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  1. 88' Thanks for the info. on cleaning and changing the AMS(air mass sensor)But every year I have mine cleaned because my Pathy starts having an erratic idle.(between 800rpm-1500rpm)and the exhaust stinks like sh_t! I notice when I mess with the pigtail towards the back end of the AMS, it regulates the idle.(pigtail=wires going into black square that snaps on. What can I do? Is this an MAS problem?
  2. I think your absolutely correct, Zack! Although it is kind of late for a class action suit! I have a '95 with 125,000 miles and it is rusting to sh)t! I have rust underneath my rear seat(a hole)around my rear windows, little spots showing up in front! I will probably have to junk it eventually due to rust not engine failure! Too late to do anything!!!!! And I am retired at 55 due to spine surgery and live on a fixed income, so rebuilding the frame is out of the question!!
  3. I drive a '95 SEV6. On the left side next to the Cruise control initiater there is a switch with Power stamped on the bottom of the switch. I have read the manual and still can't understand what it is for.
  4. Thanks, Kittamaru. I know there is Bosch, NGK,and your all american Champions,and on and on...,
  5. If it's "gettin old" tell me that it has been asked many times and refer me to the search area. Your first reaction isn't to go searching for a topic!
  6. I use NGK because I had known that NGK were mostly used in foreign cars and trucks. Seems to be working good. What does everyone else run?
  7. Thanks everyone! There were a few things there that I didn't give any thought to. Like vacuum lines!
  8. Folks, I know you people will say that my truck is a baby as far as mileage goes, but this is the first Pathy I've had and I love it! It has 124,000 miles and rust under the rear seat. I change the oil every 3 months along with the fuel filter. Every 6 months I change the air filter and once a year, the spark plugs. Can any of you people tell me anything else to do so I may keep this truck as long as possible? PS- It is a '95
  9. 124,8351 I see the mileages' here and I am no longer nervous! It's the rust that's gettin' to my baby!
  10. Wake up! This ain't the America I remember!

  11. What do other Pathy owners do about this situation? When it gets cold the tire lose a little air, when it's warmer the tires' reinflate. I know it is shrinkage and expansion of air but do others fill to recommendation or wait for warmer weather.
  12. Hi! About 2 months ago my Pathy(95' SE-V6)started having very erratic idling when stopped at a light or slowing down to make a turn. The idle would go from 1,000rpm to 400 and below and stall! I brought it to my local mechanic and he replaced the air mass sensor. It was OK for 2 months and now it is doing it again. The exhaust also stinks! He got the pathy in his shop took out the A.M.S.(air mass sensor)and sent it back to the auto parts store where he got it and said it was faulty. OK, I get the pathy back and it is good for a week and it starts doing it again. My mechanic said if I were in the area when it was acting up to bring it in and get him right away so he could actually see it and experience what was going on. Has anyone had this problem before with their pathfinders?
  13. I have ran a search and nothing really convincing came up on this topic, so I must throw it to the masses again. Does synthetic oil work well in our vehicles? They have some really interesting synthetic oils out nowadays! I have 121,000 miles on my Pathy. Need to know if synthetic would be worthwhile using? 1995 SE-V6 Pathfinder. sssh
  14. Yesterday we had 3-6" of snow/ice. I shifted to 4H but I don't know if I'm in 4H because I don't get an icon on my speedometer! Should I, and how do I know if my 4 wheels are being used? Thanks, folks!!!!!!
  15. Thanks offroad, that sounds like the easiest way to go! -bounce-

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