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SAS and engine swap WD21

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  • 4 weeks later...

How is the A/C going to work? Are you going to build custom lines?

Yes, all the lines are going to be custom. I have actually just finished that system still have to properly pressure test it though.

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Progress has been slower than usual, but I'm back at it. The latest is the state of the transmission. I have the beast ready for install including some intricate linkage to make this all possible. What you see in order from left to right is the bell housing, then the ranger overdrive unit (very important), transmission, transfer case and slip yoke eliminator. The overdrive unit is very important because it moves the whole system back 7.5" allowing the transmission shifter to clear the dash in the cab. Also provides 27% overdrive for better fuel economy and provides a highway gear.




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Looks freaking epic man!! definitely gunna be keeping tabs on this!! :popcorn::beer: you gunna post a video of it when it's done??


If he doesn't, no doubt we'll hound him until he does. :)


Good to see updates! Can't wait to see it come together.

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Nice man. The only issue I can see is that the Pictures of the Tranny and transfer case weren't taken in your kitchen or living room. :new576:


Can't wait to see how it turns out either.

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I will definitely get some vids once shes running. Not much will get done this weekend though, but in the next coming weeks I plan to take a little time off work to get some serious building done. Trust me I have been dying to go wheeling, being stuck in a garage every weekend has become a little tedious.

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I am waiting to see how you do the front axle... I am slowly acquiring parts for my sas... then I will pass the Calmini stuff along!


lucky for you that's what I'm working on now, but unfortunately you will have to wait to see any progress. I injured my shoulder at work and probably wont be getting much done for the next couple weeks, then its December and I will be too busy. I do have a few new pics though.


What are you using for an axle?

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Ok some new stuff

Got my shifter arrangement settled with proper sealing of the tunnel from the interior.


I'm thrifty and i like to maintain a hint of stock look even though it is very far from, you know keep the spirit of the pathfinder.


So i managed to reuse the stock shifter boot and the original shift levers. I managed to even reuse the push down and pull back mechanism to shift into 4 low on the t-case. The stock manual shifter is now for the overdrive unit and the overdrive came with a shifter and boot so i used those on the new tranny.

I am all about the little details, so i turned the stock cigaret lighter plug into a permanent usb outlet to charge well just about everything these days.


Finally got around to figuring out one loose end in the rear end, that being the links connecting the axle to the sway bar. I have reused the stock sway bar that has a nice hump in it to clear drive line interference. Because i want to disconnect it when off roading I mounted the bar on the frame instead of on the axle so that when i disconnect the links i just swing it up out of the way under the truck, no hanging bits to get snagged. One other difference is in how i have it setup to connect to the axle. Due to clearances and the relocation of the axle the sway bar doesn't reach the axle so i have it actually connected to the lower links.


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Some other developments. My infamous front bumper is being retired, and being replace by a new killer.


still a work in progress, no longer just a CAD drawing, but I promise you will all want one.

Also got my clutch and flywheel in


And this aftermarket slave cylinder that solves the issue of lack of space for the clutch for which is opposite of the pathfinder tranny. This little guy by Howe needs no forks.



So as mentioned above like 2 posts, there wont be much more done until next year. Do feel free to continue asking questions, I am figuring out a lot of problems on a regular basis, so if you see something that gets you thinking.... :itsallgood: Just avoid :suicide: getting in too deep. I did lol :beer:

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Good to see progress! Your bumper looks great. I'm still a little hazy on how your three shifters work, but I guess it's a good anti-theft measure at least. :D +1 on keeping the 'spirit' of it intact.


The arrangement of the drive train is as follows, first comes the Advanced Adapters overdrive unit that is then mated to the SM465 transmission and last is the NP241 t-case. The Overdrive is basically a gear splitter that allows for a 27% overdrive of whatever gear the transmission is in, effectively reducing the engine rpm by 27% to maintain the same speed thus saving gas and providing an overall higher top speed as well. The overdrive unit has only two gears 1:1 and 1:1.27 with no neutral and is fully synchronized to shift like any normal modern gearbox.

The arrangement of the shift levers does not logically follow the arrangement of the drive train. There is a bunch of linkage to make the positioning of the levers in the cab more ergonomically friendly. So what I setup is a direct connection, no linkage to the transmission, that's the lever nearest to the dash. The overdrive shifter is on the passenger side behind the transmission shifter even though the unit itself is ahead of the transmission. This allows for clean unobstructed shifting of the transmission. The overdrive unit need not be shifted at every gear change, it can stay engaged in either position through all ranges. The t-case shifter is then located on the drivers side and behind the transmission shifter and beside the Overdrive shifter. As this lever is the least used its location was not as important.

What all this gives me is effectively an 8 speed manual transmission, with 16 possible gear combinations if you include the t-case low gear.


Gear ratio list:

Ranger Overdrive

High - 1:1.27

Low - 1:1



1st - 6.55:1

2nd - 3.58:1

3rd - 1.57:1

4th - 1:1



High - 1:1

Low - 2.72:1





Overall Ratios

Final Crawl Ratio - 91.4:1 (<<<---that's awesome by the way :aok: )

Top Gear - 4.04:1


Convenient calculator for this stuff Crawl calculator


Hopefully that clears some stuff up. Can you tell I'm not working today and bored outta my mind :wackinit:

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  • 4 weeks later...

lucky for you that's what I'm working on now, but unfortunately you will have to wait to see any progress. I injured my shoulder at work and probably wont be getting much done for the next couple weeks, then its December and I will be too busy. I do have a few new pics though.


What are you using for an axle?



Hey bro, just seen where you had replied back like 3 years ago...jk.


How is your shoulder holding up?


So I acquired a set of 80 model wagoneer axles, 44 and amc 20.


I am not going to run the 20 rear, keeping the h233b axle if I can flippin match gear ratios. Unfortunately there is not many options for the 233b. Some automatic 4wd xterra's have a 4.90 gear ratio, and that third member will swap into my 233b as long as the spline count will match. With that said I could run a 4.88 in the 44 and the 4.90 in the 233b if I can find one, which will be well within the 1% theory of gear ratio's....


While on that topic, where did you get your 5.13 gears from? I would be willing to run a 5.13 if I had to...


You must not be married... or you wouldn't have the money to take care of all of this...haha.

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  • 7 months later...

Not married but do have a one year old daughter.


The only set of gears in the lower range that i could find matched was the 5.13s, dana from Complete Offroad and the h233b from these guys https://www.4x4parts.com/nissan/h233b-ring-pinion-5142-p-3447.html


sorry about the long periods between postings

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Ok some fresh pics of progress on this beast. For the first time in 2 years the front end has an axle under it and the truck as a whole has supported its own weight. Front axle steering and suspension have been sorted out and installation is about 95% done. Mostly have been testing and measuring and remeasuring the current arrangement to ensure that it all behaves the way I want it to.







I'll have some more stuff hopefully in a few days.

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The fronts are a progressive 215/300 and are 22.5" free length from James Duff and the rears are 190 or 200 and are 23.5" free length from Bronco Graveyard. I may have to get firmer springs in the rear to even out the flex but I will see how she handles on the trail. I need to change the rear end a bit before im done anyhow, it sits a couple inches too low compared to the front.

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