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  1. Cool. From my understanding this is the same platform as Murano (and Altima, Quest etc) - so should drive just like a big Murano. I'm interested to hear you say its roomier though -do you just mean behind the 2nd row, or is the whole vehicle bigger? Mike
  2. cant you just borrow a scan tool from Autozone or O'reilys? Mine will let me rent one after putting down a deposit.
  3. Look at this way: My Pathfinder that runs 31 inch tires from the factory runs 4.6 gears from the factory. bigger the tire, the larger (numerically) the ratio needs to be. My pathfinder is now on 33's, and really needs at least 4.9s if not 5.13s. Its currently a DOG running 4.6's. You can run the h233b for quite awhile, its a good solid axle, but parts are expensive. you would want to change your D44 ratios (cheaper to do) before you changed the h233b. Even if you did this, running 33's your going to notice a big difference in performance running the stock (I'm assuming 4.6 if you an auto) ratios. 3.55 gear ratios are going to be terrible - no way in heck the thing is even going to move. The lightest pathfinders (2door manual trans) still ran 4.3's factory.
  4. Our trucks distributor cover has ECCS on it, I imagine its something like Electronic control system . Bet you'll get codes.
  5. You should be in Neutral or Park on the transmission before shifting the tranfer into 4-low. 4 Low is not synchro'd so yes it will grind if you try it with the main transmission in drive(Transfer case input will spin up as you pass through 4hi -> neutral ->4lo). Flip down your driver side sun visor - there should be instructions (There are on WD21 anyway)
  6. are you sure your going into 4low and not neutral? Neutral is between 4Hi and 4Low - and obviously when your in it you get no propulsion, and the 4WD light goes out..... Really crank that shifter down and see if you get the 4WD light to come back on. its further down there then you think. THEN pull the shifter out to lock. Mike
  7. The CAI on my Frontier got "saturated" during a water crossing- no water ingestion into the motor AFAIK but it ran rough for a couple minutes until the filter dried out and it could get air. I removed my CAI and went back to the stock air box on the pathfinder as well...
  8. Mine is angled enough at full drop to rip the boots closest to the diff. EVERY TIME. lol. WD21 tho.
  9. *Tight* He says. I spent like 20 minutes cranking on it with a huge set of channel locks...
  10. Yeah it was the guys at our local car wash in AZ....screaming deal - but they always have a glass guy there and he is a wheeler and dealer.
  11. yeah I got mine for $160 installed, non OEM, but good quality and no paneing(cheap glass does this). No Antenna but mine wasnt hooked up anyway. Though I wish now that it was...
  12. I must admit i haven't blown a CV yet with 33's and a VG30. your running a R180 not a R200 right? I wonder if the half shafts are smaller (I would assume so).... Fortunately I just picked up a front ARB to rectify the situation....
  13. More than likely it has to the do with the body design and how salt/water is thrown up or redirected to certain parts of the truck. Floor pan is different from WD21 and D21, as is rear wheel arch design...I did see a D21 4 cyl 4x4 here that had an amazing amount of rust in the JY, scored my trans shifter off of it
  14. Corporate Trend Micro - Chrome or IE. Wont let me proceed. "Known Malicious site"
  15. Whats the Power light say on startup? Any codes?
  16. I use these: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B003V57NUQ/ref=oh_details_o03_s00_i00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 They seem to hold on juuuuuuust fine Even offroad. Rubber foam is a bit cheap, but it holds well.
  17. LOL! Ever driven a pathfinder with 33's up a 7% grade? 3500RPM doesnt cut it....
  18. Ok - i am ordering the MAF Sensor fix anyway, I'll have them throw one in.
  19. it does leak a bit after I work it - AKA climb Eisenhower pass(11,000 foot pass) - basically 60MPH at 5500RPM for a looong time.... I will get a bit of a oil burning smell and some oil on the ground, but day to day, no it doesn't leak. I have seepage of course.. I have not noticed any smoke on Start up (tho I havent looked either) which does kill the whole Valve guides idea doesn't it. HMMM.
  20. This is most glorious. The video is great!
  21. Hey guys, I've noticed Oil consumption has gone up dramatically in the last several months. I've been working the Pathy hard, carrying the Kayaks, offroading, going up Eisenhower tunnel alot - but we're talking from half a quart every 5,000 to a quart probably every 2000. I'm running Mobil 1 10 30w, though I just threw a quart of 10-40 in there to see if helped. I'm thinking PCV, or I shot the valve seals running it hot one day after a coolant hose blew (never hit the top line below H but got close)...any thoughts? Hows the PCV valve to replace? Truck runs fine otherwise. Mike
  22. I bought the master kit for my pathfinder after there was an incident involving the key breaking off in the Ignition. Worked perfectly!

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