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  1. Yea I've seen that the wires are a bit on the short side, I was hoping that someone might take a look for a product number so can just find a bunch of them at the electronics store. Oh well... looks like I'm breaking into switches again.

  2. I changed the rear brake pads on the drivers' side since they had worn down to the backing plate, and decided that once I have some money I should maybe think about getting a passenger side rear caliper that isn't stuck on it's slide pin......or fix the original. I took a look at the front pads, I still have about 50% pad life on both sides so I left them there and put the front pads back in the box for next time around.


    I also had a most unfortunate weekend of grinding, cleaning and welding which worked out like this: arrived at the cottage Friday night, set up and prepped tools, location, extensions and supplies. I was up at 5am Saturday and scraped, poked and cleaned the frame before I started welding. 30 seconds later no more wire was coming out of the welder. Panic for a second and then opened the hood on the welder: no wire. So i had to drive up to Canadian Tire after I put the truck back together get some welding wire. I came back, set up and pulled the wheel off, cleaned, pulled out the grinder... the grinder died...there aren't any on sale, it's 11:30am and I'm getting a bit irritable. So I took to the rear brake pads and waited for the call that my brake pads were in; whereupon (don't get to use that word very often) I discovered that the slide pin is pretty much frozen and the piston on the drivers' side is sticky from being pushed out so far. A 24" steel pipe and a big flatblade screwdriver took care of the piston after 45 minutes of wiggling and swearing but not even the 9lbs "gentle persuader" could get the slide pin on the right to move. SO back to the main issue: If I had a million dollars...... I would have some brakes that work like a champ; and maybe a new paint job. And I'd be rich.

  3. The only things that I can think of off the top of my head are the wires on the drivers' door master switch or a ground grounding out (pinched wire from a door?)?


    I don't recall where the relay is but there is a Factory Service Manual that you can download in the "Garage" section on here. It can guide you!

  4. I would start with a serious cleaning of the entire intake , MAF and throttle body. It should be relatively inexpensive and not take more then 2 hours to get them all clean. After that I would be looking at the fuel pressure regulator on the back of the lower intake next to the firewall just to see if it has its hose still attached.

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  5. I ended up grabbing my #2 ( stuck injector ) with a pair of pliers and twisting with one hand while levering with a big flatblade or something with the other hand. It did come out but only after about 30 minutes of wrestling with it. I couldn't manage to get the area that clean so I had to be really careful while changing that injector. I had a helofatime getting it back in though.... no one told me that you lubricate the o-rings with fuel before ya re-install.... oh well.

  6. A lift kit isn't needed to fit 32" wheel for the most part ( external circumference will be the determining factor). I pulled mine off and stepped down to a 31" with stiffer sidewalls since We have a lot of sharp granite and mud around my part of North America so thin sidewalls and lots of volume doesn't help any around here. (Sold those tires last year.) They _may_ buzz for a micro-second at full compression but other than that I had no trouble pulling out of a tiny space in the underground parking at my apartment building at the time. They never touched the fender flares or rubbed on anything else while I drove them around. That's about all I can give you on the 32" tire scene! No cutting or trimming was needed anywhere to get them to fit.

  7. That mirror looks like the one off of the chrome kit from 1993/ 1994... I don't know if was available as a "kit" or whether it was supplied stock. I have seen a picture like with a similar finish floating around on the wikipedia commons but I think it's a stock mirror with a spray-on chrome finish. That one has a different mount from the stock factory now that I look at it more closely. Maybe it's off of something else??

  8. There was some discussion last year about which amp powered which speakers but since they come in so many different configurations I don't even know which one powers which in my own Pathfinder, wiring is different for each speaker set-up as well which also adds to the confusion.


    Most folks have, from what I can figure out, run wires from a new / different head unit and bypass the amps.

  9. I had that kinda thing going on and discovered it was my front wheel bearings that were done. Once you get moving the individual bearings rotate into a balanced position by themselves and no longer make noise but when they are warmed up they have enough room to drop down the sides of the bearing making a nasty noise until they place themselves further apart while rolling.... just my two cents, and set of bearings worth. Unlike the rear bearings the front ones are tapered cage held in place with a locknut, 45 minutes a side for this first-timer (first wheel bearing ever changed on a car/truck/motorcycle) but easy as pie! Snap ring pliers, 6mm hex key, #2 Phillips/ star screwdriver, needlenose pliers, maybe a flatblade and hammer fi you're feeling really enthusiastic and want to change the races.

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    Those are use to hang large pictures in frames on yer house walls..... you punch a hole through the drywall stuff the thing folded up into the hole and use the threaded part to attach a large picture hanger from..... which is why you have two of them in your oil pan.

  11. Yep I'm with silverton on this one as well... unlesss... you stop to fill up when the light on the dash lights up for the first time? The truck ( and the electrical engineer who thought this was a good idea ) has this thing where it will light up the "low fuel" light on the dash a first time when there is still 5 gallons left.... that's 20% of the whole tank. That's when my wife starts looking for fuel stations to fill up the truck. That's also good for another 75 miles or so of driving if everything is mechanically alright with the truck ( barring a clogged carbon canister). So if we add that to the 186 miles that you have and the 3 gallons or so from 1/4 to E mark, another 55 miles or so, that is deep into the 300 miles per tank.

  12. I think what you're referring to is a combination of the ECU and an assembly of things inside the distributor. There is an LED, under the rotor base plate, that shines a light at a metal ring with slots in it, the light triggers a diode which sends an ON-OFF signal to the ECU which determines the timing of the primary winding collapse and spark event to the plug.


    Uhh...AND: the ECU is located under the front passenger's seat.


    Okay.. yea... ummm.. that's it then.

  13. Well surprise of all surprises the voltage regulator in the back of the dash is acting up, I'm getting a good feed from the temp and fuel and then I hit a pothole in a corner... or look away and when I look baaaack... voila! no readings on either of them. Do we want to take bets on which wire it is? Winner gets a beverage! :laugh:


    I think I'm going to wait until the weekend to look around since I just filled it with fuel this afternoon, I know I can get back and forth this week on what's in the tank.

    Until then: post yer guesses and maybe win a prize!

  14. "actually hit the ground"


    That must have been a bit of a shock kdj! I'm hoping that I can carefully pull the body off enough to get a MIG gun in between the body and the frame near the center mount at a reasonable angle to weld bits together. I know that I have to get this done this year; the beast will not make it through another winter in it's current state.


    On a lighter but not much better note: it looks like the noise in the back is another stuck brake piston ( or is that the same piston that's stuck again? I can't remember.). So that is a pain in the bum that I would like to fix, but it's not a priority.

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