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  1. a 3" suspension lift front 4x4Parts is ridiculously cheap IMO and I suggest that route. Or buying Ford springs for the rear off of rock auto parts and cranking the front.
  2. Brought the 95 home last night. Truck looks good. Definitely parts rig however. Frame is amazing.
  3. So it's looking like I would have to either convert to round dash OR play Doctor Splice n' Dice. I'm going today to pick up the parts rig. From photo's it actually looks incredibly clean so I'm going to have to assess the situation when I get there. Part of me hopes the frame is shot and the photo's are deceiving so I don't feel bad tearing it up. The other part hopes its as clean as I imagine and then I'll end up with 3 Nissans and no parts rig. Which doesn't quite help my situation at all.
  4. It doesnt take much time for me, they are usually out in the driveway and i just pull in, place em, pull up and change my oil, total process is probably about 10-15 minutes if I don't dilly dally on other things.
  5. My Xterra on 33's is far enough off the ground I could change my oil with very little crawling effort and work under the truck with ample room. I still drive all 4 corners onto ramps before changing my oil or starting any work that doesnt need the truck on jackstands.
  6. Male 22 No This wasnt a computer/phone but I did read and test at the same time. Hope it works for ya!
  7. See my issue is I want the square dash + the heated mirrors + the new tail and headlight wiring + New hatch wiring since the my rear glass will randomly pop open when I lock/unlock the doors. Just wondering if I should even bother trying to swap the entire harness or should I play splice and dice.
  8. IAB install. **edit : AND FILLED GAS! WHOO HOO!!**
  9. Sorry to revive the dead but is there anyone who makes a long travel REAR suspension kit? I'm going 2wd long travel rear but I can't seem to find any kits anywhere. Was hoping it would be out there before forcing me to go custom. If I need to go custom I might aswell save myself the trouble and drop a hardbody rear end on it so I can use leaf springs.
  10. Hard to find the information I'm looking for on the forums. Hoping someone could point me in the right direction. Pulling a harness from a 95'. Has anyone done a harness swap with ECU and put it in a square dash? Issues? Tips and Tricks? Might just pull the harness and start splicing and make my own franken harness since my headlight wiring is shot thanks to the PO's splice and dice for HID's and my tail light wiring is also just as bad. I'd like to also add in a plug for the heated mirrors. Splicing it all together doesn't scare me at all, but would it be easier to splice the square dash into the 95 harness and upgrade the TBI into MPFI from the 95? Also, the 95' is an Auto and my 89 is a 5-Speed. Would that be an issue? I would think not but I'd like to get some experienced heads in on this. Another question I had was, would the 89 body fit on the 95' frame? Or are the body mounts and what not that different? I've also read up on the 2wd swap but I still don't quite understand what it is that I need for my year of truck. Would it be smarter to do the swap for the 95' front end suspension and steering and use my 89 steering box to replace my idler arm? Or vice-versa? Loads of questions.
  11. Unaware of the fact I shouldn't promoting another forum on here. Whoops. Sorry. The butthurt has been heard. I also didn't know I was banned until 1 hour before it was over. Full weekend huh?

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      Maby you should read the forum guidelines before posting things. Ignorance is no excuse and will not be accepted as one.

    3. Reshma


      yea, i understand. I'll refrain from speaking of it again.


  12. What ever happened to Nismothunder? Forum's starting to get boring without him.

  13. Everyone has to grow old. Nobody has to grow up. XD
  14. i bumped because 0 views. I mean if it had a few and nobody posted it would have been a different story. I just thought I would see if anyone plays. I don't see anything wrong with that. Evidently nobody does. It is a legitimate question, just because it's a game doesn't mean adults don't play it.
  15. hey as a bunch of college students, my friends and I love it.
  16. Hai! Well I just thought I would post this here just in case anyone in the community plays Minecraft. :] The server is 1.5.1 friendly, an updated Reddit post is being made. I play on this server and it is very fun. So just drop me a pm here or on FB if you don't have/want to make a Reddit account. http://www.reddit.com/r/mcservers/comments/19pvlf/faceland_147survivalpvepvphardrunecraftwhitelist/
  17. okay I will stay. stop begging. XD

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      You know it!

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      Typical, can't be without attention

    4. Reshma


      That's me. Attention whore! :D

  18. Mods can delete this account. :] I won't be coming back to NPORA.

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    2. Reshma


      um.. first..


    3. Trogdor636


      For a guy not coming back, you sure do log in everyday.....

    4. Reshma


      Waiting to see if it was deleted yet... and it auto logs me in on chrome.


      I just open the page. see if my status is still up then close it.

  19. WHOA DUDE! I mean my 95 used to shift pretty high on power mode but I doubt I got much past 5k rpms. Just keep power mode off and when you need it just double tap the gas and it turns on temporarily.
  20. These r50 guys man. Too good for the WD21's?
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