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  1. There is a difference in the valve train. The 2001 uses shims for adjusting valve clearance while the 2002's and later use bucket style. Don't ask how I know. When I had my 2002, it ran much better on premium fuel, better power with no hit on fuel economy. Cheers, Tman
  2. Sorry to hear of your problem. Sounds like what I had: VQ Collapsed Lifter Hope yours turns out better.....
  3. Happy Birthday Everyone!
  4. When I was looking for wiring just for trailer lights, I did not see any harness so my guess is no, there is no harness for trailer brakes. But someone who knows better and maybe has a wiring diagram for your year can help better.
  5. I had this problem with the module, but it first manifested itself with the instrument lights, then 1 only low beam. My local shop did the diagnosis and the fix, with a new module, for about $500 CDN. So thanks for the tip, hopefully it will save someone else some serious toonies. OBTW, the dealer wanted to replace the instrument cluster at $1,200 to "fix" the issue. So I was happy to get the real fix for less than 1/2 what the dealer wanted for what turned out to be a non-fix.
  6. I think what he is referring to is the "cut-off line" that the 2000-2004's have that make them look very much like a "European" style headlight. There is a very distinctive line that cuts across, then cuts up on the right (to illuminate the ditch side) on the low beams; there is very little light above this cut line but lots below it. Sort of like this: Of course this does not mean that we in NA actually have European spec headlights, they just look that way. vanuatoo you should probably check with your local authorities re the legality of your headlights. They are simple, but not cheap, to change assuming that there is no changes to the wiring harness or how they are mounted.
  7. Well, the Pathy has been gone for about 6 months now. And 20,000 kms later, the Forester is doing its job. Back ends are always nice!
  8. Sorry, can't help but I am sure someone else with that style could chime in.
  9. What year is your rig? And welcome to the forum!
  10. Mine is very similar, except that the center is one piece (ie 3 pieces altogether). I used wire ties to get rid of the rattles. And only $70? Jeesh, I wish... (I just paid $225 for a set of 4 mudflaps for the Forester, stupid exchange and brokerage fees................) As for rollover protection, I wish that too....... And those Aussie ones Pezzy found are awesome!
  11. Beat me to it Pezzy BTW, how are those Leafs doing? Here is mine, its from Canadian Tire and worked well for what I was using it for. $100 CDN when I bought it (wow, $148 now CT Link ): The only issue you may have is the bottom feet kicking out, not an issue for me as I used a piece of hardboard as a floor that I drilled holes into for the feet to fit in: It uses pressure to hold the top to the roof, just tighten the wing nuts on the rods till its as tight as you need.
  12. Bridgestone Blizzak WS-60 Get these! They are an awesome tire on my Subaru Forester, really suite the AWD system. Very good stopping power on ice and compact snow, also good handling on same. Maybe a bit on the weak side for deeper fluffy stuff compared to a more traditional open tread snow tire but so far no issues for me. The Hankook iPike would be a good choice as well, we have an older version on our van and they are good and would be a bit cheaper than the WS-60's. Good snow tires make a huge difference, even with the excellent Subaru AWD.
  13. I like what Pezzy has done except for some reason it is really slow to load on my machine, like it takes up to 10 seconds just to load the new banner, eh. Oh and Sundin is doing pretty good in Vancouver now, sorry
  14. So to answer some questions about my hobby: No, I do not work with trains, I am in the forest industry; Are they expensive? Well, depends on what you want/are willing to spend/are willing to do on your own. To buy an already done up RS18 for example will cost you about $150 Cnd for plastic or well over $700 for handmade brass. Or you can do what I do, take a cheaper unit ($50 or so) and spend the time to do the modifications yourself. This is called kitbashing and is shown by the grey BC Rail RS18 model. Not scratch built as there is no point in re-inventing the drive and bigger parts but make some changes and voila you have a fair representation of a locomotive only available as expensive handmade brass otherwise. I like the hobby as I like doing the fine work and the research involved in making sure I get the details right. Its is very rewarding if you like this kind of thing.
  15. Sorry, it wants a log in and I do not have Facebook despite my sisters constant chirping about it. Hope you had fun anyway!
  16. Trains, both real and 1:87 scale are my hobby: Some examples: Real Taken this past fall, the SD40-2 lives as it should! A logging railway still kicking on Vancouver Island: Model: E8 RS18 Low nose BC Rail RS18 work in progress And the Real Thing (BC Rail RS18, Cat re-power, waiting for scrapping)
  17. Well, do you do any of this? I do Those Kinky Autophiles Fetishism: Aberrant habitual sexual excitement associated with an inanimate object or a bodily part. (American Heritage Dictionary). Are automobile enthusiasts perverts? Listen as they describe cars as "sexy," "beautiful" and "lovely." See grown men fondle the latest trinkets and tassels sold as automobile accessories. Watch them thrill over car commercials that emphasize the soft curves of a vehicle body, reveal images of "unclothed" engines, and then a close-up of a hand clutching a gearshift. These people are clearly autosexuals. Of course, it is impolite to ask people with alternative sexual orientations the intimate details of their affections. However, I can't help but wonder what autosexuals do in a secluded parking space. Do they nuzzle the dash? Lick the grill? Does auto-sex involve the exhaust pipe? Is lubricant used? (If so, what brand and weight is preferred? These guys are always very opinionated about such matters.) What couplings are possible? Are props or special tools required? Do participants protect themselves with a latex barrier or do they thrill to the danger from sharp edges, strong chemicals and hot surfaces? Do autophiles expect to do everything on the first drive, or do they hold some things back for higher mileage? Information about auto-sexual relationships can be gleaned from classified advertisements by lonely, sometimes desperate-sounding vehicles. Age, size (in cc's), and color appear to be important. Some vehicles are clearly more popular than others. Some ads only run for days, while others (apparently those who have difficulty establishing meaningful relationships) continue for weeks. But you don't need to search to learn about autosex. Autoeroticism is increasingly flaunted in public, with little concern for the sensibilities of onlookers. Consider the sensual pleasure car owners exhibit with compulsive washing and waxing; the erotic rubbing of a soft cloth over silky smooth surfaces, with careful attention to curves and crevices. (This polishing would seem to be primarily subservient behavior, but clearly the rubber also enjoys gentle stimulation.) Even more extreme behavior is displayed when autosexuals gather at car shows, auto races, and "monster truck" exhibitions, where they brag about multiple car ownership and engage in vehicle swapping! Not all autoeroticism is "hands on." Hard-core auto-pornography can be found in magazines, books and newspapers inserts filled with carefully composed photos of highly buffed automobiles. Excited autophiles gush with enthusiasm while vehicle engines accelerate in the background on television and radio advertisements. Some even display cut-away views, leaving nothing to the imagination. It's not that I'm a prude who cares what consenting adults do in the privacy of their own garage. What concerns me is when they encourage innocent children to imitate their deviant lifestyle. Watch a middle-age man describe with restrained pleasure his automobile conquests to an audience of boys, or young teenagers leering over an automobile obscenely displayed in a full color magazine photo? Is autosexual orientation innate, or is it a learned and chosen behavior? This is an important question because it indicates whether autophiles deserve sympathy or censure. Although the issue is still open to debate, I'm inclined to think it is primarily a learned lifestyle. After all, autosexual culture did not exist until this century. Auto-human union cannot reproduce: Only by recruiting can autosexuals hope to maintain their culture. This is why society must act to discourage the spread of such deviancy. I am not, I want to emphasize, prejudiced against automobiles. They are useful tools which can, when properly used, be very beneficial. But transferring human affection to inanimate objects is perverse and sad. This behavior is unhealthy to individuals and society. Autosexual behavior is a form of fetishism: sexual love of inanimate objects. It is a displacement of human love, resulting from repression, loneliness, and low self-esteem. It is most common in men, probably because our society provides so few positive male role models with loving human relationships. The result: boys turn to cars for gratification rather than try to develop affection for another human being. It's sad but true. A truly committed autosexual can overcome his problem with professional help. Many autophiles eventually turn their distorted affections into human love. They marry, have families, and establish normal, healthy relationships. It may be difficult for a time, and many have temporary relapses, but they can change. Some autosexuals, however, are so deeply involved in autophile culture that their entire self-image is built on auto-love. Many even support themselves in autosexual jobs. This is especially dangerous because daily behaviors and social interactions reinforce their deviant habits. It's a difficult trap to exit. Poor autosexuals. They are to be pitied. But let's not let our sympathy for these suffering souls reduce our commitment to protect your children from their deprived behavior! Link: http://www.vtpi.org/autosex.htm
  18. Well, not many companies are predciting any profits, I just wonder why Nissan took so long to figure it out? Hans Greimel Automotive News Europe February 9, 2009 10:42 CET UPDATED: Feb. 9, 2009 12:35 CET TOKYO -- Reversing his profit forecast to a loss, Nissan Motor Co. CEO Carlos Ghosn entered crisis mode today. Ghosn announced plans to slash 20,000 jobs, cut production by 20 percent, scale back new model launches and delay new factories. Nissan could also seek government bailout loans, Ghosn said. The 265 billion yen ($2.91 billion) net loss Ghosn now predicts for the fiscal year ending March 31 would be his first loss since taking the charge of Nissan in 1999. The outlook wipes out an earlier forecast for net income of $1.76 billion. Ghosn has put on hold the Nissan GT 2012 mid-term business plan announced last year and its target of achieving 5 percent revenue growth through 2012. That plan was introduced after the earlier Value-Up initiative missed its unit sales goal. The top priority now is preserving cash as Nissan and Japanese rivals struggle against collapsing global demand, a surging yen and shrinking access to credit. Of Japan's six big automakers, only Honda Motor Co. and Suzuki Motor Corp. are still predicting profits. "Nissan is operating in an environment in which we are hit with three challenges at one time, the credit crisis, economic recession and strengthening yen," Ghosn said here Feb. 9, while announcing fiscal third-quarter results. "Systematically, the worst scenario happened." New recovery plan Ghosn's new recovery actions include: • Slashing global workforce to 215,000 from 235,000 by end of 2009. • Cutting labor costs by 20 percent to $7.69 billion. • Limiting launches to 48 new products in next five years, instead of 60 as planned. • Slowing the ramp-up of Nissan's new factory in Chennai, India. • Suspending Nissan's involvement in a new Renault factory in Tangiers, Morocco. • Reducing board member pay by 10 percent, managerial pay by 5 percent. Nissan will also approach governments worldwide about possible credit lines, Ghosn said. He applauded industry support measures already implemented in Europe and being considered in Japan and the United States. "We need access to financing, that's all we're asking," he said. "Cash is king," Ghosn said. "You need to generate cash and be extremely rigorous with cash." The company may seek up to $549.5 million in low interest loans from the Japan's government-backed Development Bank of Japan, the Nikkei newspaper reported. It may also try tapping the $25 billion the U.S. government has earmarked to help automakers and suppliers retool factories to make more fuel-efficient vehicles. Grim outlook For the full-year, Nissan expects an operating loss of $1.98 billion. That's against an earlier outlook for operating profit of $2.97 billion. The company will rein in capital expenditure by 21 percent in the current fiscal year and then cut again by 14 percent next year. The cuts will help Nissan save cash, Ghosn said. That will bring Nissan's spending on capital investment to $3.63 billion in the next fiscal year, from $5.37 billion in 2007. Ghosn warned that global volume will shrink as low as 50 million units in 2009, from an estimated 62 million last year. To match it, Nissan is aiming to cut production by 787,000 units by the end of March - a 20 percent decrease from its planned volume. The 20,000 job cuts account for roughly 8.5 percent of the company's workforce. They include some 2,000 temporary jobs that have already been cut in Japan and another 1,200 early retirement buyouts from the United States. Nissan has also already announced 1,680 cuts in Spain. Nissan did not give details about where the additional cuts will hit.
  19. Your lucky to get what life you did get from that Bose. The 2001 and some 2002 (including my ex) had real issues with the Bose 6 CD changer, with some people having to rip the things open to get their CD's out. Do a search on the forum to find all the grisly details. OK, I did it for you: Bose 6 CD Changer Issues Thread Your Welcome!
  20. Lots of info here: In Cabin Air Filter Installation Instructions
  21. Thanks everyone! So how old am I?
  22. Do you get much snow/cold temps? If so, I would saty away from the AT2's as an all year tire. I have (had) them on my Forester and my thoughts about them are here: My New Boots Mkae sure you check out the update at the bottom of the first page. Maybe not an issue for you?
  23. Merry Christmas Everyone! My son is tracking Santa on the NORAD web site, he can't wait till he gets here.
  24. When I clicked on the "buy now" link, it listed at the $99.00 tekazgtr1984 mentioned, not the $179 on the front page (plus shipping of course!).
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