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  1. get an account at photobucket.com, upload them there and display them here!
  2. 199600. I'll hit 200,000 this month sometime...
  3. This accurately describes a typical lunch box locker, but from my understanding....not the LOKKA. From reading this : http://www.4wdsystem...index.php?id=29 it looks like it will allow the outside wheel to overrun (aka go faster then another) while even under throttle. Basically it drives in the inner wheel, as opposed to a open differential when the outer wheel is driven..... This is a different behavior then a lunchbox locker(eg a detroit) that positively locks both axles together under throttle, no matter what. From the text on the site: if its as cheap and easy to install as it looks, I might be seriously interested in this one.
  4. Yes, but generally long travel 4wd is for high speed....solid axles dont do that well. I want high speed performance and rock crawling. Yes i want my cake and to eat it too.
  5. Subscribed. I want to see how the M30 thing goes,parts are plentiful on ebay, and I want to do the ECM/MAF/O2 swap.
  6. Hey Guys, lost my power window on the driver side. All other ones work fine from both their individual switches as well as the driver switch. Power locks are shot, but thats not new (or related...I think) Here is what I have done. Unplugged the window regulator and confirmed I can power the window up and down with a 12V power source Unplugged the Power Window Timer in the passanger kick panel and confirmed that I can power the window up and down from the OUTPUT of that box. I have confirmed the timer clicks when I push up, down, and auto down on the driver switch. At this point, I'm not sure whats wrong. The door switch works because it fires off relays in the power window timer....The motor is good. The wiring FROM the window timer to the motor is good. Any Ideas? its a PITA not having a driver window that works. No drive thru's for me! I know there is mysterious power circuit breaker that i Cant find...., but I would assume thats working, because i can get the window to go up and down with my motorcycle battery hooked up on the passanger side....
  7. Vagabond. does the qx4 use a handbrake or footbrake?
  8. Hey Ballin - I'm just up the road in Ahwatukee if ya wanna get together and shoot the $*#t, sometime. you can come check out my pathy to see if it makes the same noises etc if ya want as well.
  9. Mine does this as well, I thought it was from the homemade CAI, and it sometimes does have vaccumn leaks, but the MAF thing makes alot more sense. Its nice to see my pathy isnt having any unique problems really!
  10. Well search over at Z31performance absolutely blows. Do you have any other links to the M30 ECM that would be usefull? The things arent expensive, run between $50-100 on ebay.
  11. So I see your Jeep Grand Cherokee center console threads....looks good. Then I see the R50 console threads, looks better. Quick question tho, why not WD22 center consoles? The floor pan between the WD21 and WD22 is going to be identical, so there wont be any gaps (see R50 consoles) and...it should fit in between the seats. Same style seats, and again same vehicle size. The only thing I can think off the top of my head is the Parking Brake, it may be foot actuated in the Xterra. Anyway, this is going to be something I'm taking a look at really soon - I just got to finish replacing all the rubber seals and finish sound insulating the thing first. Thoughts? Mike
  12. Well I ran a bead of solder accross that gap and the doors still wont lock. I can hear the relay clicking and trying, but failing miserably hahah. I ran over the junk yard and found a module out of a 95 XE but it was a 28453-9975, and did not make the locks work either...
  13. Scratch that - found it. here are some pics. Theres my problem, this trace blew out. I will try and solder it. Heres the part http://www.courtesyparts.com/28450x-timer-assy-door-lock-pathfinder-wd21-02/1994-cal-w/4d-4wd-02/1994-fed-v/4d-fed-w/4d-4wd-w/4d-2wd-02/1-p-546043.html?cPath=5572_5573_5611_5618& $93.00. Ouch. Junk yard time.
  14. Got a reply. Looks likes going to go 2wd. I understand everything but the line about the brakes - anyone have any ideas? Anyway, I'm very interested in a Long Travel 4wd kit for this truck as I have reached the limitations of the stock suspension while doing high speed desert driving and rock crawling, and dont want to SAS - as that would kill my high speed desert driving. Long travel 2wd would kill my rock crawling lol....
  15. Calmini makes the extended shafts for the D22 guys, they will fit. so.....whos kit is this....whos truck is that? Im interested.
  16. What did you do to access the antenna? I need to replace mine and I can't decide if I need to remove the cowl or the innter fender. The fsm wasn't much help....
  17. They do have a 4x4 long travel kit with coils , but its for the w/d22. Though other then the lca mounts being different I would imagine they could be the same. I thought about modifying the kit to work d21...dunno just a thought. And with retended axle shafts the angles for the cvs wouldn't bee tooooooo bad.....

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