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  1. I would think that a cracked exhaust stud or a clogged MAF sensor might do that but thinking about it while I write this another thought occurred to me: does the MAF itself have a good ground, i.e.: a new ground wire to bare metal? If not there is a new part that (used to be available) is supposed to add a wire to that connector. There are a few threads in here that speak to that subject including part numbers and how-tos.

  2. Now is that whispy, thin white smoke or crap-tons of white smoke that you _can't_ see through?? If it's the first kind it may just be accumulated water condensation in the exhaust and resonator, nothing to see here. IF it's the latter: the head gasket may be done and is leaking coolant into the exhaust headers. The only two realistic probabilities are water from outside getting in and water from inside getting out. Are you sure that you aren't loosing coolant? Visual check or measured volume?

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  3. This is from smj999smj over on the nico club forums:


    According to the wiring diagram, there are two, BLACK/WHITE wires at the fuel pump relayharness connector which are powered by a single, 10A fuse. So, if you unplug the fuel pump relay, you should confirm power at those two wires with a 12v test light with the key in "ON" or "START" positions. The fuel pump relay harness connector has two more wires: WHITE/BLUE and RED/BLUE. The RED/BLUE wire is part of the ground circuit for the fuel pump relay's solenoid(which is inside of the relay). When the relay is energized, it causes the switch side of the relay to close and send power to the fuel pump and the IACV air regulator. The RED/BLUE wire goes from the fuel pump relay harness connector to ECM pin #104 ; it is the ECM that provides the ground to this circuit. So, with the ECM and fuel pump relay disconnected, you should have no continuity between chassis ground and the RED/BLUE wire (if it does, then it is shorted). You should also have good continuity through the RED/BLUE wire with no excessive resistance when testing from the relay harness connector to the #104 pin of the ECM harness connector. Also, ECM harness connector pin #115 , a BLACK wire, should have good continuity to ground as it is the ground for the ECM.
    The WHITE/BLUE wire at the fuel pump harness connector starts as a single wire then splices (probably the reason why the wire is smaller at the pump connector), one to the IACV air regulator, which powers the air regulator and goes to ground. The other side of the splice goes to the fuel pump, where it powers the pump and goes to ground. If you jump a BLACK/WHITE wireto the WHITE/BLUE wire and the key is "on," you should have power to the fuel pump. If you don't, you have an open circuit in the WHITE/BLUE wire and it needs to be traced and repaired (I would also check for power at the IACV air regulator if there is no power at the pump because it may help out in the diagnosis of the open and tracing it).
    If you do have power to the pump when you jumped the relay, remove the jump wire and install a known good relay. If that doesn't fix it, it would be likely that the driver is bad inside the ECM and the ECM needs to be replaced.

  4. That is most likely the two high pressure fuel hoses that run between the left and right bank of your fuel injectors. They aren't difficult to replace but it is an involved process of removing the upper portion of the intake, the throttle body, small items items (IACV, throttle position sensor, and the fuel pressure regulator). The hoses them selves aren't easy to get on since they are only 4 inches long and you don't have a lot of room to work them into position. but it _is_ do-able. There should be a write-up over in the Garage section, other wise they _must_ be a post about that elsewhere on the forum!

  5. I would note that you do have to take the fender windshield cowl off to get to the last upper fender bolt ( for changing the fender) but if you get the rest of the bolts off them you should be able to swing the fender up and get a shoulder under there to unbolt the door hinges... and yes... it is not fun to fish the damn electrical back through the body but that's easier with a small wire and lots of electrical tape. ( I used a bicycle cable end because I had one handy. I just knotted one end and passed that behind the plug and tape the wires together to hold it in place-ish then kept taping the rest of the plug until it was sort of tapered with most of the wire poking out.... stuff that through the body and pull the tape off.)

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  6. "It appears that it is running from Transmission into cooler line on bottom of radiator coming from other cooler line bottom of radiator into B & M cooler & out from B & M cooler into other transmission line going back into transmission again. Not sure if they have it run correctly"


    That sounds like the way it is supposed to be run since there are the 2 hardlines bolted to the passenger side engine block that run from there across to the rad through reduced diameter flexible lines. I ran mine under the rad but beside the rad is fine as long as the rad itself is bypassed completely.


    I would be doing a tour under the truck with every possible socket snugging up every nut and bolt under there as a precaution paying _careful_ attention to _anything_ that was loose or not as tight as every other identical nut / bolt. After that I would start with the radiator fluid.... is it full and flowing with the rad cap off? It should be! Throw the cap back on and let it warm up then check the trans fluid... is it red and full? It should be!


    Other than that I would give the two hoses into the heater core back by the firewall and behind the valve cover vent a tug and wiggle with a pair of pliers (they'll be warm by now) to see if anything is loose or a clamp has come off or slipped.



    That's about all I can offer from 3000 miles away! Good luck!

  7. So I figured out a while ago how to get tons of leg room, fairly easily, for sleeping in the wd21 comfortable.


    If your tall like me this will make a world of difference.


    It's quickest done with a cordless drill and socket adaptor, but a ratchet works just fine.


    Before flipping the rear seats down, remove the four bolts that secure the hinges that the lower portion of the back seats rotate on. From there you can pull them out entirely and set aside.

    Here's a photo of the hinges I'm referring to:3927f8fba7246a2467dbff0f87bb2417.jpg

    Fold the upper section of the rear seats down like you normally would.

    Next remove the head rests from the front seats. Slide the seats as far forward to the dash as possible. Now you can recline the front seats to be flat and level with the rear cargo area. Lastly slide the seats back to fill the gap. Here's a picture I took of doing this to just the driver side. Took me 3 mins to set up take a pic and return them to the original configuration. Makes great sleeping room for two with your head near the rear hatch and could possibly fit an air mattress.


    I'm 6'2" and this is the only way I am fall asleep back there unless I'm absolutely exhausted.



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    4 inch thick inflatable matress double width confirmed! Now where to put the tools?


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  8. Looking at the alignment and x,y,z coordinates in the FSMs it would be a crap-ton of fabricating mounts and adapters.... almost none of the points line up and heights and positions are all over the place. It might be possible but only if you can work on it on a flat floor, indoors somewhere. That is still beyond what I am willing to do.

  9. What gives! I have steelies but they are Nissan branded, I'm not sure if they came with the pathfinders originally or where they are from. But since getting 31x10.5r15 I finally took my spare over to the tire shop to have a 31 my buddy gave me mounted to the spare, but they couldn't get it to seat. I assumed they Rim was the same since it looked similar and was a full size spare, but turns out it's a 15x5.5 instead of the 15x6 that are on the truck.


    What's the point of a narrower spare if it's running the same size tire as the rest of the wheels? I don't get it. Now I have to buy one from the junk yard and hope I can find a match.



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    The spare was matched to the XE which came with 235/75 R15s and since all vehicles came with a spare on a steel rim it is considerably less expensive to specify a wheel and tire combo you already have in stock than spec something else. ANNNND you can charge a premium for a matching alloy rim as a spare!


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  10. Yo... where's the Xterra section? AAaawwww... come on you guys!! You're killin' me here.... Are you telling me that I need to go over to www.thenewx.org but but but that forum is so slow it feels like I'm running 14.4k on a 133hz 286!!! Can we have a Gen2 section over here ( 'cause you are all so awesome !) I mean, you know, it's not like we aren't all family right?

  11. Pulled plug, fouled like crazy. Replaced the plug and within 20 miles it was fouled again, missing the whole time. No codes, new plug wire didn't change anything.. noticed that when I pulled the 2nd fouled plug, it was clean on one side and blackened on the other... Maybe the new injector is bad in some way?

    So that has to be either an injector that's stuck open or is getting an electrical signal full time keeping the injector open... I can't think of anything else that would do that!


    Sorry for the late reply! I haven't checked this thread in a while. I'll try and get pics as I'm working on it, but right now I'm chasing a sputtering issue with the engine so it may be a bit!


    MAF wiring or a sketchy ground? Mine was a Idle Air Control Valve that was super dirty. I took it and the throttle body apart and cleaned them... truck ran fine afterwards... I also find that pulling the two battery terminals and touching the main positive and negative wires to each other seem to get everything back to factory settings.... mind you you do need to fiddle with every button and switch afterwards while the truck is running which is a bit of a pain.


    Don't over-tighten it. The torque spec is only like 43 ft-lbs


    You need to read the book called; "The Subtle Art of not giving a fskc".


    My parents have a 2nd gen xterra. It's okay...Yeah it's got good power, but it is just as bad, if not worse on gas than my 1st gen.

    Yea I have tried that but then no one listens to me when I tell them that the blah blah blah needs to be replaced this year and no it can't go another year. Then it breaks and everyone is like : 'why didn't you say something'.... Everyone else also makes 40-70% more than I do but none of them can spin a wrench. So I end up the hired help and like Rodney Dangerfield. .. I don't get no respect!


    Thanks for the lowdown on the Gen2!!


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  14. Yea I was looking at the numbers in site for transport Canada and I saw that the 3.3 gets worse except for the supercharged one. But finding a supercharger that doesn't need are rebuild is a challenge in itself. I'm leaning towards an N50 (gen2+) anyway.. maybe I'll get a bit more respect at the family meetings in a newer vehicle.


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  15. Yeah my dad has a 2011 and they just paid like 2 grand to get that done. Their's has about 180,000km on it.


    Bring it on down here and I'll fix it for you.


    I don't think I can afford your hourly rate Adam! The new list of what is wrong is longer than I care to write out here but I will anyway so I can refer back to it in the future:


    Frame is broken above, in front of and behind the rear axle;

    the DeDion tube is only welded to a part of a plate that isn't attached to anything;

    the drivers' side lower spring perch is a patch and 1/2" too high;

    the windshield frame is rusted letting water in anytime it rains.

    I _still_ haven't fixed / hotwired more than one window to operate;

    the driving lights don't work (again);

    the front end accident that it had has bent the front of the frame;

    the rockers panels are not... attached... anymore;

    no panel behind the rear door is intact.

    The rear door is rusted through at the lower window corner on both sides;

    all of the weather stripping leaks water into the cabin;

    both front floor panels are rusted into separate pieces and leak freezing cold air and water inside during the winter;

    and the timing belt, water pump and thermostat need to be done in the next few thousand.


    Time to put her to bed.

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