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  1. > where is the access plate? ... (this) is an auto(matic) transmission. RE4R01A to be exact. I can see the fly wheel from starter hole but cant see any bolt. Did anyone ever get a photo of this? How do you unbolt the torque converter form the flywheel before removing the transmission from the vehicle? Or, can you get the transmission out and then worry about removing the torque converter?
  2. Custom tool made to pop injectors out of throttle body
  3. I picked one up at a Nissan parts yard along with sidesteps
  4. Does anyone have any more information on this issue? I am also seeing this issue (aka "Fail Safe Mode" aka "Limp Mode") with my daughter's 1989 Patfinder with VG30i engine. I've built a tool to remove the injectors and am considering having them refurbished by RockAuto for $60. I believe RockAuto sends the injectors to GB in Long Beach for the work. Has anyone done this and gotten good or bad results they could share?
  5. Hello, New member here searching for a brush guard to armor up the front of oldest daughter new/first/used car: a 1989 Nissan Pathfinder SE. She has the swing our tire carrier on the back. I'd like to add similar protection for this new driver to the front. Any helpful leads, links or info would be appreciated. Best regards, Mike

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