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What song are you listening to right now


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lol, B starts bitching about this thread and it takes off... how many pages is that today?! lol


Trend setter or is the world out to get me?


Vengeful doesn't count as he is an exhibitionist and Red is doing it out of spite... The rest are just sheep... :D




Real Estate-Cyprus Hill

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:lol: Yeah Vengfull as not figured out that the norm here is to wait until someone else posts before you post again ;)


And as for me, well as much as you want to think it is for spite.. look back B, I have been a regular in this thread for a long long time :togo: I can't beleive you would call all the fine members of this exceptional forum, "sheep" :blink: I am very disappointed B :D





So anyway, with the BS out of the way :lol:





You could be mine - GnR


Hey look even more GnR - "Your Crazy" just came one. Random "REALLY" likes them now!

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This thread does serve a purpose. Atleast for me it has. I need to thank Pezzy for reminding me about Cake. I used to jam that back in the day!! And the same goes for you B. I used to jam Soul Coughing too. Now If you will excuse me I am off to download some Cake, Soul Coughing, Toddies, Dave Mathews Band, Short bus and Slipknot.

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The Cat is Dead - Danny Elfman

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