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  1. After owning a 89 4Runner with a soft top swap, quite is better. Now ask yourself this, other than cool factor, what will be the ups and downs of doing this? I would also ask yourself how often it will need replacing? What will be the impact of weather (ie rain, snow, moister) damaging the ENTIRE interior of your truck? If you think the ups out way the downs then go for it. Mr. Fister 95 SE-V6
  2. If you are putting a 2" lift on your ride, you should be able to put 32" under it with no problems. You might even be able to go to 33"x10.50 which overall is a more common tire and save you some money. I personally want to level out my 95 by raising the front or lowering the rear. I have the same set as you do currently 31x10.50r with the Lego wheels.
  3. So even the glass from the Xterra will not match up to the glass in my 95? I guess assuming that since they were both pop up and pop out sunroofs they would be interchangeable was a bad idea.
  4. Is the glass & seal for the 99 Xterra (without any hardware) interchangeable to the 95 Pathfinder? Both sunroofs are pop-ups.
  5. I just replaced all 4 shocks on my 95. 2 on the glass & 2 on the gate. You need to take a small Crestent Wrench and remove the bolt with the ball on it. It is all one piece
  6. I just bought it in December and have no idea what has been done to her. It is running great honestly, especially compared to my XE that is sitting in the backyard as my as needed parts truck. I will say the difference in the base model 5-Speed XE to the fully loaded Automatic SE is night and day.
  7. Ok so NGK Wires, NGK V-Power plugs, Duralast cap and rotor. I just replaced all 3 belts with Gates XL Belts. I also had to install a new cooling fan due to the shroud being cracked. I also change my oil and filter every 3000 to 5000 miles with Castrol GTX 10W-30. I live down in Florida and 10w-30 is S.O.P. down here. Now with all that said and done, what else should I check and/or replace as part of a solid tune-up. Thanks for all the advice, you guys are saving me a ton of time as well as money. Mr. F
  8. Hello Folks, I am about to do a full Tune-Up on my 95 SE, and was looking for some Plugs g Wires suggestions. I have been eyeing the NGK Iridium IX Plugs, and the NGK OEM replacement wire set, ignition coil, & O2 sensor. I was wondering if anyone has this setup or any other suggestions? Thanks in Advance, Mr. F
  9. My factor fog light switch is on the driver's side next to the E-Brake. I have a 95 SE with 6 switches located next to the E-Brake. 2 Bottom: Heated Front Seats 2 Middle: - Drivers Side - Fog Lights - Passenger Side - Suspension Adjustments 2 Top: - Drivers Side - Rear Glass Pop Switch - Passenger Side - Factory Car Alarm Hope this Helps.
  10. I found an App called Car-Part.com that uses your location and displays ads from mostly salvage yards for all sorts of parts around you. I would look here. Not sure if you are a iPhone or Android phone user, so sending you a link from the Google Play Store. Car-Part.com App: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.carpart.classic
  11. It's the steal of the year!!! You get 1 550 light, mounts, & rock guard for $5.99. That doesn't include the wiring harness's. Link Below: 005700301 Hella 550 Driving Light 3x7 Lamp H3 (single) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B008A4LOFI/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_F-ZNAbTH3QP5B
  12. After digging a little bit, it seems from 93 to 95 all Pathfinder's had R134a A/C http://www.techchoiceparts.com/refrigerant-and-oil-capacities/nissan
  13. Yes Sir, my truck is a 95. Is there anyway I can make sure myself by looking? I have the 90 to 95 Pathfinder, and I have my old 95 XE-V6 base model that I retired to the backyard to part out.
  14. Good Afternoon, I am a noob to your form, but glad I found it. I am looking for an A/C Conversion Kit to go from R12 or R22 to R134a. I tried the local AutoZone and they no longer have them in their systems. Can anyone suggest a good conversion kit and also a good diagram or YouTube video on how to do it. My A/C has been spotty here the last couple days, and now it is just blowing hot air. I live in Florida, and with summer right around the corner, I need my A/C. Thanks for any and all help in advance. Mr. Fister

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