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  1. Sorry for bringing this back from the dead but i have an original post if im able to remove the engine with the transmission still attached. In my service manual it just states to drop the transmission first. Surely, there aren't different nissan manuals floating around.
  2. Hi all. From what turned out to be a quick head gasket change has resulted in me deciding to take out the motor and changing main bearings, piston rings and finally fixing the rear main seal. My question is. Is it possible to remove the engine and transmission together in one go with an engine crane? Anybody ever attempted this? Also anybody in the states want to help a brother out with parts. You guys have so many spare shops for these things its crazy! VG33E / 2000 r50
  3. this is the exact reason to why im considering running the second airbox. It clearly wont stop dust and water going through the ram but I would prefer it being in the secondary both rather than my main airbox. hmmm not too sure on what to do now. How bad was the 'mud'? what type of terrain do you usually drive through? the prefilter is purchased separately and told they are only used when using the 'stove pipe cap' hahah! I'll definitely be going down this route is I decide to completely remove the secondary air box.
  4. Hi all! Just purchased a airflow snorkel. While reading the instructions its stating to connect the snorkel to the the secondary under bonnet airbox (located within the fender - please view the instructions HERE. Steps 3.5 - 3.7 I know some people connect the snorkel directly to the airbox. Both of these options are do-able. Just want to know what you have done and why? Which do you think would be more 'air tight' My thought are - leave the secondary air box incase water goes through the snorkel? R50 2000 TIA
  5. Thank you all for your input on this matter! Think I might leave it for now and consider changing it either when I have to remove the trans or when and if it gets a lot worse! Appreciate it
  6. I think I might give it a go and see how it performs. I can only buy box worth in Oz. Not very popular and will need to be special order. Just dont want to buy 20L worth and not perform as expected. My thoughts as well. Took it to my mechanic and he also said its the rear main. No signs of a leaky cover gasket.
  7. Hi Fam! I've got a minor rear main seal leak - yet noticeable (mostly just bubbles on bell housing). I'm planning on replacing the seal in the future and I know its the best way and the right way to go ahead with it. On that note, has anybody used Valvoline Maxlife engine oil? apparently it reduces, if not completely stop rear main seal leaks? There are also 'rear main seal repair' additives. Definitely not a fan of adding additives with engine oil. but has anybody gone down this path? How bad does a rear main seal leak need to be to be taken seriously? While we are on the topic of engine oil. Anybody using 20w-50 grade oil?
  8. Will defiently prefer some rain over this stinking heat! Thats not including all the bush fires and storms hahah never ending down under Dont forget to post some pics after its all painted! I also realised you have the paint in liquid form. How are you planning on painting the pathy? After looking at your picture abother time. Is that liquid paint or can? Cant really tell..
  9. Paint day today?! It took me a while trying to figure out what im looking at. I just realized its a closed paint container! hahaha Keep us updated with the paint! looking forward to your finished product
  10. You sir are an absolute legend!! https://www.paintscratch.com/touch_up_paint/Nissan/2001-Nissan-Pathfinder-Gray-Metallic-Clearcoat-KR2.html apparently to this site there are 2 Grey Metallic - Gray Metallic KR2 - Gray Metallic (Bumper) G06 The bumper grey metallic seems a lot moe 'grey'. What are your thoughts? Have you used the paint yet? TIA
  11. I want to paint my side guards, over fenders and rear bumper. Anybody have a maroon r50 with different guards and fender color? What color should i paint them? Apparently stock came with this combination (minus the door bumpers)? But I'm going to be painting the door bumpers as well. Anybody have any pics of their 2 tone r50 and the color code for the stock grey?? Something very similar to the below.. ultimately im after color codes or color names to get started! Appreciate your help

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