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  1. SO update. I am not going to be getting this Pathy. it had a odometer roll back between 2004-2015. the guy selling it did know about it but would come down on the price. I think the pathy had close to 300K on it and I wouldnt want to pay more the 700 for it.
  2. Also where are you in California? Want to go wheel our 02 pathys sometime?
  3. Are you on any of the facebook groups? I can send you pictures the guy send me so you can see them I can seem to get them on here.
  4. So has a place been decided to meet up on the west coast?
  5. How much would you spend on a 88 with about 170k on it clock?
  6. How much should I spend on a 88 this guy is asking for 1500
  7. How much should a 4x4 with a 3"body lift, sunroof front and rear tube bumpers, interior a bit ruff but run great they installed a push start as well Cost?
  8. How do I look for the Trans Issue and Throttle body injection issue with out dismantling?
  9. Hi All, So I am very familiar with the R50 but not these WD21's I am about to purchase a 1988 4x4 pathy and want to know what I should look for. Thank you in advance.
  10. Had some fun last weekend in the mountains
  11. I installed them boot down and man they are like night and day. My old ones were shot.
  12. So mine is post facelift as it is a 02 but I had to do a drop on the panhard due to the lift
  13. Stupid question but I am going to ask it anyways. For the Bilstein how should they be installed with the boot up or down? lol like I said stupid

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