forum/viewtopic.php?f=19&t=911&start=170 They are still available down under but for like $250USD and shipping from oz is expensive. What is the price you will have to pay for them in Argentina?
  15. Shipping to Billings from Denver would be approx. $20.00 via USPS, I can shop around the other shippers to see if we can get a better deal on final delivery. I need to pull the trigger and get these ordered before the end of the month or it may take another month to process the order due to a trade show/festival taking place next month. This could be a pressure sales tactic being applied by Mrs. Joyce at the factory and it most likely is, but if we want these for the beginning of the off-road season we better get our poop in a group. At this point I have two maybes and 1 committed, so that would leave me with 8 additional units if the maybes don't end up going through with it. Not the overwhelming response I was looking for? Let me know by tomorrow and if there is enough interest, I will go or no go. Cheers

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