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  1. I thought 2003 was the last year and they ditched it in the 04 last year run of the r50?
  2. keep in mind that the kbb and Edmunds and NADA are all "guides" and can vary locally by a bit. If I recall Santa Fe is a mountain town correct? if its a small market and a mountain town 4x4's that are super clean and under 10k usually pull in more money. I have the same situation here in Reno. The mileage is a little high but an 02-03 with a stick is a rare bird, even more so with the sunroof and bose stereo. Especially as the car gets older, the kbb and such get less relevant. If I have a lower mileage 4x4 SUV Automatic anything that is one owner, super clean has all the power typical items its automatically worth $4k or more even with over 150k miles being 13 years old and even though kbb may value it at $2500. I'd say 5k is a pretty good price if it checks out really immaculate. Cars that are over 7-8 years old, and are actually in really good shape are rare. More than likely he got it for $4k or so, but those little shops have to clean-em-up nice and mark em up a lot or offer financing to people no body else would. The key is how long has he been sitting on it, and more than likely he knew it was rare being a stick, but the one buyer that would be searching for it hasn't shown up yet. That's a gamble as a dealer, and usually doesn't pan out in the end. Those looking for a stick, usually do their research and know what stuff is worth... So I'd say go down there, offer him $4500 and you'll probably end up in the middle and anything you can get it fro under $5k would be a bonus. Might be a good idea to take it to an independent shop and pay them $40 to give a good looksee and scan it.
  3. Okay so I think I figured it out... I looked up those frontier wheels again and they actually have a +30mm offset, which doing the math = a 5.18" backspace, which would tuck the wheels way in right? What offset and width are the lego wheels?
  4. Awesome, thanks kyle. Yeah I found a junked R50 here locally that has a good rack on it, and its beefier than the one that comes on a WD21 (which mine has no rack). Wanted to see if it would work!
  5. Hey I need to know the dimensions of an R50 stock roof rack, will it fit on top of a WD21? How long are the tracks and how far apart are they spaced with the cross bars in. I'm just talking about the late 90's basic version, not the beefed up xterra looking one they started installing in 01 or 02. Can someone measure one for me?
  6. So am I understanding it correctly as a - offset pushes the mounting point of the wheel, to the back of the wheel, therefore making it stick out farther, or do I have that backwards? So for those frontier wheels, they are 7" wide = 177.8 mm. So if they are a -30 mm = -30 + 177.8/2 + 12.7 mm = 71.6 mm = 2.8" backspace? but 2.8" is left of the numbers at the top of the chart... am I doing that right? what's that mean, it won't fit? is the goal to be 0 or slightly negative backspacing?
  7. So you say 3-4" back spacing... how does that translate to the offset. I found these http://reno.craigslist.org/pts/4116838420.html They are -30 offset... but not sure what that means?
  8. Wow that does look nice! I love the 2 door styles. I wanted one in high school sooooo bad!
  9. Welcome to the club. Looks nice, especially for only 1500. Don't see too many of the XE's with the lego wheels. Was that actually an option on them?
  10. Welcome to the club. Your pathy looks clean. Looks like a stripper model with crank windows and such? nice and basic! Looks kind of cool with the K1500 4x4 wheels. I actually really like the Jukes and I see quite a few around here in Northern Nevada. Man, if you could get one with the 6spd and the torque vectoring AWD that would be sick! You can pick up the 6 speed stick, mid-level FWD's over in Sac for cheap!
  11. Wow I didn't realize it was just throwing in the JGC springs (which I was planning to do anyway from some recommending that to make towing a little less "squatty" in the rear and cranking the torsion bars. honestly doing that and throwing on some 31's though sounds like that would be perfect and cheap at least for the next few years. I just found a guy locally selling the frontier/xterra Nismo 16" wheels in good shape. Does anybody run those on the wd21? I'd like to see how that looks. I looked and they have 265/75r16's which are just a hair under 32" in diam. Would it be better to step down to a 70 series sidewall to get closer to 31's or would it run that okay?
  12. yeah, we really enjoyed doing it as a family. Even our youngest had a blast... when I had to take a couple of attempts to get over a rock formation, everytime I had to abandon and retry, Ezra was squealing "UH-OH" from the back and they would both start giggling! I'm thinking just some 31's. I looked up the tires I have and they are only 28.9" diameter. So going to some 31's would give me an inch higher off the ground right there. My main goal is to just start playing with it, and outfitting it as best we can to be our outdoor adventure vehicle. I really need to get a rack and hitch for it first. Nice thing is I don't drive it daily so I can take my time. I may have the wheels, tire carrier and bumpers all powder coated or something to freshen them up since the rest of the truck is in such good shape. Precise, care to elaborate on the "poor mans lift"?
  13. Haven't been posting much, but keeping up with the forum reading everything... but thought you guys might like this. So after all this time, I finally got to stretch the ole' mountain goat's legs. Our old off-roading group from a few years ago, finally got back together along with some new people and we headed up the Hunter lake trail just west of Reno that is about 30 miles long and heads straight up into the mountains and drops you back down in Verdi, close to the Cali border. It was quite the day... It used to take about 3 hours if you didn't really stop, however the trail has gotten a lot more challenging with continued washout and traffic, and a couple of trucks were taken down by the trail, so we started at 10:30 am and didn't finish till 7:00 that night. I've only taken Sarge on the occasional dirt road since I bought him and have been itching to see what it can do. All I have to say is I'm super impressed. We had a 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee (stock), 2 - 2000-ish Jeep Wranglers moderately modified, a 2004 Colorado (super lifted and outfitted) and then my bone stock 1995 Pathy XE. I've only off roaded in pick-ups before, so this was my first with an SUV with coil-spring rear suspension, and it was awesome. and usually the limited slips are kind of hokey, but it worked surprisingly well. The short wheelbase was awesome. There were some ravines we drove up, and we did some moderate rock crawling that I had to make a couple of attempts to get over. I think I only rapped the rear diff on a rock once when I hit it on the rebound, but other than that Sarge did so well. It kept up with the good Jeep Wrangler every where he went, and everybody was so impressed by how flawlessly it handled the trail. It was so easy to drive through the boulder tops with 4 lo that I was allowed to really stay off the clutch pedal. I think I fell in love with the pathfinder all over again! We lost a jeep wrangler that wouldn't stay in 4-lo and with a 4 cyl, didn't have enough cajones to charge up the steep stuff without 4-lo, and the Colorado snapped a rear axle shaft half way up the mountain which delayed us by and hour and a half as we helped him back down to a clearing which stopping every few hundred feet to jack the truck up and push the wheel and axle back in! He had to leave his truck up there! My favorite part, was getting to take the whole family along and they had a blast. My oldest, Asher (in the last pic with me) was just loving it the whole time, especially when we got up on three wheels scrambling up one of the ravines (of course my wife was taking pictures and freaked out!) My boys are getting older (my youngest is 18 months) so we will be doing this more often. So now I've got the itch... my first move is to get slightly bigger wheels and tires. I can't see myself needing to do that much to it, given that it wheels so good stock. Money and time are limited... so we'll see. Enjoy the pictures!
  14. I live in Reno where its dry as can be most of the time... you don't even have time to physically dry the car after washing it before the atomosphere takes care of that for you. I say mine is about a 9, I've got just ever so slight discoloration in a few spots on the frame but its not progressing because I keep the frame rails flushed out twice a year and I have some slight paint peeling (smaller than a dime) in the front door/ lower fender spots that were full of dirt when I bought it, but after flushing all that out, hasn't progressed a lick. I'm very fortunate when it comes to rust!
  15. So is there not much left you can do to the VG30e? If I could get it to push 180hp with some more useable torque that would be nice. Maybe it would be worth upgrading to a 96-00 pathfinder and doing all those same upgrades and not have to swap the engine in mine! LOL 210/225 would be plenty of power in the unibody pathfinder I would think and they are easier to find with the stick-shift compared to the 01-02's with the VQ. too much to consider I guess... I'm starting to wonder off topic, but is the 5speed manual/rear-end in the 96-00 R50's the same as in my 1995? Gearing wise anyways or is the R50 a little more relaxed on the freeway?

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