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Welcome to Canada (east) Eh!


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Bear Claw, where do you wheel? We should hit a trail together sometime.

I would like to work it, I kinda wheel in a eradicale frequency but have this new info on a new spot I'm itching to try -bounce-


Let me see......... let me give you some coordinats :D lol


Itching: 43o 52'18.51'' N 79o 41' 46.41'' W Elevation 726ft

Been : 43o 55' 38.38'' N 80o 07' 42.09'' W Elevation 1565ft

Usual : 43o 40' 31.83'' N 79o 41' 51.00'' W Elevation 597ft



Always open for more


Got to get myself on clearing the garage and get that winch recever thing going P... I see snow sometime :huh:

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  ahh yes, but he wishes he was still out here!


Pezzy's right.... I miss home.... From originally Niagara Falls area... Even if Im in Western Canada now, I'm still an Easterner.... *grin*



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