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NPORA Truck Of The Month, April 2006


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Was a nice showing of mud slinging this month, the 'chocolate covered' pathy won...

Congrats max_stryker!




captain nemo here:









Picture link fixed

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i could. photos are compliments of nancy lamborn.


unfortunately i couldnt get a decent pic of it running behind the fender. BUT there is tons of room back there.


heres the pics












basically went from 3" a 90d 3" to a small piece of 3" to a 3"to 2" converter. 2 45d 2" into the fender then 2 45d 2" at the top of the fender. 2" to the top and a couple mroe 45d 2" connectors.


a 3" coming out of the fender would look ridiculous so we went from 3 to 2 and out. hope those pics work (there are in reverse order by the way

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HAHA...its in my garage...why wheres yours?

Under my hood where it's supposed to be. I'm baffled how a truck with no bumpers, no air filter, and that the owner calls the asshammer won truck of the month... :shrug:


I thought this was truck of the month, not pic of the month... :shrug:

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weve gone over this: i do NOT call it that. everyone else does. and when i say stop calling it it further provokes them to say more things. so i just stopped caring


and i do have a filter, actually 2, 1 is a screen at the top to prevent large items like tree branches and peoples fingers from getting in. and at the 3-2 fitting there is a filter, its not k&n but this snorkel has now been fully functional for nearly 3 months with no


and i have bumpers too, you just cant see them in those pics, maybe the middle one, rear bumper...but its just so i can pass inspection then its coming off after that most likely. since its just cosmetic its not the greatest in the world but i can stand on it if i needed to.

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