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  1. Fixed the door locks, replaced the broken coolant res.
  2. No bushings for the t-bars, your uca or lca bushings are probably what are squeeking over bumps. I need to do my tension rod bushings again - get the bearing races welded on there.
  3. Thanks! Look out for the American-Satco brand. They come up on ebay every once in a while.
  4. I'm building one at the moment. I have the undercarriage complete. Need to order correct paint to match mine to continue. Will also do the wheels black I think.
  5. Doesn't wailing on it damage the steering box? He wants to keep the steering box for his calmini pitman.
  6. Yeah, but for some of the stuff it might be worth it.
  7. Why can't we special order some of this cool stuff? Indonesia/Philippines has tons people would be willing to pay money for. Even if we could just get a contact to put some on ebay.
  8. Good luck removing the pitman arm. They are notorious for getting stuck on there. I have broken several pullers trying to get them off, as have others on the forum. My suggestion is to get the box off with the pitman arm still on it, and then take it to a shop where they can get the pitman off with a press or something.
  9. Is it safe to lube the lock mechanism (I don't mean the cylinder lock, I mean the big mechanism)?
  10. Thanks B. I need to make something similar. Unfortunately I have not the skills at the moment. Yeah, but that would require moving the battery - something I don't want to do at the moment. I think for now I'm going to mount it where the window washer reservoir was - removed mine as it was broken. If I can get a mount for it to go in front of the cruise control, I'll put it there - although gonna consider putting it under the front seat too. Bad thing is it requires extending the power lines - which ARB says you shouldn't do as there will be performance loss.
  11. Out of curiosity. Where/how did you make the mount for your oil filter?
  12. When I did my MT swap I left just sealed it up with RTV. Supposedly there was a rubber plug you could stick in there to seal it up totally - I have never seen one though.
  13. I'll have to see about fabbing a mount for it. Thanks for the great pics!
  14. Nice setup. I am leaning towards hard mount as I don't want another box rattling around in the back - eventually want to put a fridge back there. Dimensions are 7.5" long, 3.8" wide, and 5.6" high. I'm thinking maybe the washer bottle location would be best. Maybe I could squeeze it in next to the cruise control though?
  15. Title says it all. Looking for good ideas for where to mount my ARB CKMA12 compressor. This will only be used for airing up tires, and I would prefer under the hood if possible.
  16. Looking good! Surprised you didn't do differential drop down bushings at the same time as your front diff install. Post more pics of the snorkel install. Did you get that from 4x4parts?
  17. Where the exhaust clamp is bolted to is a separate piece, that THEN bolts to the hanger you bought. This walker one looks sturdier than the Nissan one though! I would hit up the JY also to find one.
  18. Over the weekend I removed and replaced the front R200A for one with an LSD in it
  19. Headers/exhaust, regear to 5.14 and vg33 with euro-spec cams.
  20. I've failed because of a blown cat. But like they said, if you pass in CA, you should be fine in AZ.
  21. I told you to send me your leather seats.

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