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  1. I don't have pics of just the mounts but here are a few, I made a few different types of mounts out of Engineering paper all to scale so I could tape it to some sheet and cut it out with my jigsaw. Ended up being the farthest right one that worked the best. Then I bolted in all the mounts lose so I could add a small shim to take out some slop, then I aimed it and tightened all bolts up using some never seize to stop any galvanic corrosion . The door seal actually has a built in channel that I used to run my 14 gauge wiring up the door sill.
  2. Have my curved 40" along the top line of my windshield
  3. I am at Winchester bay this weekend playing in the sand with the bikes. Derek text me if you have a hard date set and Ill see if I can go, I dont come here often anymore. I might also have a 4runner down also.
  4. Wish I could join ya, going camping in OR this weekend!
  5. yup our work trucks are all 550s with 6.turd also. Love that engine to death.... Currently replacing another FICM Cant get rid of them because the market is so flooded, about to do the Cummins swap in it
  6. Not sure on the thread yet, but here I had Johns(PA) PB saved http://s1191.photobucket.com/user/pamountianbiker/library/SAS?sort=3&page=1
  7. I just removed the knob and the boot, It is screwed onto the side of the tranny with two bolts and a nut that connect it to the TX
  8. The 96-99 pathfinder flares will bolt onto any preface lift pathy. While they don't have the side holes for the plugs, I used the holes that held on the wheel well lining to mount the flares I had as mine never came with them.
  9. I have a set, however It most likely wont be cheap sending across the entire US
  10. 3.75 is what I run. I would not go bigger as it will hit the strut.
  11. From memory so I may be forgetting something. This is also for manual windows since that is what I have, Remove the bolts holding the armrest on, pop the trim piece off the inside door latch handle, Remove the screw inside the latch handle well area, Pop the Clip off the window crank(if Electric Im sure the switch panel comes out and disconnect the plugs and remove possible bolt there also) Then get a Trim removal device (looks like a giant 2 prong fork) and work your way around the perimeter popping the little red/orange clips out
  12. Drill the old holes bigger and tap them for a bigger bolt
  13. Its really not that big of a jump to make it worthwhile, Thanks though!
  14. I have a 1999.0 with a manual tranny and 4.3 gears and 33s, suffice to say I wanted my umph back. I was looking at upgrading gears to say 4.9 so I could bring my highway manners and torque back close to stock. I was told I could simply use Xterra gears and move on with life, I recently came into possession of a front and rear R&P set in the 4.9 flavor. For starters, the Xterra and WD21 R200 front diff are a low pinion setup, this was the first big sign that they were not going to work, however being I had to swap in my lokka anyway we decided to dismantle my case and investigate further. The R50 gears are in fact reverse cut, however that is only because it is mounted in a high pinion setup, the axles still spin the same way when turned. Here is a X pinion and my R50 pinion next to each other for comparison sake.
  15. You have to weld them together yourself, the slider part is already built but where you want the standoffs to be is all up to you. All I did was flatten the pinch seam in a few areas and welded them up. They have saved my bacon numerous times and have a nasty dent on the bottom side, however they have not moved.
  16. If all else fails I bought some 4 runner sliders from Steevo awhile ago and they fit perfectly. Only about ~180
  17. Not sure where he got his but I got mine from Lokka, they were doing a special awhile back at super low prices
  18. They are, atleast they processed my order lol
  19. Ahhh yes 33's and 4.3's are awesome 3rd gear at 4-5k just to maintain speed is awesome
  20. I keep walking out to it with three flat tires, meaning to fix them, but then I see something shiny and totally forget about it....
  21. On the passenger side of the firewall there is a data plate, it will have a place that says HG43 or HG46 on it
  22. The pins can bend, along with the springs there really isnt much else to break on them. The kits are fairly cheap to rebuild them

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