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SAS and engine swap WD21

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Hasn't this happened to everyone, you start doing a SAS and then before you know it your rebuilding the whole truck. Since I am now full on into this project and I know what I'm doing, I thought it was only appropriate to let the community in on the project. This project might upset some Nissan purists, so you are fore warned.


I am doing a full engine and drive train swap as well as long arm triangulated 4 link rear end and 3 link SAS.

Engine: 4.3 Vortec from a 93 S10, blue printed, balanced, performance cams, Edelbrock intake, Performance chip

Transmission: sm465 muncie 4 speed manual

T-case: NP241

Front axle: Dana 44, 5.13 gears, f250 knuckles, wagoneer hubs and Chevy brakes, Aussie locker

Rear axle: h233b limited slip with AC 5.13 gears.

Tires: 35" Mickey Thompson TTC Baja Claws


Other Customizations

Dual core aluminum rad

Dual e-fans 1700cfm ea.

Dual battery system

Old school non-planetary Warn 10K winch

Fuel cell 140 liters, replaces stock tank

Custom bumpers front and rear


So far I have the rear suspension complete (still requires coils) and the fuel tank. Much of the interior rewiring is done and the assembly of the front axle will start this weekend. The tranny is set to go, need to modify the t-case, trying to do a budget SYE. I have also got the body work about 1/3 done.


Here are some pics of the progress. More on the way as this project continues.



New cross member



Wagoneer brake bracket vs f250 bracket


Building custom bracket





New gears h233b


custom gauge pod


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Body work



Flattening the bottom of that quarter panel like that is exactly what I want to do. Get it up and out of the way cause I've got a nice log dent there on both sides to justify it.

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Flattening the bottom of that quarter panel like that is exactly what I want to do. Get it up and out of the way cause I've got a nice log dent there on both sides to justify it.


Yeah my panels were destroyed, so it was easier than rebuilding that area to just remove it, just dead space anyhow. I'm going to wrap the bumper under it and integrate it back into the frame to protect it further. This is my first go at serious body work, so its probably best that I'm doing it to an old truck that will get dented (more) anyhow.

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OK some updates. Got the front axle completed and finished rebuilding the rear bumper. Also have the drive train laid out in full for the first time.


Aussie Locker


Had to tweak my custom brake brackets


Completed hub an knuckle assembly




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Tranny and t-case

I finally found a slip yoke eliminator solution for the NP241 that didn't cost $400. Drive-lines.com has a lot of good stuff. This is the unit I'm purchasing.


I should have some more updates on the engine this weekend.

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Holy crap! That tranny probably weights more than the VG30 and original trans the pathy came with together! You shouldn't be able to break it though.


The transmission and the tcase I can lift by myself individually. the tcase is aluminum not that heavy at all. tranny is about 200lbs if i had to guess. Not bad for cast steel lol.

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lookin good ducky, any more progress? still have the old lift?


Sorry buddy flogged that all off about a year ago to start financing this project. If you need any parts though let me know i got tons of drive train parts.

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OK everyone I have more to report back on. Been busy the last while. Anyhow there has been a bunch of new progress.


The engine has been meticulously reconditioned with new seals and paint. I have some before and after stuff on that here.






Coils and bump stops are installed in the rear end.


Installed the custom gauge cluster.


The slip yoke eliminator is done. Little tricky, had to heat the end of the output shaft to make it possible to weld the stud that holds the eliminator on in place.


Installed the engine with custom motor mounts.



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There is a surprising number of things that just worked and needed no modification. The pathfinder throttle cable works perfectly on the GM motor and even the cruise control was easy to adapt, whether or not i can actually get it to work has yet to be tested. Many other little hoses and such match up as well. The one issue I'm going to have is when i put the hood back on i fear it will need to be modified to clear some things like the air cleaner and tensioner. Might just put on a fuax hood cowling.

Most of the wiring for the engine and the auxiliary systems has been completed as well.




Next on the list of to do's will be getting the bumper brackets built to extend directly off the frame making sure everything fits with the winch and new rad brackets that need to be installed. Also still need to fit new AC line and coolant hoses.

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So you switched the intake too an older model TBI system and kept the vortec heads, or added a the heads too a 4.3 block. Yeah, theres only one cam in that engine too.



Looks good though, wish my sbc was that short though.

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I didn't build the engine, I bought it in the current configuration, so i don't know all the exact details. The block is out of a 93 S10, its the multi-port version of the 4.3 block. It uses an edelbrock TBI intake manifold. It has an after market cam as well.

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The vortec would be nice but the price of the TBI I got was right and I appreciate its simplicity. For a vehicle I take very far away from help or even a cell signal, simplicity is best.

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