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  1. I do have issues for sure. I collect and restore them. I do have several that are donors. It keeps me busy. The interior is very good. The truck has 309,000 miles. Looked like crap when I started and had a broken t-belt when I bought it. The good news it had the quest vg30e engine-non interference which the owner did not know
  2. 1987 Lego's have a sleeve or shoulder on the lug nut that fit into the rim-the only year for the wd21. All center caps have the same fit but changed design in 93
  3. If you are installing a new tpms it must be registered to the car. At Nissan we have signal tech and the c3p that we use. The sensors must be registered with the lf first then rf rr and then the lr last.
  4. The two ways I do t-belts is with the tensioner some what loose I rotate the belt 180 degrees in between the cams. The other way is the tensioner adjuster bolt hole is at 25 after. Too tight and the cams will snap-too loose the belt will jump
  5. Off of the top of my head the maxima's used a VE30de in 92-94
  6. Injesting water will not cause headgaskets to blow. I would tend to pray that you did not bend a rod. Air compresses water does not
  7. The knock sensor is a non emission related component. It retards timming if it detects excessive knocking. It will effect the super charger and the older q45 models. I would replace it simply because the intake gaskets leak around the coolant port and you can clean the intake valves with ease. Relocating the knock to another location defeats it's purpose. Being located in the center of the engine it can better locate the excessive vibration from either head
  8. You could have the heads rebuilt of course but unkown on the lower end. That is the problem with getting a used engine even with a warranty doing it twice sucks
  9. Good luck with the swap. Let me know if you need some help or if you want to sell it!
  10. I was looking at that one also and have been following it for a while. Good job for sure. Yes I agree that looks like Jim Conner racing uca. He was based out of El Cajon and I used a lot of his stuff on my 80 L20 4x4. I also agree that the bushings should be pretty standard. The story I got one the truck was the t-belt broke and he sent me pics of the interior. If it was a se I would of bought it in a heart beat.
  11. Another easy diag. The connector for the injectors is on the rt valve cover. Un plug it and ohm the injectors. New is around 11 ohms-failure start around 14 ohms
  12. Super easy to diag. I take a slim piece of paper and make a "l" shape and while the engine is running put it down the neck of the throttle body on each side of the injectors. The injector that is firing you will feel the paper vibrate. The one that is not there will be nothing.
  13. Ohm your injectors. They have to be under 14ohms. Also check your egr function. It could be the dist. Pull the cap, rotor and base plate and check for metal
  14. A failed 02 sensor would be a stretch. Two possible failures are more likely the failed cat or an ecm update. If you have a scanner I would read the line graphs of both cats
  15. The squeel more than likely is the wheel bearing seal. When dry or contaminated it will "bind" against the backing plate.
  16. Nissan oil pumps are very durable. Drop the pan to see if the screen is plugged and check the oil filter. I have had after market oil filters plug up even brand new. I would take off the oil filter and crank the engine over. If you are getting oil out of the block its not the pump.
  17. The injectors are "live" with power all the time. The ecu grounds the injector for pulse. First thing I would check is the power to the injector
  18. The rims are 15x7 if the part number is g0000 or g0010
  19. A 02 sensor will not cause a p0306 but more likely an p0300 dtc. I would ohm the injectors-11.0-12.0 is new. Anything near 14.0 or above is faulty. To verify the cap and wire set are decent mist water on them to see if you get arching.
  20. I have paid $260 to $2,500 for my pathfinders. It depends on what it is worth to you. R50's are ok suspension is very probmatic.
  21. I picked up this 88. Are these the rims that you are talking about gv280z?

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