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  1. I have spark from the ignition control module, but not the coil, the coil reads 12 volt when in the on position and 9 when cranking. the coil wont arc anywhere on the block in either position. The ignition control module sparks in both positions, im gonna try another coil. The one they sold me originally is more narrow at the base where the two screws go through so that might have been an issue. Im not sure it could be anything wrong with the distributor because spark isn't even getting to it, unless the distributor controls the coil somehow?
  2. Heres the situation... Started and drove backwards for about fifteen feet and the engine died. I checked what I could at the spot I got stranded and had no spark. So I have done the following with no results. Verified timing Replaced Coil Replaced Ignition Control Module Checked connections under the hood Checked all fuses and relays Verified battery Checked connections at the alternator It sparks from the coil intermittently, but there is no consistency to why. I need some help here. I am not good with electrical and have tried everything I know of, What you guys think.
  3. Try switching the wires on the injectors and see if the other fails also, that will tell you if its the harness.
  4. I towed a Pathy on a dolly with my 5 speed on 33's. I didn't have issues.
  5. Not to get all weird, but I just moved from Cali to Westport, how far are you? I am looking for new people to hang with, and I have experience with all the issues your dealing with. PM me if your interested.
  6. Put some water out in the tank and use premium. Do this a couple times. I got water in my tank from wheeling (in a small pond) and that is what I did. What did the gas station say?
  7. There is a post floating around somewhere, try advanced search. It has a whole write up on how to do it.
  8. So, to wrap this up. I pulled the T stat and it ran cool. Must have been a bad T stat from the store. FML...Im gonna find one that opens lower than 170 though.
  9. Just replaced the radiator with no change. Top hose is hot, all other hoses are cool, bottom, heater hoses and the radiator. Im thinking clog. Any suggestions on how to track this down, I'm just gonna start pulling this thing apart. I know its not the heads cause there was so much pressure in was blowing out the overflow and the top hose past the clamp. Also the heater blow cool air
  10. I can speak from experience that MM doesn't, I was out on some rocks when that happened, I called and talked to a representative and was given an email to send a pic and the receipt copy to. I was told to parts would get sent out. A week later, no email confirmation and to parts. Over the six months following that I sent three or four emails to the link on their page and the one given to me. No response. I called and repeated the process with another rep and still no parts or responses. Now i have the D44 so whatever
  11. https://www.4x4parts.com/nissan/pathfinder-inch-body-lift-p-275.html https://calmini.com/model.php?b=1&m=3 Cruise around these sites and see what you like. Hope this helps
  12. Me too, Im so glad nissan went the extra mile.
  13. yeah i got my hands on one of those and traced the pattern and modified for a frontier, i still have the template if anyones wants one. It will fit either a pathy or fronty.
  14. this is before the SAS but here are some fab ideas for you
  15. Im not sure that is is a 4 door thing might be a SE/XE thing, I have a 90 with 4 doors and no light
  16. Older pic driving onto the beach. Its all I got right now, hopefully more chime
  17. I meant clean the mounting surface on the flex plate and the bell housing, not on the starter.
  18. If you remove the heat shields on the cats make sure you fill the bolt holes so you don't get blow through, found this out the hard way.

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